Adam Boulton Vs Alastair Campbell – fisticuffs? Just about.

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    11th May 2010

    For the last few days since the election that didn’t, we’ve  been watching newsmen/women and commentators interviewing one another, helping to fill the gaps left by the AWOL politicians. Now and again it’s even been half-enlightening. Adam Boulton of Sky News and Labour’s Alastair Campbell took it to a new level today after Brown’s resignation.

    You can only feel sorry for the man in the middle Jeremy Thompson as he clearly finds himself unable to contain the warring factions.

    The politicians had better get it sorted before there are dead bodies on the Green. And they won’t necessarily be political bodies.

    Newsman cries: ‘I’m fed up with you telling me what I think’

    Screengrab of Sky News
    [Screengrab: Sky News]

    Jump here to watch video below

    Guardian: Adam Boulton harangues Alastair Campbell (or vice-versa) on Sky News

    What is it with Sky News since the election? First Kay Burley tells pro-electoral reform protester David Babbs of 38 Degrees he “might as well go home and watch it on Sky News” (which led to Saturday’s Sack Kay Burley! Watch the BBC! episode – live on Sky News).

    Then today Adam Boulton’s interview with Alastair Campbell on the prospects of a Liberal Democrat-Labour deal without Gordon Brown as PM turned into something of a spectacular bunfight.

    In the video you get to see the tone deteriorating through their talk of coalitions to the point 4 mins 30 secs in where Boulton starts jabbing at Campbell: “I’m fed up with you telling me what I think.”

    Host Jeremy Thompson joins in to tell Tony Blair’s former spin doctor he has been “provocative”. It’s a remarkable and heated piece of footage from a remarkable day in politics.

    If you’ve not got time for the full 6 mins 20 seconds, these are the final 52 seconds in HD.

    There are probably quite a few 24-hour news reporters who are ready for a break.

    Update: A colleague has sent me a link to Campbell and Boulton rowing on election night about the tone of the Sky News election coverage. Campbell tells Boulton: “Adam, you’re great at giving it, you can’t take it.” Looks like the two already had form.

    Extra update: There’s been a second incident tonight as the Adam Boulton v Alastair Campbell spat continues to trend on Twitter. This time Labour MP Ben Bradshaw says to Adam Boulton: “I know you feel sore about this [Bradshaw’s assertion that ‘no one won’ the election]” and a mini repeat of Boulton’s earlier outburst occurs.


    Adam Boulton (Sky News) v Alastair Campbell (Labour) – FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT! (6:20)

    craigbrass — 10 May 2010 — Adam Boulton stops short of fighting Alastair Campbell live on Sky News. Have I Got News for You material!

    Short clip – Adam Boulton Blows Up (52 seconds)

    fklopper1 — 10 May 2010 — Adam Boulton loses his cool interviewing Alistair Campbell.

    Read full transcript of the Boulton/Campbell old chums act here.

    Meanwhile Mr Blair, Campbell’s former boss and, co-incidentally teenage friend of Boulton’s wife, was busy illustrating the British political system to the chairman of Samba Financial Group in Riyadh.

    Eissa M. Al-Eissa, chairman of Samba Financial Group, with Tony Blair in Riyadh. (AN photo) Blair: 'It's essential that you get your hands round their necks, before they get to yours.'

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