Security Risks: David Cameron PM DENIES. Stephen Timms MP is STABBED

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    UPDATE, 18th May: Roshonara Choudhary charged with attempting to murder Labour MP

    14th May 2010

    In one of those curious happenstance juxtapositions, the new PM of Britain seemed not to notice that his position is not as it was last weekend, while another MP feels deeply, knows personally that his isn’t.

    David Cameron said, more or less – I want to sit in London’s traffic like the rest of the peopleI can work from the back of my car while Rome Britain burns. Aren’t I a man of them? The people, that is.

    This Is London – “He [Cameron] is happy to put up with the same type of driving conditions as everyone else.”

    So the happy snappers can snap away to their little hearts’ content. There is no danger to ANY of US in that Mr David Cameron, PM of the ConDems (and the Condemned?) thinks he is in no clear and present danger.  He’s obviously one of us and far too popular to be in any danger.  Remember his hero? T Blair? No-one ever wanted to kill him, did they? No. No-one at all. No, never (see here.)

    Anyway, what about the rest of us?  Those standing around, feeling oh-so-lucky to have spotted the new PM that we whip out our mobile phones. What about us? Are we loved and and protected too, encased in bomb- and bullet-proof safety?

    Nope. Ahh, but he’ll learn. Hopefully the easy way. Without wiping out too many voters.

    ‘Sitting Duck’ PM: Security fears as David Cameron gets trapped in traffic

    Excerpt (source here)

    “David Cameron has raised fears for his security by axing the police outriders who used to speed the prime ministerial car through traffic, the Evening Standard can reveal. He has decided that the Prime Minister should be prepared to sit in traffic jams like every other Londoner.

    It is understood that Mr Cameron’s decision has caused concern in Scotland Yard. Security chiefs are believed to have argued against it, pointing out the difficulties of protecting a VIP stuck in traffic in a stationary car.

    The situation is highlighted by our picture of the Prime Minister in his official bomb-proof Jaguar in a jam at Great Scotland Yard today.

    Coincidentally and with immaculate if unfortunate timing, the Former Labour minister Stephen Timms is in hospital after being stabbed.

    Police said Mr Timms, 54, was stabbed in the stomach at a constituency event in Newham, east London, but stressed his injuries were not life-threatening.

    A 21-year old woman has been arrested after the attack at about 1500 BST but police have not given further details about what happened.

    He was stabbed at the Beckton Globe Library, where he holds a regular constituency surgery.

    NOTE: Mr Timms is NOT an unpopular MP In fact he is the least unpopular IN THE COUNTRY, winning 70.4% of the vote. His 27,826 majority is the largest in the new House of Commons.


    THIS WEEK – Charges of death threats to Blair & Brown to “lie on file”.

    See – This is Lancashire and Times:  Ishaq Kanmi faces jail for soliciting murder and Telegraph: Al Qaeda in Britain leader who threatened Gordon Brown & Tony Blair pleads guilty

    “In one of the postings made in January 2008, Kanmi was said to have compiled a list of aims for the organisation, which included “the elimination of political leaders and top of the list Blair and Brown. As God said: ‘Kill the nonbelievers’.”


    Don’t think, Mr Cameron, that you are immune from this kind of hatred. You’re not. Not if you’re of any political consequence.

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    • 1. Telegraph on Timms attack
    • The present leader of the Labour party, Harriett Harman said: “One of the great strengths of the British political system is the every day accessibility of MPs to their constituents but we can’t have a situation where MPs are at risk. “Parliament needs to consider how best to ensure MPs can carry out their responsibilities safely.”
    • 2. Business Week – “Stephen Timms, who was U.K. chief secretary to the Treasury under Tony Blair, was hospitalized after being stabbed in his East London district.”
    • 3. Stephen Timms (Treasury Secretary until a few days ago)


    Indonesia: Let’s kill FREEDOM & democracy, starting with Obama

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    2 Responses to “Security Risks: David Cameron PM DENIES. Stephen Timms MP is STABBED”

    1. celia walters Says:

      Does he want to be the next Spencer Perceval because he David Cameron is going the right way about it in the way he’s acting. But if he thinks security isn’t too important for him I hope his spending cuts don’t include stopping Tony Blair’s security which Blair unfortunately needs.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        That’s one way to go down in history!

        He won’t cut Blair’s security costs, I’m sure. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if the Lib Dems called for such a cut. Nothing would please some of them more, if …

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