What Labour bigwigs REALLY thought of Brown’s 1st TV debate (video)

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    Comment at end

    22nd April 2010

    Described as -“EXCLUSIVE DEBATE FOOTAGE” – Iain Dale has these must see videos.

    [Language warning. This secret film shows the reaction of Peter Mandelson, Alastair Campbell, Tony Blair, Charlie Whelan and Ed Balls to Gordon Brown’s performance in the first PM debate last week.]

    ‘Campbell’ – “Tony be quiet, we’re not paying you by the f*****g word.”

    Great visuals and vocals from ‘Mandelson’, seemingly tapping up Brown’s famous drop-chin – “We just want this mouth closed.  It’s hanging there like this great jellyfish or something. Just… just close, close, close the ruddy thing. It looks dreadful. Close it.”

    “… the hands together, the praying shot – it’s all good stuff… oh no that bit isn’t. No, you’ve got the claws out again… and it’s Pat Butcher.  I’m looking at this, Gordon, and I’m frightened.”

    Can’t see the others’ faces, but if you didn’t know better you’d swear that was Tony Blair on the right – well, without the presence. Even the voice, if not the language, was spot-on, my dears. (The sainted one is never coarse! Never. Course not.)

    “We’ve got to win an election. How are we going to win an election with this s**t?”

    And there’s this one –

    Excellent stuff.

    Pay the woman well, and get her to do Clegg too.

    Despite Dale’s inclusion of this link ‘Credit: Alison Jackson, this is one of his commenters – “Sorry to ask, but is this entirely real?”

    Er … NO.  The clue is in the company.  Do you really think half of them would be seen dead with the other half?


    Blair puts £100 on Cameron to win – see here.


    Julie has this on ‘Dacre’s psyche’ with a link to great video on The Daily Mail

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