“Tony Blair on Succeeding in Life”. Listening Gordon? David? Nick?

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    3rd May 2010

    Tony Blair on Succeeding in Life

    (My thoughts at the end)

    From Kenneth Kwan’s site, direct link here.

    “Just yesterday, I listened to Tony Blair share his personal thoughts about succeeding in life. He shares with a lot of humility and immediately connected to the hearts of the participants. Here are ten things he wanted us to know:

    1. Have the humility to learn– as Prime minister, he did not carry a mobile phone. The next day after his ten years of being prime minister, he finally carried his first mobile phone. Learning to send a text message was challenging enough and he had to humble himself to learn from younger people on how to use technology. Have humility in what we do is important.

    2. Start with an analysis of your current situation– everything in life is inter-connected, we need to understand that there is a bigger world outside the country we live in. The speed of change is very real and what are we doing right now in our current situation?

    3. In a fast changing world, we can’t stand still. People have to adapt and constantly learn new things in the knowledge based economy.

    4. New thinking and new ideas don’t come to closed minds– How open are our minds? Do we see opportunities instead of trouble?

    5. Success = Reaching our potential through education. It is only through education that we truly fulfill our potential. There are many people in the world that have potential but do not know that they can become more than who they can be; this is because they have not seen the possibilities that could be done. Education can help a person see this.

    6. Change is the hardest thing– Every time you want to change something, everyone around you will tell you that it is a disaster. He shares about how he wanted to implement healthcare reforms and there was so much resistance he had to go through. This was not something that was popular with the people, but he felt that it was necessary for his country’s sustainability. It is very helpful to get stakeholders to support you and help you through.

    7. Success is about creating great partnerships between individuals– Collaboration and partnerships are important in daily living. Purpose of collaboration: To fight for a better idea! The reason why Tony fights for freedom and against terrorism is because he believes in a greater idea that people should not be oppressed and should lively freely.

    8. Partnerships and prejudice cannot co-exist.

    9. Success is not about doing something, but believing in something. Values do matter a lot. Successful people are single minded in their purpose, but not self-centred.

    10. Have a sense of optimism in what you do– You will not succeed if you are afraid of failure. Always believe that what you do can lead to greater good.”

    (See source here)

    I’m not going to attempt to deal in depth with any of the above items and their messages for today’s struggling politicians.

    In any case the lecture was directed at business people, though many of the pointers for politics are exactly the same. The great British public may naively like to believe that such as the we are not really politicans party (Lib Dems, in case you wondered) are different. They are not, or they had better not be unless a ‘coalition’ is ready to throw in the towel.  Politics is not ‘show business for ugly people’.

    It’s THE business, or it’s nothing.

    Some of the party leaders have taken some of Mr Blair’s points on board, to be fair.  Or they think they have. Or they think they have enough of the morally principled necessaries to persuade the gullible voters that they have.

    I’ll only make one observation from item number one on the Blair agenda for success, where humility and mobile phones collide, figuratively speaking –

    – it might have been less worrisome for Gordon and for those in his environs if he too had left mobile phones out of his clutches until after leaving Number 10.


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    4 Responses to ““Tony Blair on Succeeding in Life”. Listening Gordon? David? Nick?”

    1. Personality and Generation Says:

      In the beginning Blair was popular. In large part because he seemed fresh a new, he represented a new generation taking over and a break with the past. Unfortunately for Brown, by the time he took over Britain was tired of both New Labour and the Baby Boomer leadership. It’s very hard for Brown to represent “Change”.

      Cameron and Clegg now have that advantage as they represent a new generation “Generation Jones”, which is taking over leadership across the world. This article has a good exlpanation of the importance of this:

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Well, Personality & Generation. I think this is nonsense. I do not accept that the Baby Boomers are on their way out. Sixty is the new Forty.

        But let me try to decipher the Indie’s argument. These ‘Joneses’ are keeping up with, or have a different vision from, or feel it is their turn to replace the Baby Boomers?

        It’s “generational”? How interesting. Not really.

        Nicholas William Peter “Nick” Clegg (born 7 January 1967) is 3 months younger than David William Donald Cameron (born 9 October 1966).

        Barack Hussein Obama II (born August 4, 1961) – (also listed in the Independent article) is 5+ years older than both of them. (Neither here nor there, some might say.)

        Anthony Charles Lynton “Tony” Blair (born 6 May 1953) is 8 years older than Obama, and 13+ years older than Cameron & Clegg.

        James Gordon Brown (born 20 February 1951) is two years older than Blair etc …

        All this bias against older people, even if only a handful of years, is not exactly encouraging.

        Isn’t it time experience counted? Especially since none of the new guys (none of whom is actually YOUNG” btw) is offering anything really new apart from “I’m not one of the Baby Boomers”?

    2. election junkie Says:

      I’m not biased against those older than me, but I nonetheless think this whole Generation Jones thing makes a lot of sense. I was always told that I was a Boomer, but the GenJones label fits me much better.

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