All set for more ‘Blixing it’ at the Iraq Inquiry?

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    26th July 2010

    John Rentoul has this on Hans Blix, the day before Dr Blix appears at the Iraq Inquiry.

    I bet The Daily Maul’s breath is bated. In fact it’s highly likely they have their “news” already seven-eighths written. So much for The Mail.


    At the Iraq Inquiry in December last year – (h/t to Julie here)

    Sir Jeremy Greenstock (UK ambassador to the UN from 1998 until July 2003) said:

    But I don’t think that Hans Blix was clear in his own mind and he makes this very plain in his book that the Iraqis either had weapons of mass destruction or did not have weapons of mass destruction and, therefore, he was wavering on quite a broad spectrum, whereas the United States was wavering on a much narrower spectrum because they were of a mind to think that, if the WMD was not appearing, it was because it had been hidden, not because it was not there.”

    I expect the Junior Partner, David Cameron, would have been just as wavery as Dr Blix, had DC been the decider. Yeah, right.

    Haven’t had time to publish further thoughts on Dame Eliza following my earlier thought on “My Fair Lady” – Spook ex-Head, Eliza Doolittle-Manningham–Buller sings. Discordant notes from Crispin Black

    But Julie has put her finger on it. So I won’t re-invent the wheel. From Julie’s post here – Baroness Manningham-Buller: Increase in terrorism “shouldn’t stop you doing what you believe”

    After dissecting the Baroness’s ifs/buts/maybes, which were somehow missed by most of our reliable and fair-minded press, Julie says:

    ‘The most significant remark however she made quite at the end of her testimony when she told the panel that “even if terrorism increases, that shouldn’t stop you doing what you believe, as the government believed, to be right”.

    In other words, since Mr. Blair believed that it was right to remove Saddam, it was indeed the right decision for him to go to war, at least from his point of view, even if the invasion increased the terrorism threat on British soil.

    Thank you Baroness Manningham-Buller.’

    Well spotted, Julie. Why don’t you see if The Maul is looking for honest reporting? I’m sure they’re in need of a little.

    Daily Mail, sorry… Daily MaUl’s Underground ‘NEWS’ Map

    Just make sure you know all The Maul’s keywords before your interview, J.


    Another recent gem from Rentoul [aka A REAL journalist]:

    More green ink on Kelly

    ‘Today’s green ink correspondent for the Mail on Sunday is Glen Owen. Even by the standards of David Kelly conspiracy theory reporting, he has written a remarkable article. The essence of it is this: A Russian man says that another man who he says works for MI5 said David Kelly was murdered; the other man says he said no such thing. That is about it.

    We will add Owen’s name to the list of people who have not yet responded to David Aaronovitch’s invitation to take part in a public debate on Kelly’s death, the ridiculous theories about which are debunked in Aaronovitch’s excellent book Voodoo Histories.

    The list includes Norman Baker, a coalition transport minister, Paul Dacre, the editor of the Daily Mail, Peter Oborne, Richard Ingrams and some other people who are followers of David Icke.

    Baker, Dacre, Oborne, Ingrams? What an illustrious, dependable, sane crowd. Icke better watch who he’s associating with.

    And another from Rentoul’s numbered series:  ‘Did governments block Blair invitations to Senate?’

    As an addendum to the previous post, number 374 of my Questions to Which the Answer is No is asked by … the Scottish National Party.

    Robert, a correspondent of mine, writes to draw attention to the above question, the title of an SNP press release issued yesterday, the first paragraph of which reads as follows:

    The UK and US authorities are to be asked to clarify if any member of their administration or diplomatic service made representations to stop the Senate Foreign Relations Committee inviting former Prime Minister Tony Blair to give evidence on the relationship between the UK-Libya Prisoner Transfer Agreement and a $900 million oil deal between BP and Libya.

    If you want to know what on earth they are talking about, my article in The Independent on Sunday tries to assist you. Meanwhile Robert announces a new series:

    The Brass Neck award goes to the people who did free Megrahi, demanding an investigation into someone who left office two years before the event, to see if he secretly made them do it.

    All summed up neatly in the last sentence above. Personally I have no idea whether “governments” did or didn’t. But if they DIDN’T they probably should have, if governments still HAVE any power these days. Especially the American government. Otherwise who KNOWS what the American voters might have made of the fine mess the US has made of its handling of the BP/oil-leak/Libya/oil/Megrahi/so-called deals business? Least said.




    Guess whose finger’s on the “shoot down that hijacked aeroplane” button? I suppose that means we’re safe to fly. The Dep has to ask his coalition partner, Shame of Chakrabarti first. Then she has to take a vote amongst Liberty members. Then the courts have to decide if that is a LEGAL position. Then the EU Human Rights’ courts have to overturn it if/when Liberty has been proven incontrovertibly, most assuredly, quite definitely to have chosen unwisely. For once.

    So that’s it then. Next plane?


    2. Guido Fawkes is usually far more restrained than his commenters, thank God. For instance, here at ‘Mrs Duffy declares for David’ M, at least Guido poses a question. I couldn’t possible comment.

    And on Sunday he asked- Does Anybody really like Balls?’ A little superfluous, even rhetorical. Still, to prove Guido is not as daft as most of his dullard commenters, he says this:

    “It is possible that Ed Balls could come last in the leadership contest behind Diane Abbott and Andy Burnham. If so it would be the final humiliation of the TaliBrown, the cabal of bullying second-raters who ousted three-time election winner Tony Blair to install Gordon Brown, a politician who has never won a competitive election in his life.”

    Just noticed this at Guido’s – ‘Fox’s neo-con charity slammed.’ Reference Charity Commission investigation into [Tory ties to] Atlantic Bridge. You don’t mean … you’re not saying…?!?!?!

    That might shut the Nu-Lab haters at Guido’s for five minutes.

    Oh, the joys.


    3. Great fun, this one Nobel peace prizes are being awarded illegally. Mother Theresa was not eligible and should not have had hers. Whereas President Obama is not listed here, so presumably HE is eligible for trying to abolish the armed forces and striving to do away with war. Oh, FGS. Where do we get these idiots?

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