OK. I DID tell you so… Blairless Labour lost it

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    17th May 2010

    Tweeted this post here – http://twitter.com/blairsupporter

    John Burton, Blair’s former agent: “After his farewell speech at Trimdon Labour Club in May, 2007, Tony told me he knew he would have been able to deal with Conservative leader David Cameron at the next General Election, but he didn’t believe Gordon would have it in him.”

    Have you been checking back here to see if I’ve said “I told you so”? It felt sort of surplus to requirements. And I’m not the gloating type.

    But I have noticed very few of our beloved press mentioning the missing factor in recent Labour party/government history. No mention of the unmentionable.  Wonder why?  So, to compensate for their omissions, and especially for Labour voters or Blair supporters (not mutually exclusive, nor necessarily the same thing)  –


    The Milibandians (David – ‘Blairite’ who is now moving on from NewLabour) of either MiliBRAND (Ed – ‘Brownite’ who wants to win back Blair voters!?) can go on all they like in their confused and confusing way about New Labour, Labour, Old Labour, Next Labour, Neo-New Labour, Progressive Labour, Labour Plus+Plus A Bit More etc.

    Ed Miliband - not the Blairite that his brother David is/was, conversely wants to reconnect with those who voted for Tony Blair. Those who were lost to AND by Gordon Brown. Confused? Them too.

    It won’t detract from my conviction that if Tony Blair had still been running things on his birthday, which just happened to be May 6th (and I DID warn Gordon), they would have been washing down the remainder of his 57th birthday cake with champagne on the evening of May 7th in Number 10 Downing Street.

    Instead, 57 Lib Dems are keeping the Cameroons & themselves in power, and washed-up Labour is washing down their party.

    So, in case you were on the moon last week and missed it, what happened in the general unelection?

    • Labour lost the election.
    • The Conservatives failed to win the election.
    • The Liberal Democrats did worse for seats (though less than 1% better for votes than they did in 2005, when Blair won despite the press-unpopular Iraq war fallout.)

    Then what happened?

    • Mr Cameron realised his minority government would collapse after a short time, because the Lib Dems & Labour would vote it down at some stage. (Yes, I did say the Lib Dems.)

    Then what happened?

    Cable, right, thinks: 'I don't agree with Nick'.

    Vince Cable, right, thinks: 'I don't agree with Nick'.

    Two former Lib Dem leaders, Paddy Ashdown and Charles Kennedy SAY 'I don't agree with you, Nick'

    Charles Kennedy says, pointedly, 'You're an unprincipled ba**ard, Nick'

    Back to where I was. The bit about not liking to tell you I TOLD you so –


    Examples from the last four years  of my know-it-all wisdom. I could write a book; probably have.

    And when personality issues were raise – emotional intelligence, temperament etc –

    When serious bullying allegations were mentioned

    I TOLD you, more than once-

    When the lack of intestinal fortitude in the Labour party was highlighted AGAIN, even this year –

    Even when others told you, you didn’t seem to take it seriously –

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  • I hate to go on, but there have been so many clues –

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  • May, 2009 – Blair on Brown & dealing with Cameron, & this from Blair’s constituency agent, John Burton –


    “On September 6, 2006, the headlines – about an acrimonious meeting between Blair and Brown over when Tony would step down – made grim reading. He was staring down the barrel of a shotgun, and the finger on the trigger was Gordon’s.

    Ten years of brooding had boiled over. His message was blunt: ‘Do as I say, or you’ll be bundled from office.’

    The next day, Tony announced he’d stand down within a year. Then, after all the threats and the shouting, Gordon and his allies got cold feet and denied plotting a coup.

    They had chipped away at Tony for years, but nothing matched this ridiculous behaviour – trying to oust a constitutionally elected Prime Minister. If it had happened in a Third World country, politicians worldwide would have condemned it.

    After his farewell speech at Trimdon Labour Club in May, 2007, Tony told me he knew he would have been able to deal with Conservative leader David Cameron at the next General Election, but he didn’t believe Gordon would have it in him.” (MY BOLDING)


    Excerpt: “New Labour was a reaction to the 1980s but it was trapped by the 1980s. Anyone who thinks that the future is about re-creating New Labour is wrong. I think we’ve got to use this period to decisively break with that. What I’m interested in is Next Labour.”

    FGS. Gimme a break.

    This video is from the YouTube Channel of Tom Harris MP (and proud Blairite, whatever THAT is/was.)

    Tom Harris’s blog – “And another thing…” (sounds like me.)


    By the way, shortly before the polls closed on May 6th, and NONE of us had seen the exit poll pointing to a hung parliament I re-ran this – Death of glue-less, clueless Labour & Wikipedia entry 2050


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