Video – Gordon Brown’s retirement peerages

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    30th May 2010

  • Gordon Brown’s peerages to at Dissolution to Paisley, Prescott, Ian Blair, Michael Howard, John Reid, Des Browne, John Hutton, Sue Nye

    At around 4 mins, on Ian Paisley – “one of those seminal moments in Tony Blair’s premiership and indeed in the history of Northern Ireland and the history of the United Kingdom.”

    And don’t let’s ever forget it.

    You may have spotted one or two major omissions.

    Alastair Campbell? His book, it seems, reveals that he refused one

    The other – Tony Blair?

    I understand he did not want a peerage.  He has bigger fish to fry.

    Tony Blair did not hand out any peerages when he left office, influenced no doubt by the earlier public outcry on the cash-/loans-for honours nonsense.  Notable that the more recent scandal on MPs’ expenses hasn’t deterred Brown.


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