Neutering nutcase terrorism. It’s a giggle really. No, really.

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    1st July 2010

    UPDATE: Sweden charges 2 with attack on cartoonist’s home. ‘STOCKHOLM — A Swedish prosecutor has charged two men with arson for the attempted attack on the home of an artist whose cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad infuriated some Muslims. The Swedish artist has faced threats because of his cartoons, and U.S. investigators say he was the target of a murder plot.’

    “Ridicule is a weapon against terrorism”

    So wrote Jamie Bartlett and Richard Reeves at the FT.

    Now, what kind of ridicule would that be?

    The kind that got, and still gets Danish cartoonist Kurt Westergaard death threats?

    Or did they mean this kind of ridicule?

    The kind that results in death threats to any “insulters”? And to anyone associated with such insulters?

    Or did they mean the kind of ridiculous cartoon which actually got a two-year jail sentence for the young female cartoonist –

    She was arrested in June 1997, a month after Tony Blair came to power – and, as WE ALL KNOW, he started the poor hurt fundamentalists off on one! AS WE ALL KNOW. (Disregard the time non-sequence. Feel the victimhood. That’s the important bit.)

    And by whom was Tatania Sushkin arrested, tried and imprisoned? You may find this hard to believe – BY ISRAEL.

    This young Russian immigrant was, it would seem a sacrificial lamb in the midst of a then hopeful ‘peace process’. Israel succumbed to international pressure to keep peace with revenge-seeking Muslims, who by then couldn’t even – yet –  blame GW  Bush or T Blair for their state of perpetual insult. (Described here as the first cartoon war victim.) Excerpt:

    Not many of us realize that The Jyllands-Posten Cartoonists were not the first victims of the cartoon war between the Western Democracies and Islam. A young Israeli citizen, Tatiana Sushkin, an immigrant from the former Soviet Union, was arrested in June 1997 by the Israeli police for trying to attach one of her drawings, which depicted Muhammad as a pig on one of the Hebron shops.

    Or perhaps the Demos writers were looking for a more serious, “critical” approach.  Perhaps they meant the kind of critical analysis that puts FREEDOM-loving democratically elected European politicians on TRIAL?

    … with a death threat or several thousand thrown in to add to the flavour.

    Or perhaps it’s really this kind of fundamental, irrational, medieval-minded, laugh-a-minute stuff  against artists. (Mostly politically left-leaning, as artists tend to be. But hey! A left-leaning decapitated head is as good as any to Gigglers United.)

    Before their heads are removed, after repeated death threats (sorry to be so repetitive, but you know what they say about jokes – the old ones are the best) they can provide fodder for the brainwashed and already subservient west.

    No, far better to do as the Demos writers are doing and downplay it all. Like Gordon did –

    Then, miracle of miracles the problem will just vanish in a puff of white smoke.

    Yeah, right. As it did for Brown.

    Now let’s see how the present government deals with this.

    There may be a teensy-weensy chance that these dullards might eventually notice the causal link, as did Mr Blair.

    “This terrorism isn’t our fault. We didn’t cause it. It’s not the consequence of foreign policy. “It is an attack on our way of life. It is global. It has an ideology.

    “We will not win until we shake ourselves free of the wretched capitulation to the propaganda of the enemy that somehow we are the ones responsible.”

    [Tony Blair, September 2006. Last leader’s speech to party conference.]

    Mr Brown thought, like Mr Obama thinks, that it is better to ignore those kinds of historical truths.

    But, hey! There’s hope! Hague and even foxy Fox are trying to find their way to the Road to Damascus.

    More of that in a later post.


    To summarise:  the Demos writers suggest, in mind-boggling naivety –

    1. Demystify terrorism and terrorists as boring.

    2. Expose Al Qaeda ideology as thin and unable to withstand criticism.

    3. Western governments should welcome non-violent forms of radicalism.

    We already DO the last one, and reward them for it (as here – Galloway is NOT yet under arrest, as far as I am aware.)

    We’ve already had a go at the second one – it hasn’t worked.

    And we’re so bored with the first one that we think they too might be becoming equally yawn-faced.

    ‘Fraid not.

    Jamie Bartlett is head of the Extremism and Violence Programme at Demos and co-author of The Edge of Violence, published today. Richard Reeves is director of Demos

    Demos – the organisation ‘believed to have influenced Tony Blair’s thinking’ has Ed Miliband on the front page right now. Just as his brother – (what a pair of wallies and they’re the ‘best’ on offer!)  – tells the New Statesman … NEW STATESMAN … hah! – that he now seems to wish to persuade us that he was not really a Blairite after all. Oh, and that he just loves coalition government.

    Oh, FGS.

    Gimme strength!

    To his credit Jamie Bartlett has an article today on the “EDL: fact and fiction”.  Excerpt follows –

    “Yes the rise of far-right movements is worrying (the EDL rejects that label), but it is no al-Qaeda. It does not seek to murder innocent civilians as strategy. It does not seek to undertake terrorist attacks in public places to create maximum publicity and damage. It is not part of an international terrorist group which – according to intelligence – is seeking nuclear and biological weapons. It does not seek to destroy Western democracies.”

    In comparison to laugh-a-minute Al Qaeda/Taliban/Islamist fundamentalism/terrorism, Mr Bartlett?

    With today’s analysis on the EDL from Mr Bartlett, I have more sympathy.

    But we WILL pay, until and unless we confront these people and defeat them.

    The idea that ridicule will do it is a cop-out and has been proven wrong-headed over and over and over.

    Their history of hatred against the western way of life did not begin with 9/11, or the Iraq war, or even with George Bush Senior. It has been growing for decades. (See ‘Rise of Islamist Terrorism’ excerpts.)

    Funny, eh?

    Funny we didn’t notice.

    We must have been having a laugh at the time.

    When the day comes that just ONE BRITISH newspaper has the guts, balance and responsibility to publish these or similar cartoons and the pictures of the responses they elicited, I’ll start to take political thinktanks, British political journalism and even politicians seriously.

    Until then, it’s all a bit of  a giggle, really.

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    2 Responses to “Neutering nutcase terrorism. It’s a giggle really. No, really.”

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    2. vincent watson Says:

      very interesting and hilarious.

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