Official and signed off: Tony Blair’s gone BLUE

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    3rd May 2010

    WHAT? Am I seeing things?

    Why is Tony Blair signing this BLUE leaflet?

    REDDITCH, UNITED KINGDOM - MAY 3: Former Prime Minister Tony Blair signs a campaign leaflet whilst out campaigning with former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith in her Redditch constituency on May 3, 2010. The General Election, to be held on May 6, 2010 is set to be one of the most closely fought political contests in recent times with all main party leaders embarking on a four week campaign to win the votes of the United Kingdom. (Photo by David Jones/WPA Pool/Getty Images)

    Beside his picture, light blue background left, darker blue on the right it says in white (not red) – “Labour: the future for Britain”.

    None of this can be the least bit accidental.

    The election leaflet/picture/souvenir/hand-out does seem to have (a version of) the Labour slogan “I want a future fair for all” and something about  “…term … deliver it”, in red.

    But, nonetheless …


    Don’t know if I’ve missed something but nowhere until today have I seen “A Future Fair For All” that looks more like a Conservative leaflet than a Labour one.

    See Labour’s official launch of “A Future Fair For All” here

    If the significance of the colour scheme of the Blair signed leaflet and the reminder of the Middle Britain appeal of the former Prime Minister doesn’t get a few snakes rattling in the undergrowth nothing will. This may also stiffen the resolve of David Miliband to challenge Brown on Friday, if Labour’s most horrifying nightmare is played out on Friday morning.

    Picture of Blair signing leaflet from Day Life here

    Also see: Tony Blair campaigns to try to prevent Jacqui Smith’s Redditch becoming Blueditch

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