YouTube videos of the PM TV debates in 15 seconds from Poldraw. Brilliant.

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    24th April 2010

    Short and sweet videos from Poldraw.

    mortydraw — 23 April 2010 — The second election debate – in 15 seconds

    16 April 2010 — The First Election Debate in 15 Seconds

    I’ll add the last one after next Thursday, presumably.


    Andrew Sullivan’s banner says “of no party or clique”, though he decribes himself as a “Whiggish Tory”!  Whigs? What?  I thought they were all dead? Haven’t we got enough to contend with, with the Lib Dems/UKIP and the BNP?

    (Go here to try to work out quite what today’s Whiggish Tories are for/against)

    At ‘The Atlantic’ Mr Sullivan says this – “Labour is headed for oblivion”

    Well, maybe. On the other hand, perhaps the Tories are.

    Liberal Democrats, of course, are here forever, are they not?

    “In 1997 we saw Labour elected on an unexpected and unprecedented landslide. Could 2010 see them removed in an unprecedented and unexpected obliteration? For sure Labour have not been giving the voters too many reasons to support them. For sure Gordon Brown has been graceless and uninspiring- “Women, and you are one”, and other clunky howlers. Even worse though, has been the total lack of self belief. “Socialism” as an ideology has been intellectually bankrupt for at least twenty years, but the cynical and unprincipled charlatanism of the Blair “project” somehow kept the show on the road for the Labour Party. Now, with the three-ring circus of the Blair ego now gone, the light has gone out of their eyes. The zombie party could finally be facing its inevitable doom.”

    The ‘cynical and unprincipled charlatanism of the Blair “project”‘. Honestly. Give me strength. These people just do not get it, even as their own man and David Cameron emulate Blair and New Labour more or less wholesale.

    Btw, I still haven’t decided who to vote for. Though of course the LDs are OUT, mainly for being SO wrong on Iraq.

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    One Response to “YouTube videos of the PM TV debates in 15 seconds from Poldraw. Brilliant.”

    1. celia walters Says:

      Clegg has put himself in a difficult position as he says he won’t support Labour even if it has most seats but won’t go into coalition with Tories if they won’t agree to PR which according to Cameron they won’t meaning Labour could be in gov just because Cameron & Clegg can’t agree on a coaliton so Clegg could bring in what he doesn’t want to do

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