The Guardian’s Gary Younge and outright LYING over Mandelson, Campbell and Blair

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    13th July 2010

    UPDATE: Newsweek takes the lying Gary Younge’s word rather than someone in Britain who appreciates Tony Blair. Brainwashing gets everywhere.  Except in Kosovo, Sierra Leone, Northern Ireland … two more to add later (oh, all right then – Iraq & Afghanistan.)



    To some of our so-called ‘journalists’, telling the truth is of little consequence. Or, it is of no real consequence when it comes to quoting those they insist are not telling the truth.

    The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

    The hypocrite Gary Younge is one such ‘journalist’. The Guardian is clearly the right bolthole for him. In his article today  – ‘Mandelson: the little men’s history’ this little man offers readers an insult to their intelligence. Or it would be an insult, if they had any (intelligence.)

    If I hadn’t commented there, with the below two comments (as ‘ThisStinks’), Younge may well have got away with these lies.

    Since there are three WRONGS, I fail to see how they can be anything other than lies.



    12 Jul 2010, 11:02PM

    Mr Younge – YOU ARE LYING! Simply lying. I cannot accept that this is an innocent error on your part. The highlighted part below is WRONG, and changes the meaning entirely. I have Campbell’s book open in front of me right now at page 140, Sat, Feb 4th 1995.

    You said that the argument went thus:

    “Mandelson said: ‘I’m sick of being rubbished and undermined, I hate it and I want out.’ I said I just wanted to be able to do a job. He started to leave then came back over, pushed at me, then threw a punch, then another. I grabbed his lapels and TB was by now moving in to separate us, and the PM just lunged at him, then shouted: ‘I hate this, I’m going back to London.‘”

    There are two factual errors of copying, the second of which is clearly the more important. In actual fact, VERBATIM, Campbell’s book says:

    I grabbed his lapels to disable his arms and TB was by now moving in to separate us and Peter just lunged at him, then looked back at me and shouted: ‘I hate this I’m going back to London’.

    ERROR 1: Campbell grabbed Mandelson’s lapels to disable him.
    ERROR 2: “THE PM” DID NOT LUNGE at anyone. Mandelson, in Campbell’s telling, did the lunging at Blair.

    If this is evidence of Younge’s standards of reporting or copying, no wonder the Guardian and its readers are in such a state of ignorance and disrepair.



    12 Jul 2010, 11:07PM

    In fact there are THREE errors in your use, or rather misuse of this quote.

    It was not the PM “hating this and going back to London”, but Mandelson.

    Please apologise for these errors.




    1. Instead of Mandelson “lunging at” Blair, it became a la Young, Blair lunging at Mandelson.
    2. Instead of Mandelson “hating this” and going back to London, it became a la Younge, Blair hating it and going to London.
    3. Instead of Campbell grabbing Mandelson’s lapels “in order to disable him” after having been pushed by Mandelson and having had two punches thrown at him, there is a disturbing balance of blame sought tobe portrayed in this LIE.  Campbell is seen as being as much the physical aggressor as was Mandelson, a la Younge.

    This is Alastair Campbell’s book and Campbell’s version of the events. It is not up to such as the perpetual truth/lie filterers at the Guardian or anywhere to re-write Campbell’s diaries’ records.

    I’ll check back at the Guardian later to see if my comments remain.


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