Election results. 1st blood to Labour. Exit Poll says Hung Parliament

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  • 6th May 2010

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    Results coming in fast now.

    Chris Huhne, Lib Dem has held Eastleigh, with a swing from the Tories of 3%. Lib Dems have gained Eastbourne from the Tories.

    David Miliband, Labour Foreign Secretary, has held South Shields.

    What about the Clegg effect?  So far, nothing. It must be a huge disappointment for the Liberal Democrats. So far, they have won no seats from the other parties and have actually lost at least one seat, Opik’s.

    2:55am – Lab 70; Con 54; LD 8; Others 19. (Labour down 11, Tories up 12, LDs down 1.)

    A Conservative family friend has taken a seat from Labour. And Lembit Opik has lost his Lib Dem seat, Montgomeryshire, to the Conservatives.  In Wales the swing to the Conservatives in Wales is higher than expected.

    2:00am – Lab 31; Con 18; Lib Dems 4; Others 12.

    Get the results as they come in here at the BBC – http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk_politics/election_2010/

    Still here. David Blunkett, Blairite minister, says his instinct is that the Conservatives have won an overall majority.

    Gordon Brown’s result: Lab – 29,559. His vote has gone up by nearly 5,000 votes, with a 3.3% swing towards Labour. He gave a solemn speech, though, sounding as though he accepts that he has lost the election, referring to his “duty”. He may feel he wants to try to hang on and form a coalition with the Lib Dems. Still some time to go before we’ll know if he can do so.

    Follow the results elsewhere, folks. Check out the BBC. I have a busy day tomorrow.

    Latest results:  Con 4; Lab 10, LD 2, Others 7. Looks like a Tory win on the day. Not sure yet, but with the swings to the Tories even in the seats they have lost, I think they may even creep through to a small overall majority. We may not know until the morning.

    Will update at top here, as and when – (refresh your page on subsequent visits.)


    Interesting fact: ALL three MPs so far elected are women, and all Labour.

    Third result in from Sunderland Central:

    HELD by Labour. Swing of about 5% to Tories from Labour.


    Second result in from Washington & Sunderland West:

    HELD easily by Labour. Lab took 53% of the vote but there was an 11%  swing from Labour to the Conservatives. Bad news for Labour, because of the swing.


    First result is now in from Houghton & Sunderland South constituency:

    HELD EASILY by Labour, though the swing in the votes went from Labour to the Conservatives of about 8%.


    326 seats is required for an overall majority.

    Exit poll (projection):

    • Conservatives – 307 (revised figure – 305)
    • Labour – 255
    • Liberal Democrat – 59 (revised figure – 61)
    • Others- 29

    For any Non Brits who don’t understand the British first-past-the-post system, here are two points. One, if this Exit Poll is anything near accurate the Liberal Democrat surge seems to have died on its feet. And two, this does not give the Conservatives an overall majority. It would have to be a hung parliament with the involvement of the Liberal Democrats. But, if a hung parliament, Labour as the incumbent government party would be given first choice of trying to get an agreement with the Liberal Democrats.

    So, if this is anywhere near accurate, Mr Brown is not yet out of Downing Street. Certainly not on Friday morning.

    General consensus is that the Liberal Democrats projection of only 59 seats is unexpectedly low and perhaps unbelievable, returning fewer seats for them than in 2005.

    From the 8% swing to the Conservatives in the first seat returned, if this was repeated throughout the country, the Tories would win an outright majoirty.

    Disgraceful reports of several constituencies where voters did not get in to vote because of queues. The polls closed at 10:00pm regardless of those still queing.  I cannot recall this ever happening before. Third world politics.

    WARNING: Most of the early results that come in will be urban seats and traditionally Labour. These inner city counts are normally faster than in the rural seats. So, many Labour wins at the start won’t necessarily provide an accurate prediction of the eventual outcome.

    Daily Mail report

    John Rentoul: “Is the electoral system biased against Tories?”

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