“Look what’s happened to Labour without Tony Blair” (Ire and Cluck are as one)

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  • Sign the Ban Blair-Baiting petition here. A recent comment“Thank you Tony Blair for all you have done to make this World, your country and mine safer. Thank you for having the courage to make the hard decisions when it would have been more expedient and less derisive not to. Thank you for being more like Mr Churchill than Mr Chamberlain. Most importantly thank you for serving your country when most of us just stand by and complain.
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    13th May 2010


    For some time I have been linking the Ban Blair-Baiting petition at the top of each post. It is not my petition but I always use it.  I think it is important. It has been slow-moving, as human nature indicates it might; people are more inclined to petition against than for any project, idea or cause. After all, that’s why most of us vote – to get or keep out those with whom we most disagree.

    There have been two comments at the petition since Labour’s demise.

    1. “Look what’s happened to Labour without Blair. You left wing ultra scum should be ashamed of yourselves letting the Tories back in!”
    2. “Although we need the government to work as a team every team requires a leader. Tony Blair when Prime Minister demonstrated the necessary leadership qualities.”


    As someone who thinks that Tony Blair was and still is a great leader, I’d like people to vote and think positively and sign the petition because it is supportive of Mr Blair, his leadership and his legacy.

    But ‘leadership’ is up for grabs in this new dawn. It is now a collective, better to spread the praise blame.

    Right now we have the contradictory though admittedly edifying vision of  the parties of variants of Individual Responsibility Engaging (IRE for short.)

    And so marches into Day Two or is it Three of the so-called ‘Con-Dem’ coalition of Conservatives & Lib Dems. (The likelihood of the ‘CON-DEM’ jibe is possibly one reason why Mr Cameron refers to it as ‘Liberal Conservative’.)

    Condemned by their own shortcomings?

    Perhaps Labour’s current shattered state and our new unforeseen Coalition Leadership of the Unlikely & Concerned Kingmakers (CLUCK) will alter our negativity and get us all into positive thinking. Perhaps.

    Meanwhile, in the absence of leadership, vision and direction – where now for the People’s Party?

    Q&A: How will the Lib-Con coalition work?

    First coalition cabinet today. The cat that got the cream. Nick Clegg, leader of the party that came third with ONLY 57 seats out of 650 total, is now Deputy Prime Minister.


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