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    5th May 2010

    Had a bit of fun earlier with this free Stupeflix video-making site.

    I made a three-minute video, and THEN discovered that I had to pay to download the thing. You can watch it here – Video at my FB video page. I was willing to pay but I was unsure if it was worth bothering for such a short shelf life.

    Then I noticed it said you can use and upload to YouTube & Facebook free, IF you only use the first minute.

    (I’m explaining all this to you because the site doesn’t until you’ve done all the work. I always find this approach kind of irritating and a bit of a cheat and a cheek.)

    It’s not expensive, only £3GBP or £5GBP for a HD downloadable version of the entire video. But I decided I’d try the 1 minute free version to see what it looked like, even though the best parts were in the 2nd and 3rd minutes.

    Then I discovered another rather off-putting procedure.

    It was straight-forward enough to upload it to my Facebook account, but to get it onto my YouTube account I’d have to change my YouTube login and use a Google password. I didn’t want to alter things in that way, so opted out. Google gets everywhere in your browsers and your system, if you let it.

    I may go back to the Stupeflix site, pay, and then download the entire thing. It’s still saved there. Then, presumably I can upload direct to YouTube in the usual way without changing anything.

    This particular video only has a short life. Perhaps a few hours, until the next government is elected, or agreed or hung,   whatever comes first.

    Blair Supporter at Facebook

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