Brian Haw arrested: While inside the House the sanctimonious bellow about “freedoms”!!!

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    26th May 2010

    This made my day. Far more fun that the two-headed monster CamClegg

    Brian Haw has been camped opposite Parliament for NINE years. Today he was arrested, just as the sancimonious inside told us we were now much more free since Labour has been removed from power. Not that his removal from his tented "home" hasn't been tried before. The 'murderers of civil rights' (Labour, don't you know) have tried before. The law always came down on Haw's side. It surely will again.

    According to Iain Dale this was the doing of Hizzoner, aka Boris Johnson, London’s Tory mayor.

    Great stuff all this sanctimony, civil rights, freedom etc, isn’t it?

    Haw's "peace camp" opposite the Houses of Parliament for the last nine years. An eyesore and an embarassment to the rest of us. Not a demo. Demonstrations don't last for years.


    Brian Haw is thought to be one of two people arrested on suspicion of obstructing the police in Parliament Square at around 8am.

    An eyewitness reported seeing Mr Haw being forcibly detained and handcuffed by officers at a camp where he and other peace campaigners maintain a round-the-clock demonstration.

    Police with sniffer dogs moved in this morning to search the bedraggled collection of tents before the Queen arrived to announce the new Government’s plans.

    Mr Haw, a former carpenter, began his protest against British and US foreign policy in 2001 and is most widely known for his anti-war stance.

    Repeated attempts have been made by the authorities to move him but none has previously been successful.

    Westminster City Council attempted to prosecute him for causing an obstruction in late 2002 but failed, then MPs complained about his use of a loudhailer.

    It was even suggested that protests in the square could be used by terrorists as a staging area for attacks, or even the site of a potential attack.

    Perhaps partly because of his campaign, the law has been changed to bar would-be protesters from doing so without a licence.

    One operation to remove Mr Haw’s anti-war placards cost around £27,000.

    A spokeswoman for the Metropolitan Police said: “We have had two people arrested in Parliament Square on suspicion of obstructing police.”

    As I reminded the holier-than-most-of-them Simon Jenkins at the insane Guardian here – you couldn’t make it up.

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