Useful Idiots: Benn/Galloway/Ridley – China/Iraq/South Africa/Iran

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    12th August 2010

    I have been called some names for even writing this blog with the name and picture of the “well-known war criminal” in the masthead.  Not least among those names is “useful idiot”.

    “Just you wait”, the incredulous know-alls say. “He’ll get his comeuppance. You’ll see!”

    It seems that some men’s useful idiots are other men’s freedom fighters.

    Late last night, being an avid late-night BBC World Service listener I caught some of this programme “Useful idiots” (first broadcast 4th August.)

    Today CIF Watch has this on the programme:

    These video clips are from the BBC Documentary: Useful Idiots, hosted by John Sweeney.

    In political jargon, the term “useful idiots” was used to describe Soviet sympathisers in Western countries and the attitude of the Soviet government towards them.

    Useful idiots, in a broader sense, refers to Western journalists, travellers and intellectuals who gave their blessing – often with evangelistic fervour – to tyrannies and tyrants, thereby convincing politicians and the public of the Utopian (rather than Dystopian) nature of the society.

    In part one (the first three clips) John Sweeney looks at Stalin’s Western apologists.

    In part two (the last three clips) he explores how present day stories of human rights abuses across the world are still rewritten.

    (H/T to MuggedbyReality and Harry’s Place)

    I have used below the last three video/audios on today’s Useful Idiots.


    Useful Idiots: Modern Era (1/3)

    Recent historical: China – Chairman Mao/Western intellectuals/Cultural revolution.  Chile – Pinochet/Lamont

    From Oliver Kamm on western intellectuals – “There were others on the political left, including the liberal left who did see China as some sort of alternative, efficient and joyous even way of doing things differently and this was partly a testament to the stupidity of intellectuals, partly a function of the lack of information about China particularly the terrible details of the great famine and then the cultural revolution. But above all it was this recurrent belief among western intellectuals that because there are imperfections in their own societies there must be better ways of doing them outside, and alighting on appalling dictatorships as working examples of how to do things differently.”

    Listen to Tony Benn wriggle to try to extricate himself from the “useful idiot” tag. Too late. You’re lo-o-ong hooked, Mr Benn.


    Useful Idiots: Modern Era (2/3)

    In part two Sweeney explores how present day stories of human rights abuses across the world are still rewritten. Africa. Benn, Galloway –  Sweeney – “In the 1980’s quite a few British conservatives visited apartheid South Africa as a guest of the white minority regime. One was a young hopeful in the conservative research department , David Cameron, now Britain’s prime minister. Since then Mr Cameron has publicly disavowed Mrs Thatcher’s nuanced stance on apartheid and condemned it.”


    Useful Idiots: Modern Era (3/3)

    In part three John Sweeney looks at Iran, their presidential elections, Press TV and their supposedly British employees – George Galloway & Yvonne Ridley.

    H/t to MuggedByReality – via –…



    Mail, 4th Jan 2009: Scuffle at pro-Palestinian rally – Kamm & Galloway row

    On the talkSport website, the station boasts about Galloway’s extreme views and notorious friendship with the former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein.

    Yvonne Ridley, Tony Benn, George Galloway, Annie Lennox, Bianca Jagger

    It says: ‘Gorgeous George has also shared tea and biscuits with now displaced-despot and all round bad guy that is former president of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, and his sons Uday and Qusay, who were known to be fond of torturing footballers that couldn’t beat Barcelona blindfolded.’

    During his show on Friday, Galloway had a blazing on-air row with the Times leader writer Oliver Kamm about the war in Gaza.

    A Labour MP for 18 years, Galloway was thrown out in 2003 for ‘bringing the party into disrepute’. Opposing the war in Iraq, he called Tony Blair a ‘liar’ and called on British troops to disobey the Government’s orders.

    At the request of Mr Reynolds, see comment below, I’ve found the audio of Galloway Vs Kamm’s row. Mr Reynolds likes a touch of fisticuffs.  In two parts.


    Having just listened to both it was hardly a blazing row”. Just Galloway at his most contemptibly rude. Nothing unusual there.  But this waste of space and lying Saddam toady has to utter contempuously towards Mr Kamm when the latter is off air – “Well, the last word was indeed yours and it was up to standard with the rest of your words.”

    This sarcastic scumbag is clearly not intellectually up to noticing that this means that Mr Kamm has NOT had the last word, which presumably had been their off-air arrangement.

    Crawl under a stone, Galloway, where you belong.

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    A recent comment from an Albanian, Mr Leonard Dedej from Tirana – “It takes big leaders to make the hardest turns in peoples life…mr Blair is a big leader and a great man for millions of people in Balkans!!!for stopping a savage war!about Iraq I believe that the press wherever it is has not the right to judge on this issue because it simply is to small to judge!!history will judge mr Blair!as long as it is an ongoing war no one can blame mr Blair,after all he started something for a big reason..the press its often wrong because it fights for audience!!!”

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    6 Responses to “Useful Idiots: Benn/Galloway/Ridley – China/Iraq/South Africa/Iran”

    1. Peter Reynolds Says:


      I can just imagine you lying there in the middle of the night listening to the World Service while Pauline gently snores alongside you, occasionally breaking wind before rolling over and having a good scratch. Ahh, such are the pleasures of married life.

      I enjoy the World Service quite often too. Bizarre 10 minute snatches which may or may not be of interest before sleep takes me over again.

      I shall find the time to look at parts one to three. I cannot, however, allow this moment to pass without scolding you severely for a glaring omission. The “blazing on-air row”about Gaza! Now that’s what I’d love to hear. Where’s the link eh, John? Where’s the link? Eh?

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        I’ll ignore your first paragraph, Pete, ol’ mate.

        Ahh, right – Galloway and Kamm’s blazing row about Gaza. Well, I just copied it as it was written in The Mail. They didn’t provide a link. Tell you what – why don’t you go and take a look at The Mail link, make sure you’ve got the date right and then find it yourself. Hang on, I’ll do it.

        OK, happy now? Whoops – looks like there are two parts. Here is part 2:

        Still listening as I write. Haven’t come to the row bit yet.

        I suppose I’d better add these to the post above, so thanks for reminding me of this. Btw, doesn’t the obnoxious Galloway and his sarcasm make you want to puke? Every meaningful word, like – “a banker” thrown in like the usual TB “a liar/barrister etc”. All so untrustworthy, unlike Saddam’s a**e licker Galloway the traitor.

    2. Peter Reynolds Says:

      Well! Thank you for your efforts in acquiring those clips for me. I think you will regard it as having been well worthwhile. What an absolute pratt Gorgeous George made of himself, didn’t he? What an absolute tosser (if you’ll excuse the expression m’lud).

      OK. I think you finally convinced me. I am sure he has impressed me in the past but what a fool? Particularly because, of course, he has a very strong argument that he could have put to Oliver Kamm (aka “The Pedant”). Instead he allowed himslf to be completely diverted by his schoolboy temper and made Oliver Kamm’s zionist propaganda sound reasonable.


      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Glad to see your eyes are now fully open about the Gorgeous One, Peter. There are many more such videos at YouTube – dozens, probably hundreds.

        I think Kamm is always very moderate in his remarks. As for being pro-Zionist, if so, so what? It’s a valid position, especially since the world is full of anti-Zionists.

    3. Carl Ceron Says:

      Well said.

    4. maureen Says:

      wonderful interview with George Galloway he really crucified that Zionist banker and showed what an idiot he is

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