What did Tony say to Gordon this afternoon?

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    11th May 2010

    It seems that Tony Blair rang Gordon Brown this afternoon when it became clear that the Labour attempt to work with the Liberal Democrats had failed.

    So what did Mr Blair say?

    Whatever he was thinking he would not have been vituperative, accusatory, or anything other than sympathetic and empathetic towards Mr Brown. Of course.

    Even if he was thinking “Neither Cameron nor Clegg would have beaten me” or “what can you expect after you failed to keep the fable middle England voter with us?” or “Gordon, now can you tell me what’s your vision for the future?” – he wouldn’t have said any of that.

    They are now in the same exclusive boat, HMS Ex-Prime Minister.

    More than that, this could be the end of their New Labour “project”.

    Mr Brown will not resign until the formal approval of the Conservative/Lib-Dem deal.  The Lib Dem MPs and peers and the Conservative MPs will not meet  until after 8:00pm this evening to sign off on their historic agreement.

    For Labour? For New Labour? For the party and political partnership that has dominated this country since 1997? Who knows?

    Now begins the post-mortem and presumably, the rebuilding.

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    4 Responses to “What did Tony say to Gordon this afternoon?”

    1. celia walters Says:

      Tony Blair pays tribute to Gordon Brown’s extraordinary service to social justice:

      “I spoke to Gordon Brown tonight in a warm conversation that reflected a friendship of almost 30 years duration. I pay tribute to the dignity, courage and leadership he has shown in these last few days and to the quite extraordinary service he has given to our country in 13 years of government as Chancellor and Prime Minister and to the cause of social justice at home and abroad.”
      This is what Tony Blair has put on his website in tribute to Gordon Brown

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