Video: Geert Wilders to launch International Freedom Alliance in 5 major countries

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    UPDATE, 20th JulyWilders popularity highest ever in opinion poll: If elections were held now, the PVV would win 35 seats in the Lower House, 11 more than it won in the 9 June general elections. Its previous high dates from 9 April 2009, when it would have won 33 seats, according to De Hond.

    18th July 2010

    Geert Wilders IFA International Freedom Alliance Interview Subtitled/Translated


    To see how suicidally ultra-liberal are the British papers, just take a look at their headlines on Geert Wilders new International Freedom party. They invariably headline with such as “Wilders to spread anti-Muslim movement”.

    In fact it is an anti-Islam movement. Since Islam openly aims to impose a worldwide caliphate on the WHOLE WORLD, a free man in a free country in a free continent is entitled to start a new alliance against that ambition. Surely?

    Atlas Shrugs also noticed this headline brainwashing here with reference to our dhimmedia”. (meaning: the British/western Islam-compliant press, exemplified here after 7/7 London bombings.)

    ‘It is laughable how transparent and islamized the dhimmedia is. Yesterday in the AP Newsbreak (they were first with the story), they shaped the narrative. AP said that Wilders was forming an anti-Islam organization (no mention of freedom), and today the Guardian ran this photo with the headline “Geert Wilders to spread his anti-Muslim movement west.” Could they have worked any harder to find a more unflattering pic of Wilders? And check out his hand — what are they implying with that deliberate crop?’



    From The Telegraph – (copied and pasted?)  – “Geert Wilders to spread anti-Muslim movement to UK”G

    The Guardian has another copy and paste job from AP –  “Geert Wilders to spread his anti-Muslim movement west”

    Their actual url reads –

    Even though Wilders is NOT of the “far right”.

    And to ram home THEIR point, the Guardian’s subtitle is – “Dutch far-right politician forms international alliance to attempt to ban immigration from Islamic countries”.

    As Atlas Shrugs points out, there is nothing in any of the above headlines/sub-headings about FREEDOM AND DEMOCRACY. The press, left and right, have lost the plot; if they ever had it to begin with. Perhaps their plot is NOT that of FREEDOM & DEMOCRACY’S.

    But, they DO remind readers of this, in the body of the article

    “Wilders is due to stand trial in October on hate speech charges stemming from his short internet film Fitna, which denounced the Qur’an as a fascist book that inspires terrorism. The film aroused anti-Dutch protests around the Muslim world, and he was banned for several months from entering Britain.

    But he is unrepentant and said he now wants to take his message outside the Netherlands.”

    To be fair, and I do try to be fair, The Guardian does eventually quote Wilders on “freedom”.

    The more accurate Mail headline is – “Anti-Islamic crusader launches  recruitment drive in UK”

    And Mr Wilders gets plenty of support from commenters:

    1. “I believe we should have a stop of the mass immigration from Islamic countries, not because the people are bad, but because they bring a culture that really is against everything in our own values.’

    How true is that even down to to toilets in new shopping centres pandering to these people
    If you live here adopt the values and standards instead of living here because you have an easier life then whence you came
    If you don’t like the values and standards leave
    I also think that any new immigrant should have to wait for a certain period of time and pay into the system before getting any benefits out of it and any that then break the law in the first 5 years are deported immediately after any guilty verdict
    I would vote for this man seems to be a politician with a backbone unlike the home grown ones who only want to feather their nests.

    Geert Wilders for President of Europe ,at last a man with balls !
    Someone who can give us back our country”

    2. Geert Wilders is a hero for the future of our children and grand-children, he should be President of Europe. You have MILLIONS of supporters Mr Wilders.

    Yes, I hear you. This is The Mail and I often rate that publication in the same bracket as racism and porn. But on this I am with them. the reason I found voting difficult the last time was that I believe this issue to be THE MOST IMPORTANT facing us. It’s not the economy, which WILL be sorted, perhaps sooner than the present government would like us to believe. It’s not the NHS, which greatly  – HUGELY – improved under Labour. The Health service is a great liner which will take some time even for this ConDem government to turn around. It’s the Islamification of Britain and the west and the leadership to STOP IT in its tracks which is the big issue facing us.  NOT ONE major party is concerned with this.  If we don’t turn that destroyer round some time soon, we have a problem.

    If we DO choose to consign Wilders to the mad, sad and bad shelf, because we are or because we know so many good Muslims, we will be making a wrong judgement call.

    I am sadly coming to the conclusion that the certainties, comforts and liberalism of democracy has within itself the seeds of its own destruction.  Quite how we Brits will deal with Mr Wilder’s plans is yet to be seen.  He has listed Britain as one of the five countries – Britain, Canada, the U.S., France and Germany – where he will first launch his international campaign, starting after November, when hopefully he will be a FREE man, after his utterly reprehensible and nonsensical court case, over insulting Muslims.

    I wonder if THIS ConDem government, with its dominating (Lib Dem-imposed) civil rights emphasis will try to keep him out of Britain as Brown’s government did, to its endless shame.


    Geert Wilders Warning to America Part 1 of 2

    Geert Wilders, Controversial MP The Netherlands (a country with extremely liberal policies towards Muslims) warns Americans of the draconian consequences of attempting to pacify Islamists.



    The New Voice of the International Counterjihad

    As I mentioned yesterday, Geert Wilders has launched a new initiative against Islamization called the “Geert Wilders International Freedom Alliance”. Below is an article from De Telegraaf about the launch of the new movement. Many thanks to our Flemis Full Article at Gates of Vienna

    Geert Wilders’s International Freedom Alliance!

    Geert you are the man. Every day you prove you have more courage than most people on the planet. I wish you well and this is one American who will support you! Why do they call this man “far right”, l mean when you hear and read what he has to say.  Full Article at Jihad Watch

    The First Post heads the story correctly- “Geert Wilders to take anti-Islam party global”

    Dutch politician Geert Wilders

    Populist Dutch anti-Islam politician will launch his party in USA and UK

    But then it describes Wilders incorrectly as  “the anti-Muslim politician Geert Wilders”

    ‘Speaking about the UK yesterday, Wilders said his nascent organisation, dubbed the Geert Wilders International Freedom Alliance, would try to occupy the space between the Conservatives and the BNP, which he said was “racist” and “not my party”. Wilders is often described as far-right but frequently stands up for gay and women’s rights.’

    Sky News has – “Dutch Politician Forms Anti-Islam Coalition but rather spoils it all with the sub-heading – Controversial Dutch politician Geert Wilders has said he is forming an international “freedom alliance” to amplify his anti-Muslim message across the West.

    I have just received a comment at another post here. The commenter is bringing out his own book to counter Wilders.


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    4 Responses to “Video: Geert Wilders to launch International Freedom Alliance in 5 major countries”

    1. research canadian Says:

      There’s enough problems with Islam to warrant a halt to immigration from I.O.C countries as well as India and Asia(malaysia/Indonesia) + Turkey. These countries are poorly developed and it’s because of the islam ideology that they remain retarded and backwards.

    2. Did YOU hear about these Dudley riots from the mainstream press? « Tony Blair Says:

      […] Video: Geert Wilders to launch International Freedom Alliance in 5 major countries […]

    3. amat Says:

      ini bukan comment tapi kritikan untuk wilders

      dasar wildeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      dasar , masa buat organisasi anti islam dan mau menjadi presiden eropa.
      mending diem aja dari pada bikin organisasi yang g bener itu

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        For your information. This, from amat, translated from Indonesian:

        This is not comment but criticism for Wilders

        wildeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers basic !!!!!!!!!!!!!

        “basis, the organization for anti-Islam and want to be president of Europe.”

        Now, there’s a thought!


        Sekarang, ada pikiran!

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