Arrest George Galloway for inciting and threatening murder of 10,000 British citizens

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    28th June 2010

    UPDATE: 17th January 2011

    Latest upload of this video follows. Earlier clips mentioned were removed.



    Report Galloway online to the MET Police here

    George Galloway threatens the British (56 seconds)

    Retitled –

    George Galloway threatens “10,000 dead bodies”

    [UPDATE: With reference to my next paragraph, found it uploaded again.]

    But don’t panic! Just as I was about to publish this I noticed that the video has now been removed “due to a copyright claim by Adrian Cousins.” So WHO is Mr Cousins? The one who thinks it was fine to upload this and title it “George Galloway threatens the British”? Who is this fool? There is an Adrian Cousins at Facebook – linking to CounterFire. (This is the Counterfire website.) Although Mr Cousins has decided his video with Galloway calling for Death to 10,000 should no longer be viewable, he kindly allows viewers to see this one here.

    The “Galloway Exposed” youtube channel still has the DEATH to 10,000 video. Download it if you can, just in case this upload is removed.


    Click to read about the NUT banner

    Whether Galloway’s “dead bodies” are supposed to be those of non-Muslims or Muslims is immaterial. Galloway is threatening the deaths of thousands on the streets of London. This man, insane or not, is inciting racial hatred AND, by his reference to hijabs and beards, religious hatred.

    I have news for him and his cronies.

    We have laws against that. That’s what comes of living in a law-abiding state.

    The name at the top left of this video is Check out who contributes to this site.

    The last think I am ever likely to do – well no, the last thing would be to stand or fall for freedom and democracy – but almost the last thing, would be to vote for the BNP.  I am no racist.

    But an incoming link from a BNP supporting site brought this to my attention.  I know some will criticise even mentioning or linking to such a site. But falling for the divide-and-rule policy of some has its limits, imho. And this video is the limit.

    This video is very, VERY important.

    George Galloway says (my bolding):

    “And lastly to the EDL [English Democracy League], take a look around you,  boys. Take a look around you at this crowd.  If you dare touch a hijab on a Muslim woman’s head[cheers and increasing voluminous bellows from the ranters] if you dare  – if you dare – if you dare turn(?) a hair on the beard of a Muslim man in Tower Hamlets [more cheers from the half-insane ranters]you will have to fight your way through 10,000 dead bodies first. Thank you very much indeed [more cheers from GG’s roused associates and presumably would-be fellow murderers] ??? – [indiscernible, but does not sound like English.]

    Pardon, Galloway? 10,000 dead bodies? Whose?

    The other speaker then says –

    “This is why I believe that we should be brave enough to come and I said to you before that it’s not up to the police to decide when we march, where we march and how we march – [indiscernible]

    Sorry, mate! IT IS UP TO THE POLICE. Get that into your thick skull or get out of this country and rant your insurrection where it’s treated as it deserves to be – Iran, for instance.

    The Islamic Repubic of Iran

    See here (journalist against the Iranian state) and here – (criminals hanged) and here – (hanged for being gay), and here – (hanged for killing her husband after years of abuse). (22 year-old Delara Darabi was executed, May 2009 by Iran and for a crime it is said she didn’t commit.

    She confessed to this crime only to protect her boyfriend, both believing she would not be convicted because at 17  she would have been under age. WHY did they assume that? Iran, above all other so-called democratically elected, so-called governments in this world, has a long, disgraceful record of hanging children for “offences”.

    This, THIS is what Galloway clearly thinks is quite the thing.


    The video at the top opens for only an instant on the profile of a caucasian man. Apart from Galloway, his is the only white face you are likely to spot in this group; the rest are Asian.  Is that man content to be associated with this crowd of extremists, screaming for the MURDER of his own countrymen? Compare this to the video of the One Vote For All gathering on the same day here:


    In the top video here (go and have another quick reminder) at 0.07 seconds into the 56 second video NOTE the NUT banner.

    The NUT is the National Union of Teachers. Of TEACHERS!!! I used to be a member of that organisation, FGS! And now it is flying the flag of those in favour of Sharia Law. Those whose British-born spokesman threatens to kill “10,000” British citizens.


    They have no place in a free society. Except behind bars.

    The poster in the background “Celebrate Our Diversity” is a fig-leaf for Islamist fundamentalist separatism. This is NOT celebrating. This is incitement to kill. CLEARLY. There can be no argument.

    What are the Police going to do about Galloway and his ranting? I suggest –


    His associate in this video should also be charged with insurrection and incitement. He is of the opinion that they do not have to listen to the Police. They do have to listen. As did the One Law For All group on this very day. As did the EDL on that very day – and were arrested, seemingly, for just turning up. My understanding is that in order to demonstrate any group needs to apply for permission to the Police a week or more in advance of the event. If I am right, why were Galloway’s group of Sharia Law fans fanatics permitted to crash the One Law For All  (perfectly peaceful) campaign, MILES away from THIS lot’s original east-end demo?


    One Law For All: Shariah – Muslims Against Crusades

    ‘Muslims Against Crusades’? What crusades? If there had ever been a ‘crusade’ in recent years, and some might say there should have been, this lot would be no more. This is from this group’s channel Call 2 Islam. Peaceful-looking bunch, aren’t they?

    Since the EDL people who turned up at One Law for All’s demo arrived uninvited they were bundled into Police vans because they ‘didn’t have a permit to demonstrate’.


    Did the pro-Sharia law group, those who turned up to counter the legal and permitted ‘One Law for ALL’ group have a permit? It certainly looks as though they, who had earlier demonstrated with Galloway in East London presumably then under police permit,  turned up opposite Downing Street regardless of this little nicety. If they did not have a permit, WHY were they not arrested too?


    If so, you’re right. These people seem to have a thing about the number 10,000. Is it in the koran? A version of feeding the 5,000 –  killing the 10,000?

    Do you remember this idiot – Lord Ahmed?

    He it was who threatened to “mobilise ten thousand Muslims” if Geert Wilders was allowed into Britain. The government succumbed to the threat.  They clamped down on free speech (as long as it came from those who love and support FREE speech!) and prevented Wilders from entering Britain.  Since then Wilders has been highly successful in the Dutch general election. But don’t let that worry you, little jihadist caliphaters, he is also standing trial for inciting against the inciters!! (Trial to resume in October 2010).

    What a stupid, crazily upside-down, self-destructive world.

    Quote from Cranmer here: “Lord Ahmed is not functioning as a Labour peer; he is the self-appointed khalifa of all things Islamic. He is not concerned to protect freedom of expression or freedom of speech, but to stifle debate and ensure that Parliament submits to the Dar Al-Islam.”

    He and TEN thousand others, it would seem.

    More from this site on the pleasant individual “Lord” Ahmed:

    You can report Galloway online to the MET Police here

    Of course we know the Police and the government already know all about last Sunday’s disgraceful events opposite Downing Street. How could they not?  But for some reason –  fear of civil unrest –  they prefer to be intimidated.

    What will the new government the ConDems do about them? CONDEMN them? Yeah, right.

    A REMINDER FOR THE CON/DEM GOVERNMENT (in case Cameron & Clegg failed to notice, like the press)

    Last week I reported on the One Vote For All march in Whitehall – Sharia Law – One Law For ALL demo hi-jacked. Press fail to notice. I mentioned there that this demo had been hijacked by a group of Muslims who just happened to be demonstrating in another part of London earlier in the day. I mentioned then that this second group then crashed the One Vote for All Campaign march which had been, and remained despite screeching, ranting provocation from mad Islamists, perfectly peaceful.

    The press did not cover any of this, not even the peaceful side (One Law For All)


    Crimes can be reported ONLINE here. It took a little bit of digging to find this page, and for a while I wondered if this facility had been deleted.  Telephone numbers are also provided.  Go here to see the numbers you can ring.

    At the MET’S ‘Reporting Crime’ page are provided the usual 999 number if a crime is happening “NOW”. It also says this:

    Non-emergency contact number

    If you wish to contact the Metropolitan Police Service and it is not an emergency please call 0300 123 1212.

    It then links to this information on the non-emergency contact number

    “Unless it’s an emergency, call the Metropolitan Police Service on 0300 123 1212.

    You now only need to know two numbers to contact the Metropolitan Police:

    In an emergency always call 999

    An emergency is when a crime is happening, someone suspected of a crime is nearby, someone is injured, being threatened or in danger.”

    So, let us get this clear, please. Just for those of us who want to inform the Police.

    Is it an emergency or a non-emergency when George Galloway threatens death to 10,000?

    Your guess, like the Police’s and the present government’s, is as good as mine. Just do it this way – online –

    Report Galloway online to the MET Police here

    You might also find this interesting –

    At ‘MET POLICE CAREERS’ Martin Tiplady, Director of Human Resources apologises for the new (ConDem government?) policy.

    “Two to three years” he says,  before new police officers can be recruited.  What? Is that David Cameron’s way of protecting the public from the rabid?



    Report Galloway online to the MET Police here


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    10 Responses to “Arrest George Galloway for inciting and threatening murder of 10,000 British citizens”

    1. ‘One Law for All’ campaign, report: Sharia Law is a threat to Human Rights « Tony Blair Says:

      […] ago, was gatecrashed by a pro-Sharia Law group, as I  mentioned here (press failure to notice) and here (police failure to act against Galloway’s murder of 10,000 […]

    2. Neutering nutcase terrorism. It’s a giggle really. No, really. « Tony Blair Says:

      […] already DO the last one, and reward them for it (as here – Galloway is NOT yet under arrest, as far as I am […]

    3. John Clarke Says:

      I find it a little ‘odd’ that Galloway says nothing about the ban on building mosques in his beloved CUBA – LOL

    4. The Wilders Round-Up, July 10th 2010 « Defend Geert Wilders Says:

      […] Tony Blair – Arrest George Galloway for inciting and threatening murder of 10,000 British citizens […]

    5. John Clarke Says:

      “Casa de los Árabes”
      Cuba’s Muslims usually pray in their homes since there is no Mosque in Havana and the state does not allow the construction of mosques. Though former President Fidel Castro was reported to have promised to build a mosque for his country’s Muslims, according to members of the Humanitarian Aid Foundation (İHH) who visited Cuba[5] The only prayers performed in public are the Friday Prayers that are conducted in a place known as Casa de los Árabes (“The Arab House”) in old Havana. The Arab House belonged to a wealthy Arab immigrant who lived in Cuba during the 1940s, and it was built on Andalusian architectural designs. The House encompasses an Arabic museum, an Arabic restaurant, and the place is used by Muslim diplomats for Friday Prayers. Qatar donated US$ 40,000 for the remodeling of the House, but it is only opened for Friday Prayers, but Cuban Muslims are not allow to use the facilities, which are only reserved for non Cuban muslims: tourists and diplomatics.[6]

      from wicki you liars

    6. Mandy’s ‘friends’ turn out for memoir book-signing « Tony Blair Says:

      […] addressing HIS natural constituency – threatened 10,000 dead bodies on the streets of London. Galloway in London recently, threatening “10,000 dead bodies on the streets” RECENT POSTS […]

    7. andrew wang Says:

      Islam is cancer of UK and Europe.

    8. Tom Says:

      counterfire issued false DMCA complaints against the channel exposing Galloway and the channel got removed by youtube

      however most of the videos are still online on a backup channel:

      we should all download them in case this channel gets removed as well. this way we can reupload them on youtube and on other video sites

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Thank you. Tom. I have now added this video to the top of the post. This is the “10,000 dead bodies” video. The one that keeps disappearing off YouTube. Readers should download it, if they can, in case it’s removed again. I already have.

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