Two Eds, a David and the ignorant Sky-hi gang of ‘hanging’ commenters

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    23rd May 2010


    Sky reported after the Big Eds discovered their voices and consciences on Iraq.  David Miliband has urged Labour Party members not to make the Iraq war an issue in the leadership race, in response to his brother Ed’s and Ed Balls’ raising of it.

    Ed Balls was the first former cabinet minister to declare outright that it was “wrong”, while Ed Miliband said the decision had been “catastrophic” for Labour support.

    Their comments have been seen as attempts to distance themselves from the two other leading candidates – Andy Burnham and David Miliband – who both voted in favour of the war.

    It’s the comments that are most instructive. Here’s a sample:

    Mick of the MidlandsPosted by: Mick of the Midlands on May 22, 2010 4:01 PM

    Ed Miliband said we need to draw a line under this country going to war with Iraq,well there is only one way our country can purge itself of this disgrace and deceitful episode in our history.The egomaniac Blair and all those around him that carried out this treacherous act should be brought before an international court to answer for their catastrophic actions.Those that should stand beside Blair in the dock are Campbell,Goldsmith,Mandelson,Brown,Straw,Hoon to name just a few.
    These traitors should be made to pay a heavy price for their actions and if found guilty which they would lose forever their freedom.A small price to pay compared to the families of our Brave Service men and women who lost their lives.They will continue to mourn their loved ones for the rest of their lives.

    Posted by: tommyguns on May 22, 2010 3:56 PM

    they had a huge enquiry and nothing has come out of it ..blair makes millions , his eye if off a war he joined in with ,,hows about a petition to bring blair to the hague , he who turned catholic and decided to let 1million polish catholics in to the uk ..he thought he was a law to his own ,,time to bring blair to trial ..hang him like saddam

    HandsworthPosted by: Handsworth on May 22, 2010 9:09 AM

    At long last the truth is beginning to emerge about the Iraq War.
    This was was commenced to glorify Blair and to some extent his fellow consp[irator Brown and to place them on the Crown in the eyes of the Americans.
    It was quicklly seen that there were no weapons of mass destruction but then teflon Tony found many orther reasons for the invasion.
    Look at todays news 25 killed and 53 injured in Iraq. They must be very pleased abouit our involvement.
    However, having said that, it just shows these people now purtting forward their views were spineless and did nothing whatever about it. If they had hundreds of troops would still be alive and heaven knowns how many innocent civilians.
    This shows what we could have expectecd had Labour won the election.

    Thank goodness for Mallowe’s sensible and informed comment below. But he is in the minority. Most of the commenters show absolute ignorance of realpolitik. Of ANY kind of politics.

    MallowePosted by: Mallowe on May 22, 2010 8:23 AM

    The thing is, Mr. Blair had little choice but to go back to Iraq. Not only was fresh information available in relation to WMD, information that was eventually proved to be fetid, but we had to go back to finish off what John Major had walked away from. Saddam Hussein was a genicidal menace who eventually incurred the ultimate penalty.
    Ed Balls and Miliband have taken the myopic view taken by those who havent a clue. Simple really.

    • The first commenter thinks a political decision like this is “treachery”.
    • The second thinks we should hang Blair “like Saddam”. He seems not to know that we don’t hang ANY criminals, not even REAL war criminals, far less heroes like Tony Blair.
    • The third commenter seems to think that the ongoing suicide murders in Iraq (EVEN TODAY) have nothing to do with the suicide bombers who are doing it, but everything to do with Tony Blair, who has not been in power for THREE YEARS! FGS!  I’m losing the will to live.

    It’s time the press, who continue to allow this junkie “opinion” to be published, started to educate the ignorant. I for one have had enough of watching the press evidently using the ignorant and rabid to stir up more hatred personally against Tony Blair. It is seldom if ever pointed out that the war in Iraq was going ahead with or without Britain. And, as I mentioned above, that most of the deaths there are caused by local or near-local insurgents, not by westerners, troops or politicians.

    Is there the slightest chance we can bring “politics” or even “ethics” back into schools, so these ignorant, hanging nincompoops can learn a little?


    1. Martin Bright at the Spectator, like me, is not impressed by Next Newish Labour

    2. But to Miliband the Ed – “We’re all right”, says Neil Kinnock. He thinks Ed M has the ‘X’ factor. What!

    Yeah, right, Neil.

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    2 Responses to “Two Eds, a David and the ignorant Sky-hi gang of ‘hanging’ commenters”

    1. James Says:

      Hi, I just stumbled on your blog and I am very pleased to have found a like minded person who continues to support our former PM and to thank him for the good he did for our country.

      For me, having grown up under New Labour and come to political maturity during Blair’s time in office, he is without a doubt the PM I admire the most.

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