The ‘all things to all men’ ConDem leadership: CamClegg Morphed


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17th May 2010


They should have stopped at the 3rd incarnation (2nd from right). It looks most like the man they are mimicking.

Now where have I seen this potograph before? Oh, I know –

Before long Mr Blair’s picture and all the rest on the flight of stairs in Number 10, will be moved down. To be replaced by that of Mr Brown. I bet Mr Cameron can hardly wait.

I don’t care what Mr Cameron chooses to call himself, though I notice many Conservatives do. But I will continue to describe his coalition as the ‘ConDems‘, not the ‘Liberal Conservatives’  as he does. The latter is bad enough if you’re not one. But the former is more apt, given that we are being conned out of our democracy, left right and centre. [See David Davis, Tory MP and Melanie Phillips.]


With the leftwing  Will Hutton already enlisted, and Labour’s Frank Field dismissing his sign-up as ConDem “spin”, David Cameron’s Big Blairite tent seems to have ONE big name missing.

Now, I wonder? Any chance? Stranger things have happened.

On the other hand he could really shake things up, as I wondered here in February 2009 –  Is Tony Blair About To Launch a NEW Political Party?

Now that David Miliband, in an attempt to shake off recent differences at the top, has insisted that “The Blair-Brown era is over. New Labour is not new any more. New Labour did fantastic things for the country but what counts is next Labour” it is right now up to Cameron, Clegg and their merry band to carry on regardless with Blairism.

And they will. Mark my words.

‘NEXT’ Labour, with its intrinsic downplaying of the recent past, is bound to dress to the Left. And the Left is the place for losers in this country.


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One Response to “The ‘all things to all men’ ConDem leadership: CamClegg Morphed”

  1. James Says:

    You really took the time to put this site together?! What utter bollocks.

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