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    7th July 2010

    UPDATE:  Hey! Guess which politician DID remember 7/7?

    Oborne – YOU make us ashamed and SICK. Violently so.

    The judicial investigation into alleged torture cover-ups is clearly FAR more important to Oborne than either the Sangin announcement or the 7/7 anniversary. This is his offering today –

    “Even if it shames Britain, this torture inquiry must reveal the truth (especially about Tony Blair Peter Oborne)” [confession – that was MY scorethrough and name substitution]

    Oborne rambles on in his omniscience: “… the Secret Intelligence Service lost its integrity as British spies collaborated in Tony Blair’s fraudulent conspiracy to convince the British public that Saddam Hussein possessed ‘weapons of mass destruction’ that posed a grave threat to Britain and the world.”

    I’m not linking to his disgraceful opine-piece at this junk viewspaper the Daily Maul. They don’t deserve it.  Suffice it to say that if a Conservative PM had made the wartime decisions that Blair made  – whatEVER they were – we’d be hearing no such noises from hearts that bleed (phrase temporarily borrowed from Melanie Phillips in her eye-opening ‘Londonistan’ book.)

    We went to bed last night with the news on the government’s decision to pull our troops out of Sangin and hand it over to the Americans.  Handing over to American control had been on the previous government’s plans too. But early withdrawal? I am not so sure that that was part of Labour’s plan.

    Still we are assured it is a military decision, influenced no doubt by public mis-opinion, and the same from the press and the Lib Dems. But those are whole other stories.  With the Iraq Basra withdrawal still fresh in some minds, came this morning’s loud, mournful breast-beating. (In or out, we can’t win with these people.)

    “Is this a defeat – do the press tell us the WHOLE truth – should we ever have gone in  – do the press tell us the WHOLE truth – have our soldiers died for nothing – do the press tell us the WHOLE truth – did we send in enough troops – do the press tell us the WHOLE truth – have we ever been willing to invest time and resources sufficiently – do the press tell us the WHOLE truth – have we accepted cause and effect – do the press tell us the WHOLE truth – do we understand or believe that there is  causal link to homegrown  terror – do the press tell us the WHOLE truth – do we understand the REAL issues – do the press tell us the WHOLE truth – have we hanged Tony Blair yet?”

    Oh, sorry, the last question was in Peter Oborne’s half-dream state at 1:30am this morning.  If not quite that final an ending for T Blair,  on Oborne’s daytime mind he is clearly still conniving as to just how to chain Tony Blair to a judicial dock.  Sweetheart.


    Just came across this nonsense from February 2007 –  “Almighty row in Number 10 press call beteween Oborne and Blair’s Official spokeman”. It seems Oborne was making some point about the “secret” of Blair’s earlier heart condition.

    FGS!  What on earth was this idiot ranting on abour? Tony Blair had already been ill with this (later fixed) condition in 2004 and 2005!  We all knew. It was in the papers, Oborne. John Prescott had to take over for a half a day while Mr Blair was anaesthetised and recovering.  The papers had fun with the idea of JP PM. Remember?

    Apart from that, as I understand it neither you, me, a PM nor anyone else has to tell the world their medical history.  Confidential.  Of course to Oborne, the fact that we didn’t know until Mr Blair was taken to hospital showed us all that we had a “lying” PM.

    I’m sure he got your flowers and get well card, anyway, Oborne. Sweet and thoughtful of you, Pumpkin.


    Here at Number 10’s official page it is clear it was actually all about the the fact that Mr Blair had been questioned by the police for a second time over the cash/loans for honours nonsense (for which no-one was ever charged in the end.) Oborne had got wind of this. The police had asked Mr Blair to keep this questioning secret.  The PMOS was responding to this line of questioning, then Oborne, realising he was getting nowhere and wanting to paint Mr Blair as a liar, went off on one about Blair’s earlier (secret) heart condition, and implied that he had “lied” about it.

    IDIOT. Oborne, of course.

    Of course we ALL KNOW, don’t we, that the press tell us the WHOLE truth. They always have done – they always will do.

    They have no ulterior motives. No desire other than to get the TROOF aht there, don’t you know?


    No, Osborne, it is not up to you or up to us to ‘get’ Tony Blair over his political decisions. Hands off.

    • It’s not up to us or rather YOU to prove that poor dear innocent Binyam was tortured in the full knowledge, therefore compliance, therefore culpability of our security services.
    • It’s not up to us or rather YOU to prove that Tony Blair knew there was some sort of complicity, even if it wasn’t our security people administering any so-called “torture”.
    • It’s not up to us or rather YOU to prove that Blair “lied” and obviously “knew” what the Americans were up to and what our security services were also up to, messages relayed behind cupped hand to mouth.
    • It’s not up to us or rather YOU to prove that Blair ordered MI5 and MI6 to remain silent in the face of an American decision.

    Some of us take a very different view of ‘just desserts’ and ‘torture’, by the way, Oborne. And some of us think it’s about time the Human Rights Act applied to human behaviour only.

    And a lot of those someones read the Daily Maul.

    Oh, and by the way –


    Today, in case it has escaped your tiny one-way mind, Oborne, is the 5th anniversary of 7/7 London bombings. An anniversary at which neither the present Prime Minister nor the Tory mayor of London will attend in Hyde Park.  Is this a shameful first?

    Well, to be fair this is the first in five years that 7/7 has fallen on a Wednesday and Cameron and his Siamese twin are both busy at PMQs (Prime Minister’s Questions). But you’d think Boris could have found a spare half hour. Or ONE government minister might have been spared to lay the government’s wreath, for ten minutes or so. Still, a handy precedent has been set. Let’s see if any of them attend next year’s commemoration of Islamist terror, when 7/7 will be on a Thursday.

    REMINDER – 7/7 Commemorations BEFORE the Con/Dems got hold of government

    Tessa Jowell deserves recognition for her attendance at these events.

    But, Oborne, some of us – those who are often the victims of Islamist terror – DO remember.

    Michael White has an intelligent article on terror, the threat of terror and “exaggeration”.

    And YOU, Oborne – are you writing about the 7/7 anniversary at your hell-hole of a Conservative supporting/Britain supporting/freedom supporting paper?

    Yeah, thought not.


    Oborne – do you really think that even the Daily Maul readers are bothered about torture against murderous, torturing Islamist terrorists? Do you really think that that is their main concern?

    Do you really think that Daily Mail readers are kept awake at night like you with the dream of thumping, trying and locking up Tony Blair for “lying” or “knowing”? They are far more interested in knowing and facing the TRUTH about Islamist terrorism and its worming into the political and media mainstream. Far more interested in this than you are, clearly. Far more interested in getting to the bottom of YOUR motivations for your skewed view of right and wrong.


    Watch Liam Fox make a statement here on the British troops withdrawal from Sangin. Will he be now be able – now that he better understands our reasons for being there – to explain the case for our presence in Afghanistan to the British press and through them to the British public?

    Fox in the debate – “this is a vital national security mission”.

    MPs are discussing burden sharing in NATO. None of our NATO partners are there in Sangin or ever have been. Dare I suggest that if Tony Blair had become EU Council President as he should have in November last year, that burden might have been better shared by now?

    Fox, in response to a Conservative who still asks “why are we there?” – “We did not seek this confrontation, but we will see it through to its conclusion.”

    It is a regional problem, affecting Pakistan too. We need to understand that. We already know that the Taliban are already winning the war on our TV screens at home as the bias and ignorance of our press and broadcasters continues to show and continues to defeat our cause.

    An MP reminded us that the BBC has been described in the past as the “Baghdad Broadcasting Corporation”. Fox did not disagree with this criticism.

    Will the press NOW relay all the facts accurately and fairly? But, of course. Haven’t they always?


    1. Melanie Phillips on our liberal-minded judges. Quote: “When ideology replaces the rule of law, the ultimate result will be rule by lynch mob.”

    2. Iain Martin: “Cameron nearly as popular as Bown was in August 2007”.  WOW! So that would be about half Blair’s popularity for much of the time before then? How low can we go?

    3. Tony Blair may be the last to win a majority. Maybe. But bring him back and we’ll see. Apart from that this AV voting system is NOT the biz. Not a done deal. Imho, it won’t be.


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