Female Egyptian lawyer says Arab men should sexually harass Israeli women!

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    18th June 2010

    A propos the previous post on the missing Mavi Marmara peace sisters, I think I just found them.  Or at least their spokeswoman.

    ‘Arab Men Should Sexually Harass Israeli Women As Resistance

    Note the question the male interviewer asked the IDIOT FEMALE LAWYER at around 40 seconds in. His concern? That Arab youth might be breaking some law!!!!!

    No chance said the IDIOT. Arab women are not protected in Arab countries from sexual harassment, the IDIOT points out, so Israeli women are fair game!!!!


    Why do we bother with such scum?

    Apologies for the punctuation, btw. This is just SO UNBELIEVABLE. This, peace-loving, left-leaning loonie ladies, THIS is what you support.



    From the Youtube channel:

    infolivetvenglish — 12 November 2008 — In this video provided by MEMRI (Middle East Media Research Institute), the Al-Arabiya News Channel informs the Arab World that an Egyptian lawyer believes that young Arab men should sexually harass Israeli woman at any time, in any place, using any means possible as a form of resistance against Israel. This sick and completely racist, sexist, and bigoted remark is just another sign of the horrible ignorance and backwardness which grips the Arab and Muslim world. 11/12/08

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    8 Responses to “Female Egyptian lawyer says Arab men should sexually harass Israeli women!”

    1. celia walters Says:

      what millennium are these Arabs/muslims living in

    2. DJ Solomon Says:

      This woman is absolutely disgusting. I hope some Arab men harass her.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        DJ Solomon,

        Trouble is, it’s not only this awful woman who think like that. Where are today’s western feminists? Nowhere. Confused. Even those of the 1960s are deaf, dumb and blind.

        It’s kind of tough defending Islamist fundamentalism with one eye and one ear covered. They end up talking out of one side of their stupid mouths.

        At least I assume it’s their mouths.

    3. little ole American Says:

      Recently there was an article on Egypt’s new law to strip Egyptian men of their citizenship and forbid them to own property, if they are married to an Israeli woman. Egypt seems to be bowing to their brothers of Sharia Law. This is a huge step backwards for humanity and peace in the region. I, too wonder where the feminists are, where the human rights activists are. When they are faced with REAL racism, with REAL abuse, they haven’t a clue what to do or say.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        @ little ole,

        Right now, and for the first time, I am reading Melanie Phillips’s ‘Londonistan’. It was first published in May 2006, just before Tony Blair was turned upon by his own because, or so they say, he didn’t criticise Israel over Lebanon(!) He left office about a year later. The very idea that a democratically elected leader should be turfed out of office by littlies with an agenda which says that we are all equal even when the behaviour, actions and aims of some of us show that we’re not is looked at in Londonistan. I have, co-incidentally raised the same issues here as he has here on many occasions.

        The book is SOME read, and comes highly recommended. I will be using bits in future posts, even though – ESPECIALLY because the liberal intelligentsia here in Britain refer to her as ‘Mad Mel’.

        The denial and conflict of values is one of the reasons for the silence of today’s ‘feminists’. By any sensible reasoning they should be up in arms over these injustices in the rest of the world. They are clearly far too introverted and parochially-minded for that.

    4. DJ Solomon Says:

      They’d rather condemn Israel though the Jewish State is the only country in the region that actually accords its citizens any measure of human rights. The funny thing is the feminists, gay activists, civil libertarians, et al, usually support the Palestinians against the only power that actually believes in what they want.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        @ DJ Solomon,

        Personally I hold the press primarily responsible for this utter moral confusion. They are almost completely pro-the Palestinian ’cause’ (whatever THAT is) and very anti-Israel. It is more complex than just that, of course. And, as I say in my response to another commenter Melanie Phillips has a fantastic analysis of why Britain is so blind to reality in her book ‘Londonistan’. If you haven’t read it, please do, and if you have a website let people know. I have just started to read the book, about a third way through, but I am very impressed by the wealth of evidence to support her case.

        Even if only in a small way, we need to get the TRUE facts and information out there. The Guardian won’t help the truth be known. They invariably censor out of their CIF pages ANY comment in support of Israel and any comment questioning what is behind the “pro-Palestinian” position.

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