All Tony Blair wants for his birthday on the Big Day, May 6th is…

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    4th May 2010




    Is this the New, New Labour Message?

    Not that I’d dream of putting words into Mr Blair’s mouth. And such a ‘coronation’ would not be what David Miliband wants anyway. Look what happened the last time! Apart from that he wouldn’t get it.

    If Gordon Brown fails to win outright or more particularly fails to win a  share of power both Ed Balls and Alistair Darling are likely to throw their hats into the leadership ring.  And, if Mr Brown stands down after a Labour defeat, Harriet Harman automatically takes over as Labour leader.

    So that’ll be at least a three-horse race.

    The question begged by all of this is – what happens if Labour wins outright with Gordon Brown in place?

    Do you think he’ll still go gracefully?

    Me neither.


    Tony Blair campaigns alongside Jacqui Smith yesterday - with a birthday wish for a Labour victory. Mr Blair, 57 on Thursday, was in the ex-Home Secretary's constituency in Redditch, Worcs, and said: "As a present, I want Jacqui back as MP and a fourth term for the Labour government."

    Happy Birthday to Tony…

    Whatever happens on Thursday.


    James Kirkup points to the Brown reference to not cashing in

    I noticed that too, but initially I decided to treat it with the contempt it deserves. But Julie also mentions this.

    Presumably when he refers to business he means Africa Governance, bed nets, inte-religious organisations, sports academies.

    Of course Brown’s lack of interest in business etc may just have something to do with the fact that he may not have the aptitude, nous or pulling power for any of it.

    Unlike his predeccesor.

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