On CifWatch’s day off, try some ‘Easy Listening’. Watch Lauren Booth about “to vomit”

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    9th June 2010

    At CifWatch today there’s this, which links to these 5 reasons:

    5 Reasons The Guardian Has No Israel Coverage Today


    After days of overboard coverage and commentary in The Guardian, I found no Israel news there today. Nothing.

    5 Reasons The Guardian Has No Israel Coverage Today

    5. The paper exceeded Google regulations on the use of the words “Israel” and “occupation,” causing problematic SEO fluctuations for the Boycott Divestment and Sanctions movement.

    4. Actually, there was no news in the Mideast worth reporting.

    3. Seth Freedman’s take on the flotilla crashed the paper’s computer network.

    2. After telling a London rally she’d vomit if she saw Mark Regev’s name again, Lauren Booth trashed the newsroom after seeing this headline:

    Mark Regev, Israel’s master of public relations

    1. Chris McGreal’s auto-reply says they’re all sailing to Gaza on some Turkish boats.

    If you want to know what Lauren Booth, the sister-in-law of the Quartet’s Middle East Representative said, take a look at this:

    On 5th June 2010, Lauren Booth spoke yelled about the BBC & Israel at a London Protest organised by the Stop the War Coalition.

    Booth: “My first message to you today is don’t watch BBC News … don’t watch BBC News … don’t watch BBC News …. FINISHED! FINISHED! NO MORE. NO. No, no, no. BBC News you’re finished now. Because if I hear Mark Regev ONCE more I’m going to vomit.

    [What, dear sweet Lauren?! In the same way that Tony is probably ready to vomit when he hears you?]

    “Even for an Israeli killer Zionist that man is a liar (audience member echoes her –  ‘A LIAR’)  on the grand scale of liars.”

    Then referring to “the murder of civilians, she says, “the Israeli military is a murderous military that kills civilians. It does it in Gaza, it does it in the West Bank,  it does it in Malaya, it does it in Jerusalem and now it does it to us on the seas.”

    [Unlike murdering fundamentalist Islamists, who murder in EVERY country in the world.]

    “Are you going to put up with it?”

    “Israel is a pariah state … and we call for an end of all ties between Europe and Israel right now.”

    “And I’ll tell you one more thing – you want to know something? I don’t care about Israel’s security… [to the cheers of the gathered.] Because if you kill civilians you don’t deserve your security, Israel.”

    [You mean in the same way that we don’t securely lock up known terrorism inciters here in the west?]

    “Because I’ll tell you what, the world should take action and take up arms against Israel right now in revenge for this attack.”

    [She then tries to re-cast her stupid words, back inside her stupid mouth.]

    “By ‘arms’, let’s get it straight – we will march. Our arms are marching.” [I always thought legs marched.] ” Our arms are telling the politicians  – the arms we will use are our words and our deeds and our disgust at you, Israel.”

    [Quick thinking, girl wonder. Just as well English is flexible and “arms” has two meanings, isn’t it? I wonder how much will be lost in translation when you star on your regular slot on Iran’s Press TV?]

    The incited gathered all cheered in agreement when she asked, “Are you coming to Gaza or not?”




    Why are these Stop The War types so violent, with their imbecilic ranting and blatant lies?  I call it incitement to violence.

    Just found this video via Cif Watch on their day off. Tenacious, aren’t they?

    The One About Hamas

    nolaughingmattr — 08 June 2010 — After the furore over the Gaza flotilla, a satirical reminder of the true nature of Hamas, from No Laughing Matter.

    Stupid People

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    One Response to “On CifWatch’s day off, try some ‘Easy Listening’. Watch Lauren Booth about “to vomit””

    1. Watch Lauren Booth BRAINWASHING her own children. As does Hamas with the rest of us « Tony Blair Says:

      […] On CifWatch’s day off, try some ‘Easy Listening’. Watch Lauren Booth about “to vomit” […]

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