Who is the REAL villain of ‘THE GHOST’? (Watch cast interviews and THEN decide)

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    18th April 2010

    UPDATEAudio here while still available.  Robert Harris talks here on Radio 4’s ‘The Film Programme’ on his book and film, ‘The Ghost’. “Perhaps its (release is) coincidence but maybe not”, says presenter Francine Stock, in reference to the present general election campaign. Ye-e-e-es, perhaps.  “And I suddenly thought”, says Harris, referring to the 2006 “light bulb” that some wanted Blair arrested for “war crimes” – just the right “setting” for his book.  What atrocious nonsense. He says he started writing the novel in January 2007, and had to get it done in 4 or 5 months. WHY!? To coincide with Blair’s departure from office, 4 or 5 months later, OBVIOUSLY. Harris expects us to believe that he, known to be anti the Iraq war, and an erstwhile close associate of Tony Blair, had never had any thoughts on Blair’s political decisions over Iraq before this! UTTER nonsense. It is clearly politically motivated. It’s notable that Harris has sympathy for the child-abuser Polanski – “we were all stunned when he was arrested”. On the other hand Harris has not a word of empathy, sympathy or apology towards the victim of his traducement, Mr Blair. Not a thought for how Mr Blair feels about this disgraceful character assassination. Mr Harris sees himself as a one-man political destruction machine. Or so he’d like us to think. I think he stinks.

    [The Ghost is now on general release in Britain. Messrs Harris & Polanski can thank me for this plug later. A free cinema ticket or video/dvd would be appreciated. I’m unlikely to be watching it otherwise.]

    Who is the REAL villain of ‘THE GHOST (WRITER)’?

    (Watch cast interviews and THEN decide)

    Below follow some video interviews with the main actors and the book/script writer of The Ghost. Also some clips from Roman Polanski’s movie. Unfortunately Mr Polanski was holed up in a shack somewhere (not on the east coast of the USA) so he couldn’t make his own video.

    And they criticise Blair for a mid-Atlantic accent! Listen to the Irish Brosnan, bejesus!

    Pierce Brosnan plays Tony Blair, sorry, Adam Lang, former British prime minister. Ewan McGregor plays the unnamed “Ghost”.  No such equivalent in real life. Tony Blair has written his own memoirs, which will be on release in September.

    Ms Williams plays Cherie Blair, sorry Ruth Lang.

    Asked “What do you think people are going to take from this film?” Ms Williams responds –

    “A very, very, very cold chilling feeling of insecurity and loneliness, I hope.”

    I imagine she was referring to her own part, though it could have applied to any other lead character. This IS a characteristically dark Polanski movie, after all.

    Ms Catrall plays Anji Hunter, sorry, Amelia Bly, the former prime minister’s aide/secretary/mistress.  She seems the least self-satisfied of all these actors in her judgement and opinions on others. Thus, in this interview, she seems in comparison to the other actors the most caring and human of the lot.

    ScotomaMovieGeekFeed — 19 February 2010 — Here’s an interview with actress Kim Catrall about her role as Amelia Bly in Roman Polanski’s The Ghost Writer. She talks about catching the imagination of the audience, Amelia’s relationship with Adam Lang, working with Roman Polanski, working with Pierce Brosnan, Adam Lang, working with Ewan McGregor – the rebel in the story, working with Olivia Williams and the strength of Ruth. Footage provided by Summit Entertainment.


    Associated Press — 19 February 2010 — Stars Pierce Brosnan and Ewan McGregor talk about director Roman Polanski at the New York premiere of their new political thriller, ‘The Ghost Writer.’ (Feb. 19)

    At round 1:30 Pierce Brosnan says, “when I first met Mr Polanski I asked him if I was doing Tony Blair. He said ‘no you’re not but’, all signposts, roads, indications seem to lead towards one man, Mr Tony Blair.

    The film used the book and added to it. It is faithful to the main characters and implications within the book.

    This video is included here to add a touch of reality to the fiction on display above. Apart from that this man knows how to communicate.

    The others only know how to interpret the communication skills of others. I say that NOT to belittle acting skills, but in order to put them into context. Not one of the people above has had to make difficult political decisions. Thank God for that, you might say.

    October 2007: Tony Blair (7:49)

    (At around 4:20 Mr Blair talks about 9/11, and why he believed it was right for Britain to stand with America.)

    alsmithfoundation — 13 April 2010 — This 7-minute excerpt from the second British Prime Minister to address the Al Smith Foundation dinner highlights the extraordinary wit and wisdom of the man who lead[sic], changed and elevated Britain’s labor party for more than a decade. The full DVD will fascinate anyone interested Tony Blair’s take on the importance of banishing prejudice and elevating freedom.

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