Hi Tony, says Gordon. Nice to see you’re back … your back. Bye Tony.

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    27th April 2010



    Jackie  Ashley at The Guardian wonders why the only bigwig to be campaigning visibly for Labour’s cause has  been their great non-communicator Gordon (PM for now) Brown.

    Well, obviously it’s for the reason that I have ALWAYS said. We vote for a leader/person/prospective PM as much as for a party.

    Apart from that all the other MPs are rather busy with their own campaigns.

    Kind of obvious really. I just wonder why she’s written this. Labour is not the only party suffering or at times benefiting from the Leadership Campaign. How often do we see Cameron’s or Clegg’s frontbench taking a lead? Apart from Mandelson & Balls, the fabled Vince Cable and one or two Conservatives whose names I can’t presently recall, it’s invariably the leaders upfront.

    That’s how it is and probably always will be. The result of personality politics, which has been with us at least since Tony Blair showed them all how. It’s just a pity that none of them can do it like Blair and that they all lack the X Factor. Thus the “balanced” position of the polls right now.

    If you really think that the present swing to the Lib Dems has anything to do with the public discovering the merits of their party’s policies you’re living in cloud cuckoo land.

    And if you really think that the Tories are struggling at around 30%/35% instead of the 40% they need to get a clear majority because Cameron is a visionary, inspiring politician climb on that cuckoo’s back and take flight.

    Our present leaders are all lacking the certain USP that the voters are looking for, with Clegg getting closest if still lacking the clunking fist.


    Peter Mandelson is managing the election project single-handedly, interjecting David Mandelson from time to time and Ed Balls quite frequently (better inside than out.) Lord Mandelson himself has been seen around a fair bit, today getting into a little fisticuffs with Adam Boulton.

    You can always tell when Mandy is struggling. He invariably tells the other guy to “calm down.”

    As regards the leadership business, things may be about to change. But I’m not all that sure if Jackie Ashley or the Old Labourites will approve.

    According to Peter Mandelson Tony Blair is winging his way back from Malaysia to help out in the campaign.

    Mandelson has promised us that we won’t be disappointed. Intriguing. But don’t imagine he’s about to reclaim leadership of the party, to save it from annihilation. If only. Nor will he upstage Brown by showing us all how it should be done.

    But we might at last get some of the reasons why the country should thank Labour.

    And the main reason? The other parties are now all on the same ground, more or less.

    Meanwhile Nick Clegg has said he will work with ‘a man from the moon’ as long as that moon man isn’t called (Luney?) Gordon Brown.

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