Tony & the Oil: He was right. Bring him back!

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    4th August 2010

    No, not that Tony. Not that I’d complain. But he’s busy, with far better things to do than lead this country out if its self-imposed ignorance.

    All of a sudden the other Tony the one the Yanks love(d) to hate – Tony Hayward – as opposed to the one they love to love, has been proven right regarding the Deepwater Horizon oil spill.

    President Obama said on World Ocean Day, June 8th that Tony Hayward “wouldn’t be working for me – (I guess Big O can rest assured the feeling’s probably reciprocated.) It now seems that BP, sorry BRITISH Petroleum and other oil experts were right after all. It was a drop in a swimming pool.

    Excerpt, 30th July, Telegraph: ‘Dr Simon Boxall, an expert in marine pollution and dispersion at the National Oceanography Centre, University of Southampton, “The Gulf of Mexico is a bit like the River Tyne. There is a lot of industry and boat traffic along it, as well as the oil industry, which has minor leaks all the time. When Tony Hayward said it was a drop in the ocean, it might have been the wrong thing to say at the time, but it was the truth. This spill is the equivalent of less than a drop in an Olympic-sized swimming pool. For all but a tiny bit of the Gulf, it will be back to normal within a year.’

    Since Tony Hayward hasn’t yet officially resigned, according to this, why not KEEP him?

    Anthony Bryan “Tony” Hayward (born 21 May 1957) is the Chief Executive of oil and energy company BPJohn Browne, Baron Browne of Madingley on 1 May 2007.  On 27 July 2010, BPCEO of the company and be replaced by Bob Dudley on 1 October 2010. On 27 July 2010, BP confirmed Hayward would resign as CEO of the company and be replaced by Bob Dudley on 1 October 2010.[1]

    That’d throw the cat among the mid-term pigeons, wouldn’t it? As it would have done if they’d retained the other Tony for the recent British election.

    Not only was Obama WRONG, he was loudly WRONG.

    By the way, in case you’re wondering if there’s anything in a name. Did you know the meaning of the name Tony or Anthony? Perhaps those named ‘Tony’ have to be vilified before they can be praised.

    And the meaning of ‘Obama’?

    I couldn’t possibly comment. Though an apology would be something from Obama, whatever his name means.


    Report today at TNT Magazine

    The BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is 75 per cent clear and BP says its ‘static kill’ program has been a success.

    The US government admitted that most of the oil that has been spilling into the Gulf has already evaporated, dispersed, or been captured or eliminated.

    BP says its “static kill” technique, in which drilling mud was used to push oil from the runaway well back into the reservoir, has been a success.

    A new report has shown that the worst of the oil spill is now gone. White House energy adviser Carol Browner said that the remaining oil is so diluted it poses little risk of harm.

    Although 26 per pent of the leaked crude is still in the water or on the coast, where it endangers birds and wildlife, the oil is rapidly breaking down. This comes as a great relief to conservationists.

    However, Jane Lubchenco, head of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, the lead agency in producing the new report told the New York Times: “”I think we don’t know yet the full impact of this spill on the ecosystem or the people of the gulf.”

    The new assessment of the Gulf oil spill was done by US federal scientists to work out where the leaked oil has gone.

    The Gulf oil spill report found that:

    • 25 per cent of the chemicals in the oil evaporated at the surface or dissolved into seawater.
    • At least 5 per cent was burned on the surface, 3 per cent was skimmed and 8 per cent was broken down by dispersants.
    • Another 16 per cent dispersed naturally.

    BP said that the static kill procedure was “a major achievement that we’re all extremely pleased about.”

    The next step will be to seal the well for good by cementing it shut, but BP has stressed that the only permanent solution to the oil spill is a relief well, which will be completed by the middle of this month.

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    Greenpeace shut BP petrol stations across London

    BP boss Tony Hayward will stand down today
    Oil spill plugged but BP “not celebrating”

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    3 Responses to “Tony & the Oil: He was right. Bring him back!”

    1. little ole American Says:

      This would be good news for everyone in the Gulf. A friend said she and the family went fishing for Redfish in the Gulf, barbequed and ate it over the weekend. She said it was delicious and asked that we do not hold their fish at arms length. We have also heard the cap is working, but I am being cautiously optimistic about it. The fact that the New York Times is being cautious should be a clue to me that it is not necessary (to be cautious). They are the holy grail of Obama worshippers.
      This is one Yank, btw, who did not blame Tony Hayward. It was an accident and HE didn’t cause it.
      Now, the questions arise. Is this the “truthful” reason that the Jones Act was not lifted (because Obama knew it wasn’t necessary)? Is this the reason the media was banned from the blow-out? (because the waters were not all full of oil and the photos were not photoshopped)? Is this the reason the Coast Guard okayed the chemicals (because it was such a small amount)? Why then, did Obama put a moratorium on all coastal drilling (Never let a crisis go to waste)?
      I have a lot of questions! I won’t be holding my breath for honest answers.

    2. Peter Reynolds Says:

      ‘ere John,

      Someone just hacked into my site and popped your URL in my “Essential Reading” section!

      Who’s responsible – Mossad, MI5, Stan, Tone himself?

      It’s a disgrace!

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