Foot-in “Loose Mouth” Cameron Goes Up In Flames in Pakistan (Via Turkey/USA/Gaza/Israel)

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    2nd August 2010

    (Apologies if I end up being rather loose with the word “idiot” or similes in this post.)

    They used to say during WW2 that “loose talk costs lives.”  It did then. It does now.

    Will someone tell the present prime minister?

    Pakistan Demonstrators Burn Effigy Of PM David Cameron In Terror Row

    Well done, Mr ‘Prime Minister’.

    Tony Blair led the country into two wars in the Middle East and remained in office for TEN YEARS and yet I haven’t been able to find an effigy of HIM being burned. Even whatsisname remained untoasted after 3 years.

    You, on the other hand, Mr Cameron, have been in office for less than three months – (funny, it seems so much longer) – and already you’re up in flames.

    The spelling in the video and the pictures below may not be accurate, but we get the message. (Btw, it’s an “e” missing after the ‘s’ in ‘loos’, not an apostrophe before it.  I think. On the other hand…)

    Tonight I heard the former Pakistani foreign minister on Sky. (I’m cheesed off with the Beeb, these days; can’t work out why!) He is some angry man.

    He praised the former Labour government and he said that historically Pakistan was a friend of the British Conservative party. But not now! Not after Cameron’s undiplomatic nonsense. In INDIA, of ALL PLACES. So the visit by Pakistani secret service people has been cancelled this week. At the time of writing their Prime minister is still due to visit Britain soon, although other high-placed political figures in Pakistan are calling for it to be cancelled.

    Well done, Mr Cameron. Well done, indeed.

    The former foreign minister kept using words like “dumbfounded” and “speechless,” though he managed to speak a lot. And NONE of it was good about David Cameron or our present government.



    Meanwhile Liberal Democrat support has HALVED to 12% since the election according to a new You Gov poll. I expect our great loudmouth loose mouthed prime minister will hoover up all of these votes. Yeah, right. The unhappy LDs, are mainly disillusioned lefties (New Labourite lefty fellow-travellers didn’t get disillusioned for about 5 years). They’re far more likely to go for this leaderless, equally visionless, equally unprincipled lot.

    Good luck to them.




    Pakistani activists of Shabab-e-Milli, a youth wing of hardline Islamic party Jamat-e-Islami, shout slogans beside a burning effigy of British Prime Minister David Cameron during a demonstration in Karachi on July 31, 2010. Pakistan has slapped down remarks by British Prime Minister David Cameron that it is guilty of exporting terrorism, saying close ally London knows the menace has no borders. (Photo credit: RIZWAN TABASSUM/AFP/Getty Images)

    Pictures from DayLife

    Supporters of a Islamist group Shabab-e-Milli chant slogans next to a burning effigy of British Prime Minister David Cameron during a demonstration in Karachi, Pakistan, on Saturday, July 31, 2010. A diplomatic spat with implications for international counter terrorism escalated Saturday after Pakistan's spy chief canceled a visit to London following comments by the British leader suggesting Pakistan exports terrorism. (AP Photo/Fareed Khan)


    Another continent another diplomatic cropper.

    As though it isn’t enough to upset your own countrymen by misremembering history, and then making up some story about “our proudest year ever” to divert attention from the original dates cropper, he then went on to Turkey and upset France and Germany over Turkey’s proposed EU membership. Oh, and the Israelis, over his ‘thoughts’ on Gaza. Presumably he doesn’t know about this or this.

    And what has our great IDIOT PM done this week, so far?  Touched all the wrong nerves. AGAIN. Remind me – did we REALLY vote for him as prime minister? Silly question. No, we didn’t. It just ended up that way.

    So, last week Britain was the junior partner to America in WW2 – in 1940! YES,  that ‘s what he said. The USA entered the war at the end of 1941.


    And then in Turkey he criticised Israel, with no mention of Gaza’s daily rocket-firing INTO Israel.


    This week it was another continent and more linguistic politically ignorant incontinence. The Pakistani prime minister said it was “galling” that Cameron had made his statement on “terror from Pakistan” in India – of ALL places!



    On Sunday Morning Live, the question was asked – “Are we too tough on Israel”. This was brought to my attention by me ol’ mate, me’ ol chum, Peter Reynolds.  Pete (we’re on first name terms now, sort of – he calls me Alastair Gordon John) says he is complaining to the BBC about Douglas Murray.  Quite why escapes me.  Mr Murray was outnumbered 3 to 1 in the programme.

    And against him and Israel was that nice Jewish lady who used to be friendly with the former prime minister. No not that one, FGS!   I mean John Major, friend of Edwina Currie. Words of wisdom again fom this lady. First she told us we should treat our children like dogs and then told us that (dog-hating Palestinians) were the good guys and Israelis the bad.

    FGS! Gimme strength!

    Another of Mr Murray’s opponents was the interviewer, Susanna Reid. She always used to sound so sensible in her news presenting. But she was clearly partisan in her regard for Palestinians and her disregard for Israel’s position.

    Then I remembered this is the BBC. They swallow anti-Israel bran with their canteen cornflakes. For a bit of moral fibre, don’t you know. It all aids in keeping the thoughts and verbal tools nice and loose.  And it shows. It’s pretty pungent.

    The worst thing Mr Murray said was that there was “a sickness … an obsession” regarding Israel and that much of it is “a lie”. So that must have been it.  Grounds for complaint to the Beeb, Pete, me’ ol mate. Mr Murray spoke the truth.  Can’t have any of THAT now, can we?

    Anyway, since he’s with Israel he’s clearly part of the well-known “Zionist deception.” And that’s indictable, surely? An international crime.  Definitely. It’s only Caliphaters that are the good guys in this little old upside world of ours. Isn’ t it?

    To the Hague with Murray. NOW.


    See, P – me ol’ pal, me ol’ buddy – I told you I wouldn’t call you an idiot.

    But thanks for the link to the BBC complaints unit. I’ll add it here for my readers. Just in case they want to complain about BBC anti-anything bias. As if. Copied directly from Pete’s site –

    Expose him and his organisation for the pariahs that they are.  Complain to the BBC here and tell them that we are looking for truth on our televisions, not deception, propaganda and lies.

    You can also tweet the programme at – tweet @bbcsml  – or e-mail them at

    Pete must be delighted that Edwina Curry seems to be on HIS side against the ba-a-a-ad Jewish people.

    At one point near the end a commenter who rang in ranting against Israel /USA/ UK. The well-deserved response from Mr Murray was “fantastically illiterate … historically inept”.

    Clearly indictable!


    Until these ignorant IDIOTS people understand the WHOLE position in that region and stop swallowing and then parroting the anti-Israel/anti-America/anti-British/anti-west press that has infiltrated the diet of so many so-called minds in the west, we can only shake our heads in disbelief and then rush to the loo, hurriedly and loosely.

    Interestingly most of the comments texted or e-mailed onscreen seemed to be supporting Israel.  Their debate on this topic is here – topic –

    “David Cameron causes a stir by calling Gaza a “prison camp”. So is it time for a franker dialogue with the Jewish state? Or are we already too critical of Israel?”


    Cif Watch carries a useful guide on – “How To Be an Israel-hater”

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