Cif Watching: Guardian Censorship Vs Free Speech. No contest.

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    3rd July 2010

    Cif Moderators are Double Deleting me now! I must have scored.

    The Guardian’s anti-Israel/ anti-truth Propaganda War

    Jasbir Puar. A professor. A Guardian contributor.

    An article at The Guardian’s Cif Treasure House, by Jasbir Puar, scrapes the dregs of a very deep and dirty barrel. As do its moderators.  In this freedom loving reservoir for looney leftists and ‘freedom’ yelling anarchists (whichever comes first), they are putting the lid on freedom of speech and information AGAIN, as is their wont.

    See a recent Cif Watch post here. If you don’t already know, Cif Watch has dozens of posts titled “Why was this deleted?”

    Here’s another to add to Cif Watch ‘s growing list.

    The derisory Guardian Cif article which saw fit to delete my comment and any trace of it is titled –

    ‘Israel’s gay propaganda war’

    Its desperately telling subheading

    ‘In portraying itself as the only gay-friendly country in a homophobic region the Israeli state reveals its own desperation’

    But those anti-Israel propaganda LIES are the high points. From that height depth it dives even more ferociously downwards. It soon hits almost  insane rantings of ignorance and prejudice, as is the Guardian’s wont.

    In summary (because I know you can’t be bothered looking) Ms Puar’s article seems to think it has some sort of point to make in its ‘news’ that “Israel now has a ‘PinkWashing’ policy”. (That, for the uninitiated, means that Israel is letting it be known that Israel looks after gays.)

    Yeah, it’s a democracy, I hear you murmur. Strange things happen in democracies. For instance, we Brits let it be known that we let a thousand flowers bloom in our freedom-loving democracy. Even when they are weeds that spread like deadly nightshade.

    Goodness! We even put up with an ever-growing stream of weirdos writing at The Guardian.

    Yes, I know, I know. Things are getting kinda tough for the anti-Israel lowlife who hang out at The Big G.  After all since TONY BLAIR – YES,  TONY BLAIR was instrumental in helping ease the blockade AND since Netanyahu has said he will release 1000 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for ONE Israeli (soldier) prisoner (seems a fair enough quid-pro-quo to me) they haven’t got much to squeal about in Guardianisto Fairyland.

    And since he has received his latest award, even some in the rightwing press – Telegraph – are having kittens. Despite his Gaza work being appreciated by Foreign Secretary William Hague and the present government.

    I mean – How COULD the rest of the world be so dumb? The whole rest-of-the-world are clearly driving on the wrong motorway carriage in the wrong direction!



    Still, perhaps I was rather rude. Noticing that the Cif article informed the reading multitudes that it would close after 24 hours I commented thus:

    Ms Puar,

    Do you HAVE to keep this Cif thing open for 24 hours?

    FGS. What junk!

    The comment appeared on the site, and a short time later, I posted another one.



    1 Jul 2010, 5:40PM

    Btw, when is this Puar person or any of her freedom-loving co-“thinkers” in the British press, going to publish the truth on the enemies of Israel – (and the rest of us, as it happens)?

    A cartoon or two? A picture or several of the reaction to a cartoon or two?


    It’s not that difficult. See here.


    As you can see if you click it, that ‘See here’ link goes here – Neutering nutcase terrorism. It’s a giggle really. No, really.

    When I returned shortly afterwards my second comment had been deleted by a moderator. I mean COMPLETELY deleted. Not even a “has been deleted” comment by the moderating boys and girls!

    Awww, shucks! They didn’t want their poor innocent, ignorant readers to see the cartoons. No sense of humour, the little Cifers. None at all.

    But evidence of the existence of the first comment (‘comment deleted’) was still there.

    By the end of the evening I noticed that both comments had been COMPLETELY deleted.

    No “comment deleted” any more on the first one. NOTHING AT ALL where the second one had been.

    All gone – shush! Just like that.

    So clearly I touched a nerve. The CIF readers might have noticed the truth! That Islamists and even many “fundamentalist” Muslims are stark staring bonkers EVIL.

    If it was YOUR decision to delete both comments, Jasbir Puar, and not that of the usual suspects – the mods at Cif – it is pathetic. And it gets you a mention here. Think what you could have avoided if you or your moderators were up to facing the truth.

    Read article. Note the comments that WERE allowed to remain at the bastion of “Free Speech” that is today’s Guardian opining pages

    Anyway, I screensaved my second comment before it disappeared.


    WHO IS Professor Puar?

    “Jasbir Puar is associate professor of women’s and gender studies at Rutgers University. She is the author of Terrorist Assemblages: Homonationalism in Queer Times, which won the 2007 Cultural Studies Book Award from the association for Asian American studies.”


    FOOTNOTE: Of course, there is a chance that the decision to censor was taken at a higher paylevel than the moderators of their contributors. It IS  the British press, after all.  Like the rest of the British establishment it doesn’t want to tell us the truth about the virulence of the Mohamed cartoon complainers.

    Anyway, they might come after them, if they did tell us.  Can’t have that now, can we they?

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    3 Responses to “Cif Watching: Guardian Censorship Vs Free Speech. No contest.”

    1. Jim Mortoza Says:

      I tried to post my comments on the 15th of August 2010 in response to Damien Greens comments about immigration policies and I was shocked to see it get censored and removed because I tried to point out that what was being stated and actually being done was inconsistent. I am appalled our democracy has become as fragile as the ones we read about in places like China, North Korean, and Iran that an item not deemed palatablly will be censored.

      I had written about the fact that the UKBA on the 4th of August loosed up immigration rules for persons who have Indefinite Leave to Enter but have gone on insisting in deference to the law to apply this rule to those who are the children of British citizens and who have the right of abode. These persons under the law are not suppose to be under immigration control while those who have ILE are. ILE Persons who have expired passports can evidence their ongoing right to work even though they are under immigration control and section 15 of the 2006 act does apply, while those who have the right of abode and are not under immigration control because of their descent from a British citizen are not and yet the policies applied are upside down. I first raised my concerns about this over 10 months ago and have written to the UKBA and politicians about this and now my comments are being censored such as on the blue blog much to my surprise. Now we have entered a phase where anything deemed to be sensitive is to be hidden from the public. What sort of a democracy do we live in ?

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Mr Mortoza,

        Apologies for this. It was none of my doing. Unless it somehow slipped through the net or was put into the spam box – it does so automatically if there are too many links, but I don;t think this applied in your case – I really do not think I received it.

        But I do monitor all comments and keep out the bloodthirsty types, which your obviously isn’t.

        Again, apologies. You raise serious issues.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Mr Mortoza,


        Have I misunderstood you? Was your comment sent to the Comment is Free site at The Guardian, and not mine? NOTHING but nothing surprises me about Cif. Its brains have been thoroughly washed, thus my post above.

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