Clegg is now Deputy PM!!! Jeez! AND we might be stuck with them for 5 years whether we like it or not!

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    12th May 2010

    UPDATE, 13th May: Some say there is confusion over this. A vote of “no confidence” can still be won by 50% +1, but to dissolve Parliament it would require 55%. Clearer? Well, maybe. It was inserted at the insistence of the Lib Dems to protect THEM from their new Tory partners from dissolving THEIR combined government. So it’s not for OUR protection, but that of the LDs. Back to where we were?  Look after the 57 varieties of LDs and the rest can go hang. I’m still not re-assured. It is a red herring distinction, imho.

    Jump to updates here and read what the papers say here.


    His party got ONLY 57 seats out of 650, came in third in the number of votes AND seats, lost ten percent of the seats from the last election in 2005, and yet Nicely Nicely Nick has come up smelling of roses!

    Seeing double?New British Prime Minister David Cameron, left, greets leader of the Liberal Democrats Nick Clegg on the doorstep of 10 Downing Street in London, Wednesday, May, 12, 2010.

    NICK CLEGG is now the man who, although largely unknown before Cameron and Brown fell for the TV debate game-changer,  will now front Prime Minister’s Questions when Cameron is out of the country; who will stand in as PM in September when Cameron is on paternity leave (introduced by Blair); and will take over as PM if the proverbial bus or just exhaustion wallops Mr Cameron.

    I don’t believe it! Except I do.

    It also seems there is an agreement that they will legislate for FIVE YEAR fixed terms. Unless I misunderstand this, that will mean that even if the coalition falls apart, the “Liberal Conservatives” will be unable to be removed until May 2015! A lot of those who have been screaming about the ‘dictatorial Labour government’ may soon be eating their words. Hope they choke on them.

    And if he doesn’t already know it, Cameron made a HUGE, perhaps historical mistake when he allowed the “not a politician politician” Nick Clegg to fool the apolitical punters. Mr Blair would never have been so gullible.

    But then Mr Blair was a winner.

    This is a video reminder of that FACT. I put it together some time ago –

    Tony Blair – Everlasting Words Part 1

    (Watch more Blair videos here, if you think you can take it.)

    (Watch LIVE BBC news here)


    Alison Bond, from Swansea, Wales, writes: I am very angry about this coalition. Despite the spin being put on it I did not vote for a Tory-Lib Dem government last Thursday, nor did I vote for Nick Clegg to be deputy prime minister. We are to be governed by boys seduced by fame and the prospect of power. Have Your Say

    The BBC understands that the delayed election in Thirsk and Malton, North Yorkshire – postponed after the death of the UKIP candidate – will be contested by the Liberal Democrats. It means that the new coalition government will field two candidates against each other.

    The Lib Dems have got another of their big wishes – we’ve learned that there’s going to be wholesale reform of the House of Lords, early in the parliament, to make it fully elected. And the method they’re going to use to elect it? Proportional representation, the system the Lib Dems have loved for so long, says the BBC News channel’s chief political correspondent Laura Kuenssberg.

    • Tony Blair pays tribute to Gordon Brown’s extraordinary service to social justice
    • Obama rang to congratulate Cameron AND emphasised the “special relationship”. What? What’s that, Mr Obama? Didn’t they tell you that was a New Labour myth?
    • The Lib Dems have agreed to a cap on immigration and a commitment not to join the euro for the lifetime of the parliament.
    • The first full meeting of the coalition cabinet is expected to take place on Wednesday.
    • Rumours are of TWENTY posts in government for the Lib Dems, according to Laura K at BBC.
    • FIVE Lib Dems will be in Cameron’s Cabinet. That’s about a tenth of their MPs, and almost a quarter of the total! WOW! No wonder the LDs went blue.
    • The ‘Deal’ is for a FIVE year FIXED term parliament, not four. And it may be legislated on. DREADFUL idea.
    • Tory sources confirm that Nick Clegg will be deputy prime minister and that there are four other Lib Dem cabinet ministers.
    • Mr Cameron says the UK’s best days lie ahead. He adds that he wants to rebuild trust in politics. Mr Cameron promises to be “honest about what government can achieve” and pledges to build a more “responsible society”.
    • 20:43: David Cameron enters Downing Street as prime minister. A large crowd claps and cheers.
    • The Daily Mirror’s Kevin Maguire jokes: “Cameron’s useless. Been PM for 10 minutes and he’s done nothing. Absolutely nothing.” Read Kevin Maguire tweets
    • John Prescott, former deputy PM, tweets: We’ve just witnessed the departure of a great man who with Tony Blair transformed Britain for the better. Read John Prescott’s tweets
    • Lord Mandelson says Labour has had “a good, long innings”. He praises Gordon Brown and colleagues for giving the Tories “quite a fight”.
    • Labour’s Ed Balls, one of Gordon Brown’s closest political friends, says the former PM made some mistakes but got many decisions correct. He wishes David Cameron and his family well.
    • In Mr Brown’s speech to Labour activists, he praised Harriet Harman as “one of the best people you could ever have met”. Lord Mandelson has been a “rock”, he added.
    • Gordon Brown will NOT resign as an MP, contrary to earlier reports.
    • Mr Cameron’s silver Jaguar car arrives at Buckingham Palace. He should be prime minister within a few minutes. Details of any deal reached with the Lib Dems have not been revealed yet.
    • Gordon Brown told Labour activists the election defeat was “my fault and I will carry that alone”, the BBC learns.
    • Harriet Harman becomes the acting leader of the Labour Party.

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    1. Wrong to get rid of Brown, says Irwin Stelzer

    2. Tony Blair pays tribute to Gordon Brown’s ‘extraordinary service to social justice’:

    Mr Blair’s entire comment, short and (sort of) sweet):

    “I spoke to Gordon Brown tonight in a warm conversation that reflected a friendship of almost 30 years duration. I pay tribute to the dignity, courage and leadership he has shown in these last few days and to the quite extraordinary service he has given to our country in 13 years of government as Chancellor and Prime Minister and to the cause of social justice at home and abroad.”

    Social justice? Nothing else? Not the economy? Not his leadership prior to “these last few days”?

    Right, Mr Blair. We get the message.

    Also mentioned here.

    3. BBC – Now for the difficult part

    4. Labour candidates jostle for position. What a waste of time and space. ALL of ’em. You’ve had it, guys. You made your decision when you killed off your party’s only real leader.

    5. WSJ – Labour ends its longest reign

    6. Janet Daly, Telegraph: ‘Cameron’s stroke of luck:  he didn’t get an outright majority’

    7. The Independent, Simon Carr’s Sketch“It is a new evening, is it not?” And – “Then, Cameron. Good Lord. The amateurs won after all. They beat the professionals.”

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      BPshould burn in hell for what they have caused.

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      Alternative electricity can be a eco-friendlier alternative when used properly.

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