JUST LIKE THAT – David Cameron is our new Prime Minister

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    11th May 2010


    (Watch LIVE BBC news here)


    David Cameron has announced that he is forming a coalition government with the Liberal Democrats.


    • Tony Blair pays tribute to Gordon Brown’s extraordinary service to social justice
    • FIVE Lib Dems will be in Cameron’s Cabinet. That’s about a tenth of their MPs! WOW! No wonder the LDs went blue.
    • The ‘Deal’ is for a FIVE year FIXED term parliament, not four. And it may be legislated on. DREADFUL idea.
    • Tory sources confirm that Nick Clegg will be deputy prime minister and that there are four other Lib Dem cabinet ministers.
    • Mr Cameron says the UK’s best days lie ahead. He adds that he wants to rebuild trust in politics. Mr Cameron promises to be “honest about what government can achieve” and pledges to build a more “responsible society”.
    • 20:43: David Cameron enters Downing Street as prime minister. A large crowd claps and cheers.
    • The Daily Mirror’s Kevin Maguire jokes: “Cameron’s useless. Been PM for 10 minutes and he’s done nothing. Absolutely nothing.” Read Kevin Maguire tweets
    • John Prescott, former deputy PM, tweets: We’ve just witnessed the departure of a great man who with Tony Blair transformed Britain for the better. Read John Prescott’s tweets
    • Lord Mandelson says Labour has had “a good, long innings”. He praises Gordon Brown and colleagues for giving the Tories “quite a fight”.
    • Labour’s Ed Balls, one of Gordon Brown’s closest political friends, says the former PM made some mistakes but got many decisions correct. He wishes David Cameron and his family well.
    • In Mr Brown’s speech to Labour activists, he praised Harriet Harman as “one of the best people you could ever have met”. Lord Mandelson has been a “rock”, he added.
    • Gordon Brown will NOT resign as an MP, contrary to earlier reports.
    • Mr Cameron’s silver Jaguar car arrives at Buckingham Palace. He should be prime minister within a few minutes. Details of any deal reached with the Lib Dems have not been revealed yet.
    • Gordon Brown told Labour activists the election defeat was “my fault and I will carry that alone”, the BBC learns.
    • Harriet Harman becomes the acting leader of the Labour Party.

    GORDON BROWN RESIGNS as Britain’s PM 11 May 2010


    Will add later …excuse the exclamation marks but ….

    Last week his party came in third, and THIS week Nick Clegg is the Deputy Prime Minister!!!!

    Nick Clegg will lead PMQs when Cameron is out of the country and presumably he will take over when Mr Cameron is on paternity leave in September.

    I am trying to be reasonable – no, honestly, I AM! But, FGS!

    Tony Blair sia this:

    Tony Blair pays tribute to Gordon Brown’s ‘extraordinary service to social justice’:

    Mr Blair’s entire comment, short and (sort of) sweet):

    “I spoke to Gordon Brown tonight in a warm conversation that reflected a friendship of almost 30 years duration. I pay tribute to the dignity, courage and leadership he has shown in these last few days and to the quite extraordinary service he has given to our country in 13 years of government as Chancellor and Prime Minister and to the cause of social justice at home and abroad.”

    Social justice? Nothing else? Not the economy? Not his leadership prior to “these last few days”?

    Right, Mr Blair. We get the message.

    Also mentioned here.

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