Blair-Obama-Cameron-Clegg. Morphed? What do they have in common?

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    20th April 2010

    But first, to help out my trilbied friend John Rentoul, here is a morph I just made at Morph Thing. In case it’s not obvious, the morph is of Tony Blair and Nick Clegg.  Sorry, I know – the originals are better-looking, in both cases. That just goes to show that you CAN have too much of a good thing.

    My morph of Tony Blair & Nick Clegg (thanks to MorphThing).

    You can actually make a morph of more than one person at this Morph Thing site, if you are so inclined. I’m not.

    Now where was I? Oh yes –

    Jason Beattie at the Mirror asks  – ‘is Nick Clegg the new Tony Blair?’ I suppose our journos have to persuade someone that they are writing something worth reading.


    How many more hopeful and hopefully successful politicians are going to be compared to Mr Blair? Before Clegg we had Obama and Cameron but there WILL be more, have no doubt. And they’ll ALL do it so much better than Mr Blair. Except, of course, they won’t. We all know that, er … don’t we?

    Morph of Blair & Obama

    Fun and games with an altered version of the "airbrushed" Cameron's election poster.

    I wonder why this comparison is so often made? Even the clones themselves don’t seem to have too many worries over it. You’d think they’d find some other successful guy to stand these hopefuls up against if the original disappointed so much.

    In the usual limited way with the actuality Mr Beattie lists a few so-called similarities, few of which are really of consequence, or even all that similar.


    Also in the usual way he lists one ‘difference’ which partly challenges the reality – “Clegg opposed the Iraq War. Blair started it”. Right in the first part, wrong in the second. And the second part was Clegg and the Lib Dem’s major error and exactly why they wont be getting my vote.


    Just to jog your memory – the Americans did. Despite our press’s semi-ignorant political agenda, in fact the Iraq war is and should be Blair’s crowning glory. If it weren’t for our dumb press and its various dissing TB agendas it would be.

    The antis have been on the various body-count hunts while disregarding the ensuing democracy in Iraq. They have come up with a body-count against Blair. Though how he managed to kill all those people on his little ownsome is thought-provoking!  All this from the press despite turning a blind eye to the ongoing murders by fundamentalist car-bombers. The anti press’s  limited prognosis is that if Blair hadn’t gone into Iraq, none of this would have happened.

    What utter b*****ks, if you’ll excuse the expression.


    It would ALL have happened with or without Blair and Britain. On the bad side – insurgents would have been still murdering their own (as they continue to do to try to scare off the Americans as they have us Brits). And on the good side – democracy would still be taking strong roots in Iraq, with all that that brings. As for the ugly – we’ve got that already – our very own beloved ‘liberal’ press.

    What Good stuff? For instance –

    None of this, the good fallout, has anything to do with Tony Blair of course, does it?

    As for similarities between Blair & Clegg? Oh yes, there is one –

    NAME: Nick Clegg/Tony Blair.

    They have the same number of letters in their names.

    It must tell us something about the qualities of originality of today’s politicians (and/or perhaps today’s journalists) when so many are into the comparison game.

    Here, John Rentoul has this – “Nick Clegg – the British Obama? The answer to which is ‘NO’, number something or other.

    And from Paul Waugh at The Standard comes this: “Gordon Brown blocked my benefit reforms, though Blair was happy with them”.


    ‘Lord Freud, who now advises the Tories, said that when Mr Brown was Chancellor he behaved in a “threatening” manner over proposals to end Britain’s “dependency culture”.

    Writing in the Standard, Lord Freud spoke for the first time of his poor relations with Mr Brown and said that only the Conservatives could deliver real reform. David Cameron today announced that a Tory government would get its plans under way this year.

    Lord Freud, a former City boss, became Mr Blair’s independent welfare adviser in 2006. He called for more private sector involvement in the welfare system and for single parents to have to work earlier.

    Today he disclosed that although Mr Blair was happy with his plans, Mr Brown “growled” when the reforms were presented to him.

    “He leaned threateningly towards me, jabbing a stubby finger at a table in my draft,” Lord Freud said. “Try as I might, I could not get him to discuss matters of principle.”

    After Mr Brown became Prime Minister in 2007, he was accused of watering down reform.


    Michael White – Clegg growing in confidence


    ‘I wasn’t the only hack who had the same bright idea this morning – to see how Nick Clegg is coping with being compared to Winston Churchill, Tony Blair, Barack Obama and Mother Theresa.’

    If you think the last comparison was a bit heavy, Mr White admits he made that one up.

    Still, the Russians claim Mr Cleggover – Cleggoffski is an aristocratic one of theirs. WOW! That’ll get his libby luvvies going.

    Cherie says Tony is stranded in Israel. Pity. He might not be here to help Gordon beat the new sainted one. Unfortunate, isn’t it?


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