Eternal damnation & the annihilation of the swell (Labour) party

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    15th May 2010


    In one fell swoop or even swell foop, the Labour party seems to have disappeared.

    What a Swell party this is

    Oh yes I know Episode 2 of The Brothers is about to hit a screen near you.  And yes, I realise that the once favourite Lib Dem Uncle Vince Cable was actually keener on coalescing with Labour than with the (hated) Tories.

    But all I have so far heard or read in the future Labour leadership tip-toeing proves to me what I have always said from the start:

    the Labour party, as a political force, does NOT get what Blair (and even Brown more subtly) was all about.

    But SOME got it. David Cameron has performed his best Blairite move yet; possessing the middle ground. Boosted by the Lib Dems, to the Left, yes Left of Labour, Cameron’s position is to spread his little band of merry ConDems right across New Labour territory. So, taking the Tory bait as Cameron knew the Blairless wonders would, we have most of the expected Labour leadership contenders appealing to their core vote on the Old Labour Left.

    The Miliband David is not doing that, quite. Well, only in the way Brown didn’t do it; subtly. But his more instinctively left-aligned brother Ed will see to it that neither of them wins. Just to keep Mum mum.

    And so Labour may find itself with a Balls-up leadership.

    After the Labour party’s annihilation at, sorry, AFTER the election, a kind of quiet civil war seems to have broken out within its ranks. They’re going to have a de-briefing, a post-mortem even. So that’s all right then. They can pronounce that the rumour is true.

    New Labour… Labour… really is a dead parrot.


    Blair’s last words to his party at the conference in September 2006:

    Tony Blair speaks to his party conference in his last Leader's Speech, September 2006

    Tony Blair speaks to his party conference in his last Leader's Speech, September 2006

    “I don’t want to be the Labour Leader who won 3 successive elections. I want to be the first Labour Leader to win 3 successive elections.

    So, it’s up to you. You take my advice. You don’t take it. Your choice.

    Whatever you do, I’m always with you. Head and heart.

    You’ve given me all I have ever achieved, and all that we’ve achieved, together, for the country.

    Next year I won’t be making this speech. But, in the years to come, wherever I am, whatever I do, I’m with you.

    Wishing you well. Wanting you to win.

    You’re the future now.  Make the most of it.”

    Tony Blair's last address to Parliament, June 2007

    This seems to be the most they could make of it.

    And his last words to the country in the House of Commons, June 2007:

    “That is that. The end.”

    Seems he was right. Again.

    Go here for the rest of that speech:  ‘Last words to the country – June 2007, House of Commons’

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