Sexy pants for Twinkle-Toes Tony? Forget it!

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    3rd May 2010

    Following this at The Mirror, updated here for some reason – the picture presumably, I dug around for a photograph of The Former PM dancing. I came across the picture below at this site. Dated July 2009, and discussing pole/lap dancing licensing, it has this –

    ‘I received a letter from Linda Gilroy (pictured below apparently snogging the former prime minister Tony Blair- I joke of course although perhaps Mrs Gilroy was ‘sexually stimulating the poor man and therefore she may need her own sexual encounter establishment license!)’

    Tony Blair greets Linda Gilroy MP, 2009

    Tony Blair kisses Linda Gilroy MP, 2009

    I looks to me like one of those unfortunately angled greetings where the recipient of your cheek-peck turns slightly at the wrong moment and you end up in almost a sexual relationship. We’ve all been there.

    But it illustrates graphically just one of the reasons why Mr Blair will not be receptive to the invite to put on his dancing shoes.

    The Daily Maul and such would have great fun with the outtakes. Wait for the “they can’t afford him” comments here at the Daily Mail.

    Such comments will be true, but not in the way the green-eyed at The Maul will mean.  As I showed here Tony Blair actually makes around £100/$152 per breath – and that’s only while speaking! But the money or lack of is incidental.  For getting out of breath – and possibly getting tripped up and looking helpless while in the arms of a beautiful woman – WHOAH! The American purse invite doesn’t come near the value of the outtakes.

    Beginners, please! Get your coat off, Tony. You're on.

    But the real reason he won’t be interested? As an international statesman with an ongoing political after-life, he can’t afford it.

    Tony & Cherie Blair dancing, 1996, at a pre-conference event.

    Mirror excerpt:

    By Kate Mcmahon 3/05/2010

    EXCLUSIVE: Ex-PM offered £250k to go on dance contest

    He cha-cha-changed the face of politics – and now Tony Blair may be about to waltz back into the limelight.

    The former PM – who foxtrotted off into political retirement on the back of three consecutive election wins – has been offered £250,000 to appear on the next series of Dancing With The Stars. Conrad Green, the executive producer of the American Strictly, is gunning for the ex-Labour leader to come on to the show.

    Green appealed to Blair, via the Mirror: “Tony, you’ve done everything you can do as PM, you’ve done your bit for the Middle East, now come and put some sequins on and have a real life”.

    He said he would pair Blair with stunning Ukrainian dancer Karina Smirnoff, 31, who has five US National Championship titles under her belt.

    “I think she would be very happy with him,” Green added. “Tony is very popular in the States and I think he may as well come out here and give it a try.

    “Hopefully he might be able to squeeze it in between solving the Palestinian problem and all those other things he’s got on.”

    The next series of Dancing with the Stars begins in the autumn and will be shown in the UK on Watch. Green is also keen to use Blair’s pulling power to convince former US president Bill Clinton to go on the show.

    “I did ask Clinton once – we rang up his office.

    “But sadly the conversation only lasted as long as it took to say ‘Dancing with the…’ before they hung up.”


    Dancing Shoes Blair also reported here.

    To respond to to The Examiner’s question – “Dancing with the Stars: Tony Blair for season 11?” – yet another for which John Rentoul can no doubt provide a little number.

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