Videos: 1. Lahore suicide bombs; 2. WHY these people are EX-Muslims

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    1st July 2010

    So much to write, so little time.

    I was in the middle of putting together something on the video below from former Muslims, when the report from Lahore, Pakistan came into the BBC News 24. I waited and watched, while the Beeb’s sharp broadcasting journalists tut-tutted about the timing of these three suicide blasts and the fact that June had been a quiet month – and that Pakistan’s security people and politicians had been congratulating themselves for this –  and I waited…

    Pakistani security officials examine the site of suicide bomb attacks at the Saint Syed Ali bin Osman Al-Hajvery shrine

    … And waited. Neither of the journalists, the man on the spot (BBC report & video here) or the woman in the London studio mentioned the obvious question –

    WHO did it?

    Oh, yes, we know it would have been some Muslim group, but which one? Which group would suicide-bomb its own people, purportedly of its own religion? Until we know more about these factions and their agendas AND and what they are after, how on earth are we supposed to raise our fire from western politicians and go for the real bastards in our midst?

    • The Guardian mentions it here, but no WHO?
    • AFP hints at it here – “Pakistan has been hit by a wave of deadly attacks carried out by the Taliban and other Al-Qaeda-linked Islamist extremists” while reminding readers that “Taliban and Al-Qaeda-linked militants have orchestrated the three-year bombing campaign in Pakistan to avenge military operations and the government’s alliance with the United States over the war in neighbouring Afghanistan.”
    • Pakistan’s ‘Dawn’ says that “There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the bombings.”

    Just as well we have a poodle – or two –  sorry – principled Tory politicians looking after Defence and Foreign Policy now, isn’t it? (Watch one of them here)

    Now where was I, before those pesky western-driven suiciders interrupted my flow?


    Oh, yes – Former Muslims United with Jay Sekulow 1/3 (9:39)

    (I give up. Like most of my countrymen and women. Just watch the bloody thing.)

    Founders of Former Muslims United speak about apostasy with the Chief Counsel of the American Center for Law & Justice, Jay Sekulow.

    Visit –

    H/t Former Muslims United


    P.S.  – BBC

    Great fun.  Sorry, I meant sickening.

    On the 10:00pm news tonight John Simpson is NOW trying to warn us against giving up in Afghanistan.

    After all these years of yelping and bemoaning that we were losing there and it was probably a mis-adventure too far, perhaps even wrong, (as was Iraq of course) his tune’s changed. Now that he seems to think that the west might actually LOSE, he’s jumping onboard.

    The BBC’s journalists make me puke. Honestly. They do.

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