The schadenfreude election that the press had coming

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    26th April 2010

    Cohen: ‘The right has only itself to blame for Nick Clegg’s rise

    The complacency of the Tories has allowed the Liberal Democrats to become their unlikely nemesis’

    Nick Cohen has this interesting contribution to the series on everyday British folk aka CIF at the Polls.

    I have a lot of time for Mr Cohen’s writing. He is one of  few at The Guardian who seem to “get it” on Tony Blair. I can even read his articles without holding my nose.

    But I think he is only providing half the story here.


    When you concede that the left only has itself to blame TOO for Nick Clegg’s rise, the pieces start so slot together.

    The right is not only the politicians of the right; nor is the left confined to the left’s politicos.


    Thus my schadenfreude. I’ve been warning the papers of serious side-effects from their exaggeration, bias and mis-reporting for ages! They have truly been writing the longest suicide notes in history. A pity that democracy itself has been dragged under the water with them.

    So the full story, to take but two papers, is that the Guardian is sobbing uncontrollably over what is happening to Labour and Brown (“Blair-plus? No thanks. New Labour?” Spit…) and the Daily Mail (Clegg the “Nazi”) is blubbering like a two-year-old over what is happening to Cameron and the Tories.

    Read this Guardian report on their stance for the election, given that Lib/Laboury and electoral reform and … yes, the Lib Dems are their latest “thing” according to the their commenting Cifers

    The mystery is why none of them foresaw the rise of the anti-politics politician and his party.

    It was the papers – the Guardian, Mirror, Daily Mail, Telegraph and others too, let’s be clear, who have been deriding politicians for years. Their united cry has been “corrupt”, “liars”, “untrustworthy”, “poodles”, “war criminals”, “money-grubbing” – anything that would sell papers and get their readership foaming at the collective mouth. They seemed to innocently think the muck wouldn’t stick to their man, be it Brown or Cameron.

    What fools. What utter fools.

    Even the posh end seems to have been oblivious as to the likely and eventual effect that their disgraceful attacks would have on what is probably the most INCORRUPT political system in the world.  It was the Tory-supporting Telegraph which drew political blood by the bucket-load AND got away with paying for leaked information on politicians’ expenses. It was the Telegraph which put the cream on the longstanding general opinion that all politicians are rotten and in it for themselves and no-one else.

    Now their party, the Tories, seems not to have been able to benefit, as they had originally expected and hoped they would have.

    My schadenfreude reading their petrified articles is only balanced by the same “told you so” I now want to throw at the Labour (Old)  supporting press.

    Whatever happens after May 6th, it will likely never be the same for politicians and politics in this country. And it is NOT thanks to Nick Clegg or the Liberal Democrats.

    They are likely to be the recipients of our political press’s collective self-destruction. The Lib Dems, even if they only come in third as usual, are likely to win nothing on the real political arguments, but everything for being in the right place at the right time.

    After all, who CARES what any of them say on policy matters?  They don’t mean it. They’re all in it for themselves.

    Aren’t they?


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