Aaronovitch & McElvoy defend Tony Blair – as depicted in Harris’s ridiculous GHOSTly film

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    19th April 2010

    Yes, I regularly have a go here at the press. But watching these videos I forgive some of them now. David Aaronovitch has always been clearly on the correct side – one of the “we few” who believe that Blair was and still is a good man and an extraordinarily capable politician. But Anne McElvoy hasn’t always seemed to be as fair-minded towards Tony Blair as she is here. (See recently with John Rentoul on Blair’s election campaign appearance at Trimdon.) It just shows that there are positive effects resulting from sharing a platform with liberal leftie half-brains like Pat Kane, the Scottish idiot on the panel (who also makes me ashamed of being Scottish, btw, as it does the video channel owner.)

    Young & Aaronovitch: The Ghost by Robert Harris (1/5)

    MuggedByReality — 17 April 2010 — Another day, another dreadful & paranoid anti-war conspiracy theory by the Blair haters. Robert Harris – who defends child rapists in print – doesn’t like Tony Blair much these days. He’s a ‘war criminal’ (as we all know!), who ‘slavishly’ dragged Britain into an ‘unnecessary’ and ‘illegal’ war against a ‘sovereign’ nation who wasn’t a threat to anyone. It was all about ‘oil’ or ‘Israel’ for the ‘neocons’ and the ‘Jewish cabal’ in the White House …or Halliburton…or Bush’s Christian ‘crusade’ …or CIA control by the NWO…blahblahblahblahblah….Yawn

    Pat Kane makes me embarrassed to be Scottish – a typically resentful, angry, boring, self-righteous, self-pitying, left-wing, SNP-supporting, anti-war retard. And he even manages to shoehorn Chomsky’s ‘Manufacturing Consent’ drivel into the last part of the show. Toe-curling & cringeworthy leftism…

    Young & Aaronovitch: The Ghost by Robert Harris (2/5)

    Young & Aaronovitch: Political Satire (3/5)

    Now two videos for the anti-Tory “art”. Hysterical, juvenile stuff, isn’t it? Wonder what they’ll do about the Liberal Democrats if they ever get into government? Then it’ll be MY turn. And believe me I can write on the LD’s liberalism. Been there, done that, bought and now burned the t-shirt. All grown up.

    Young & Aaronovitch: Posh by Laura Wade (4/5)

    Young & Aaronovitch: Political Satire (5/5)


    Tony Blair stranded in Israel. Volcanic ash grounds Blair? Not an excuse for much longer, I reckon. By the end of this week the economics of world survival will see most planes flying again over Europe. Mark my words. Now, what other reason can we find for keeping Mr Blair away from Brown’s struggling election campaign? I am determined, as should he be, that it will NOT be Mr Blair’s fault if the self-destructive Labour party falls at the last hurdle. It will NOT be at his hands, but only if he manages to keep clear of the fray. Ideas here please. Oh, and here to Tony Blair’s Office, in case they’re struggling for excuses.

    Martin Ivens, Times: Vote Lib Dem and be hung out to dry

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    2 Responses to “Aaronovitch & McElvoy defend Tony Blair – as depicted in Harris’s ridiculous GHOSTly film”

    1. Unmolested holidays « Says:

      […] BlairSupporter also offers an interesting analysis of the television debate. […]

    2. Dorie Packer Says:

      ice bucket fail

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