Muslims attack & threaten “filthy Kaffir” George Galloway with the gallows

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    13th April 2010


    Some might call it karma.

    Oona King might have another word for finding herself on the same side as George Galloway.

    But every cloud has a silver lining. Sympathy from the majority, non-aggressive Muslims, might well raise Gorgeous George’s vote.

    I can only hope not, but stranger things have happened.

    Three bailed

    THREE men have been bailed on suspicion of hurling abuse at Respect politician George Galloway as he hit the campaign trail in Shadwell.

    The men aged 22, 25 and 27 are all from the Bethnal Green and Shoreditch area and were arrested on Saturday afternoon on suspicion of using threatening words and behaviour and attempting to lunge at Mr Galloway at Watney Market. They have been bailed until May.

    His three-year-old son, eight-year-old grandson and pregnant daughter were all with him at the time.

    Kevin Ovenden from the Bethnal Green and Bow MP’s office said: “They started shouting and finger pointing. We moved up the market. They came up to try to get to George.

    Also, from This is London

    ‘The bitter election battle in the East End has spilled into violence, with extremist Muslims and anti-war protesters targeting George Galloway and Oona King.

    Anti-war campaigner Mr Galloway was forced to take refuge from Islamic militants who denounced him as a “false prophet”.

    The former Labour MP said “the police saved my life” after supporters of radical group Hizb-Ut-Tahrir clashed with members of his Respect party last night.

    Labour’s Ms King had her car tyres slashed and the vehicle was pelted with eggs by a gang of youths angry at her support for the Iraq war. Both incidents triggered fears for the safety of Mr Galloway and Ms King as they prepared for a stormy hustings meeting in Bethnal Green and Bow tonight.

    Labour’s 10,000 majority in the seat is under serious threat from Respect and the contest has been marked by some of the most vitriolic campaigning in the general election.

    Mr Galloway was electioneering on the Osier council estate in Bethnal Green last night when a gang of 30 Muslim fundamentalists, who claim voting is un-Islamic, surrounded him and his supporters.

    The men said they were angry at Mr Galloway’s attempt to woo Muslim voters. They said they were “setting up the gallows” for him and warned any Muslim who voted for his anti-war Respect party that they faced a “sentence of death”.

    “I was meeting people who live in the flats. Hizb-ut-Tahrir suddenly filled the room and blocked the door. I tried speaking calmly. They then said I was parading as a false prophet and served a sentence of death on me. They were claiming I was representing myself as a false deity and for this apostasy I would be sentenced to the gallows,” he said.

    “They said they were setting up the gallows for me. Thank God my daughter was not with me. She was in the car outside. Otherwise there would have been nobody to call the police. The police saved my life.” The former MP is challenging Labour’s Oona King in the seat on 5 May, but Hizb-ut-Tahrir has declared that it will fight his bid.’

    From Muslim Public Affairs Committee comes this –

    Three Muslims have been arrested and charged, after an attack on George Galloway MP, on Saturday 10 April 2010.

    George Galloway was set upon by a group of Muslim extremists , while campaigning in Tower Hamlets on Saturday. Three men, believed to belong to the banned Islamic group Islam4UK, the latest name for Al-Muhajiroun, were arrested and subsequently charged with public order offences.

    Mr Galloway, who is standing in the Poplar and Limehouse constituency against Jim Fitspatrick, was with a party of supporters in the Watney Market area around 3pm, when he and his colleagues were first abused, and then attacked by the group.

    “They called me a filthy Kaffir”, said Mr Galloway . “And shouted that no one should shake the filthy Kaffir’s hand. This lot are the latest incarnation of the banned group Al-Muhajiroun. They don’t want Muslims to vote, they don’t believe in democracy, and because I encourage Muslims to vote and take a full part in our society they hate me.

    My party, Respect, is the antidote to these despicable extremists.”

    Mr Galloway’s assistant , Kevin Ovenden, had his phone smashed in the incident, and other supporters were abused and jostled.

    Mr Galloway was also attacked, held hostage and received death threats from Al-Muhajiroun, then called Al-Gourabaa, in the 2005 General Election.

    MPACUK asks: Do you think Muslims can afford not to have a say in UK politics?

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    4 Responses to “Muslims attack & threaten “filthy Kaffir” George Galloway with the gallows”

    1. filthy kafur Says:

      Galloway is a traitor to the uk and should be put to death for treason

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        @ filthy kafur – I too believe that he is a traitor to the UK. But I’m not with you on the death penalty. Not even for him. Capital punishment is banned now in this country and all of the EU, anyway, even for treason. I’d be happy if he spent the rest of his life locked up, where he could read up about Islam to his little heart’s mind’s content.

    2. filthy kafur Says:

      es “Keeptonyblairforpm” you are right…. I was angry then, of course I dont believe in the death penalty. Galloway makes me very angry, hes a traitor. Thanks for putting me straight though mate.

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