Nick Clegg’s Policy on Arms (especially for John Rentoul)

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    21st April 2010

    To help out John Rentoul here

    Want anything else on it, John? Just let me know.

    Update: John Rentoul has now used the above at his site here. He includes a link to this at The Sun on Lib Dem avoidance tactics.


    I can’t imagine why.

    Not, note, on avoiding anything as mundane or as un-pc as a nuclear attack.  Just on avoiding being asked about how Clegg’s Lib Dem-run Britain would avoid a nuclear attack,  in the LD unilateral absence of Trident.

    (Especially, presumably, now that Tony Blair blew it for us with the Yanks, by being such good pals with them.)

    Confused? Them too.

    Better go and ask Big Ron at Rentoul’s. He’ll explain it all in his usual erudite way.

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    3 Responses to “Nick Clegg’s Policy on Arms (especially for John Rentoul)”

    1. resistor Says:

      Yes, let’s kill even more people – after all mass murder isn’t a crime if New Labour do it.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        To resistor

        (And they say that I have an odd alias! What are you resisting? Freedom? Liberty? Democracy?)

        The existence of nuclear weapons has achieved what it was meant to achieve – their non-use. I know it is pricey, especially if we really think they will NEVER be used, and hopefully they will NEVER be used. But there is great danger in going down the unilateral disarmament route for a major world power like Britain. (And yes, believe it or not we ARE still a major power, despite the efforts of such as you and the Lib Dems to put us in our place.)

        It is in order to AVOID killing people that we retain Trident. Even as the USA, Russia and probably us and others in their wake reduce our stock numbers of warheads we would be naive in the extreme to think they can be disinvented and banished from the earth. They cannot be put back in the bottle any more successfully than can the internet, or the rantings of armchair generals and anti-generals.

        Let the politicians deal with it, or stand for parliament yourself – whichever sails your boat. But remember, freedom isn’t free.

    2. “Avoid unilateral disarmament implication” – Independent Minds Says:

      […] Lib Dem policy on Trident is a disgrace, and I am grateful to Blair Supporter for mocking up the poster […]

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