British press plays catch-up on the GOOD news on Blair (in Kosovo)

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    11th July 2010


    Oh, yes he is. Even if the particular nation isn’t Britain. Yet.


    In an earlier post on the story the press prefer to ignore, following some written reports on the BBC and Sky’s websites, I asked  – “Daily Maul next? Guardian? Independent? Times? Telegraph? Express? Mirror? Sun? I will keep you posted.”

    Regarding the eight newspapers viewspapers I named and shamed, here’s an update:

    Daily Maul next? Guardian? Independent? Times? Telegraph? Express? Mirror? Sun?


    1. The Daily Mail here has the most comprehensive coverage of the four. Lots of pictures of Tony Blair and the 9 little Toniblers. All the better to wind up its already half-cocked readers. The Maul then spoils it all with its usual psychologically twisted wind-up. I’ll quote it below so you don’t have to go to their site and infect your eyes: “Mr Blair, who is now a Middle East peace envoy, is believed to have earned at least £20million since leaving Downing Street in June 2007.” Yeah, we got your green-eyed message. (See THE TRUTH, Daily Mail style here.)
    2. The Independent makes a bit of an effort to provide a balanced opinion piece.  Starting by referring to the prophet outwith his own land it ends with: ‘But this was Mr Blair’s day alone. And now whenever he finds himself confronted by a mob with placards reading “Bliar”, whenever he hears some intemperate attack on his record in office, he will be able to close his eyes and remember that there is one corner of the Balkans that will forever be grateful to Tonibler.’
    3. The Telegraph reports more than it opines, to be fair. Big of them. They evidently hold no opinion as to how well Mr Blair did in his peace-making efforts in Kosovo.
    4. The Express heads its report with – “At least someone likes Tony Blair”
    5. The Mirror, sort of reluctantly, reports rather than opines on Blair, for once. Tough to knock a national hero, isn’t it? Especially when he was evidently such a wrong ‘un for Labour, that guy who won them three historical victories.

    So, my new list on the printed press (though this could be updated before I get to the end) –

    Guardian? Times? Sun?

    We can forget The Sun. It has reverted to type; political type. Post-Blair it is once again Tory-supporting.

    We can forget The Guardian. It’s gone bonkers. Aeons ago. As well as now being Lib Dem.

    The Times should be more balanced on this kind of report. But they are also Conservative -(newly) supporting… oops, sorry, I meant Liberal Democrat-supporting. Or they were Lib Dem-supporting just before the election. Now they’re finding life and politics confusing with the ConDems. Like a lot of us. Don’t expect them to mention Mr Blair in a good light. Far too uncomfortable.

    As for the Sundays – have any of them covered several pages with the Nine Toniblers? You jest. What a daft question. They’re all too busy reporting on the man who shot his former girlfriend and killed her new boyfriend, tied up the police and press and broadcasting outlets for at least a week, and then killed himself.  The News of The World/Sun still have nothing. The Sundays, like much of the British press, don’t even seem to want to understand real politics any more.


    I stand to be corrected on this, but I haven’t seen anything on-screen. The constant strap on news about “Mr Moat” is still streaming across today’s dumbed-down BBC24 and Sky News TV reports. And on the news spots I have seen and heard (on radio) NOTHING.

    Despite the fact that a whole other country sees him as a hero, there has been broadcast on our screens NOTHING, still NOTHING about Tony Blair – British citizen, former prime minister and another country’s NATIONAL HERO.

    What a state of shameful disrepair. As Julie says – “Media blackout on TB Kosovo trip says more about them than him”

    They’re not all brain-dead at the Daily Maul, by the way. Here are a few sensible comments. But note their down rated clicks:

    1. ‘What is the bet this won’t be shown on either ITV or BBC news. I totally agree with Chris R.D. The press in this country destroyed this brilliant man’s reputation. Good for you Mail online for reporting it.’

    – Jenny M, Powys UK, 09/7/2010 17:36


    2. Has done more for this world than Thatcher ever did.

    – Phil, Sutton, 9/7/2010 17:29


    3. As usual he is shown respect for his talent and hardwork by all except the fools in this country.

    – Chris R D, S.Yorks, 9/7/2010 14:02


    4. The brainwashed, my dears, are you lot. Blair was and still is a brilliant political leader despite the littlies surrounding him, and the press pursuing him to the end, no doubt. Wonder what you’ll all make of him if he is seriously instrumental in bringing peace in the Israel/Palestinian situation? Still a ‘warmonger’,’ liar’, ‘money in it’? You really need to grow up here and understand the brainwashing has been done on YOUR one-celled grey matter.

    Blair is a great man, and more than that a good man. Many of us would love him to be free to wander his own country again in freedom and safety. But because of such as tick the ‘up’ recommend boxes here, he can’t.

    Btw, Tony Blair has NOT been “proven” to be a liar. Except by press and thus public opinion. Or did the “troof” come to you lot it in a dream? An epiphany? Your fly on the wall personal experiences?

    – B. Howard, London, UK, 10/7/2010 09:55


    5. Wait for a few years and Blair will look like a saint compaired to Cameron and Clegg

    – keith, bristle, UK, 10/7/2010 9:20


    6. #Martin Cheltenham

    Wrong. There is also Sierra Leone, whose people regard him as a god for sending British troops to intervene in their war, and achieving peace and the beginnings of real prosperity for them. And then, of course, there is Northern Ireland, where he was instrumental in achieving the Good Friday Agreement. We must also not forget Israel and Palestine, where even William Hague said in the House of Commons that Tony Blair is doing a brilliant job and achieving a great deal as the Middle East Envoy. He will be remembered as a great man who achieved much; history will be much kinder to him than the saddos who decry him on here. Thanks DM for acknowledging the love and affection in which he is held in many countries throughout the world. Despite the way he is defamed in the UK, he still chooses to remain and pay his taxes, unlike the Tory non-doms who would rather take their money elsewhere, but retain the titles they have paid the Conservative party for so cheaply.

    – Val Daniels, Mijas Costa Spain, 10/7/2010 6:55



    Ever wondered why the Mail readers are so ignorant and biased? Simple. They do not permit their readers to be informed. They are probably the only “news” outlet which never allows commenters to hyperlinks to outside sites. Too risky. If they did, I’d have added my link to my comment at The Maul. My comment is one of the six above. Regulars here can probably work out which.

    Back to Five Down, Three to go (Daily Mail etc)



    The Free paper The Metro – and London Wired as well as a few bloggers, mostly ignorant. But Paul Burgin’s blog wonders if there is a precedent?  No, as far as I can recall. The TinyBrains commenting at such as Guido Fawkes’s abusive den have reverted to type and think a certain ‘Adolf’ is the relevant precedent. But France24 thinks it is worth a mention.

    Earlier posts here on the STATESMAN HERO



    Historical, referencing KOSOVO

    So, my new list on our lax or lazy or biased or ignorant or brainwashing press –

    Guardian? Times? Sun? BBC? ITN? SKY?

    We await their fair reporting on Mr Blair & Kosovo, with bated breath.

    Sign the Ban Blair-Baiting petition here.

    Recent comments“The terrorist lackeys must be really crazy to suggest that politicians like Blair are guilty of any offence. Why don’t they go for the real terrorists and murderers who are trying to infiltrate and change the enlightened western world as we know it?” and “The best there’s been since I grew up and I’m nearly 70 now. ‘Tis a pity that some have just never grown up at all.” and “Tony Blair was an excellent PM and the world holds him in high esteem.” and “You were a great Prime Minister, you did your best and a strong Ally of America.”

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