Gordon Brown announces his resignation as Prime Minister

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    11th May 2010

    (Watch LIVE news here) (Video added below.)



    • John Prescott, former deputy PM, tweets: We’ve just witnessed the departure of a great man who with Tony Blair transformed Britain for the better. Read John Prescott’s tweets
    • Lord Mandelson says Labour has had “a good, long innings”. He praises Gordon Brown and colleagues for giving the Tories “quite a fight”.
    • Labour’s Ed Balls, one of Gordon Brown’s closest political friends, says the former PM made some mistakes but got many decisions correct. He wishes David Cameron and his family well.
    • In Mr Brown’s speech to Labour activists, he praised Harriet Harman as “one of the best people you could ever have met”.  Lord Mandelson has been a “rock”, he added.
    • Gordon Brown will NOT resign as an MP, contrary to earlier reports.
    • Mr Cameron’s silver Jaguar car arrives at Buckingham Palace. He should be prime minister within a few minutes. Details of any deal reached with the Lib Dems have not been revealed yet.
    • Gordon Brown told Labour activists the election defeat was “my fault and I will carry that alone”, the BBC learns.
    • Harriet Harman becomes the acting leader of the Labour Party.

    It was a very poignant moment. More than I expected it to be.

    GORDON BROWN RESIGNS as Britain’s PM 11 May 2010

    Waiting for Mr Brown to come out to the podium to speak, David Dimbleby said, “this must be a very bitter day for Gordon Brown… as prime minister he never quite cut the mustard.”

    With his wife Sarah by his side, Gordon Brown said that he intends to tender his resignation as prime minister to the Queen.

    Mr Brown said he resigns immediately as Labour leader and thanked his staff who have been “brilliant servants for the country”. He praised his wife and sons, and said being a husband and father were more important jobs than being prime minister.

    “I wish the next prime minister well as he makes the important choices for the future. Only those who have held the office of prime minister can understand the full weight of its responsibilities and its great capacity for good. I have been privileged to learn much about the very best in human nature and a fair amount too about its frailties – including my own.”

    “Thank you and goodbye” were his parting words.

    He then brought out his two beautiful boys. They were applauded by the press in Downing Street, and he and his wife and family were driven off to Buckingham Palace.

    Very moving.

    Good luck, Mr Brown. It’s a tough job with our media after your blood 24/7.




    ‘When Brown took office — by stepping in as Labour leader when Blair stepped down in 2007 — he promised to win back people’s trust in politicians. But his tenure was marred by a failing economy, a difficult and bloody war in Afghanistan and a scandal over outrageous expense claims filed by lawmakers.

    He also had the misfortune to follow one of Britain’s most mesmerizing leaders.

    “He’s a victim of the fact that he comes after Blair,” said Victoria Honeyman, a lecturer in British politics at the University of Leeds. “Blair is hugely charismatic. Even people who didn’t vote for Labour thought Tony Blair would be a nice guy to have a drink with. Coming after Tony Blair drives it into even sharper focus that he’s not that person.”

    Brown may not disappear from the spotlight immediately. He could remain in Parliament after he steps down as Labour leader, as former Conservative Prime Minister John Major did. Or, like Blair, he could quit soon afterwards.’

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