Video History of Israel, ‘Palestine’ & Turkey. Just so you know.

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    18th June 2010

    There was no Arab state or nation called Palestine in the Middle East in 1948. Or ever. There was no “Palestinian” nation that the Jews could steal. Or “occupy”. For four hundred years until World War 1 the Middle East was ruled by the Turks. There was no Palestine, no Jordan, no Lebanon, no Syria and no Iraq. They were all created by the European powers out of the ruins of the Turkish Empire. The Jews have lived continuously in Palestine for 3,700 years.’

    [It is suggested at the start to pause and restart if the script runs too quickly for you to take it all in. A good suggestion. You may need time to understand just how much you have been misled lied to.]

    What Really Happened In The Middle East

    The historical references in the video to the Turkish empire might have some resonance to recent events on the Gaza flotilla where Turks, reportedly members of IHH, were killed by Israeli soldiers, after they, reportedly, attacked the soldiers.

    In the ancient homeland of the Jews the present Israeli “blockade” agreement needs to be monitored internationally. This presence should be there until at least the next general election in Gaza.

    The Turkey reference also suggests why, until very recently Tony Blair repeatedly called for Turkey’s membership of the EU. I do not presently know his position on that. It may have changed, but I think that is unlikely. It is clear that a diplomatic superman will be needed to bring these accepted ‘truths’ about the history of the Palestinian peoples and the Jewish people into something approaching a coherent REAL truth without raising the temperature even more.

    If Mr Blair, and/or others can achieve this, showing an acceptable way forward for ALL will be the next step.

    And that will be a harder task by far than simply breaking blockades on Gaza.

    FROM the YouTube Channel showing this video: 

    media12312345 — 28 June 2007 — The Terrorism Awareness Project has released a powerful 10-minute documentary about the origins and continuing causes of the Arab-Israeli conflict.…

    The Terrorism Awareness Project is a program of the David Horowitz Freedom Center, which publishes FrontPage Magazine, an online journal of news and political commentary.…

    Based on the pamphlet, “Why Israel Is The Victim” by David Horowitz

    Sources for the quotes and facts contained in this presentation can be obtained from the David Horowitz Freedom Center at

    What Really Happened In The Middle East is the third video in a series that has been produced and developed by the Freedom Center. The Islamic Mein Kampf and What Every American Needs to Know About Jihad were issued earlier this year and have been distributed to more than two and a half million individuals. All three are available for downloading at

    NOTE from Blair Supporter: I don’t always watch all the way through every video I view online. Life is short. I can usually get its message right at the start.

    I watched ALL of this 10 minute history of Israel, “Palestine” and the Middle East. As should you, if you want to know the REAL truth.

    H’t  for this video – this YouTube Channel – Mugged by Reality



    ‘Turkey was once one of the nations of the world closest to Israel. But with the Erdogan regime working hard to destroy Turkish secularism and reimpose Sharia, that relationship had to end. “Turkey to cut ‘all ties’ with Israel,” from PressTV, June 17.’

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