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    20th August 2010

    From nesundaysun | 16 November 2008

    ‘DID Tony Blair ever claim to have sat at the Gallowgate End and watch Jackie Milburn play? No matter how many times he denied making the comment, journalists and political rivals refused to let the rumour die and he was unable to disprove he ever said it… until now.’

    So why am I using this video? It was posted to YouTube by the Sunday Sun newspaper itself, admitting that they had lied about Tony Blair? You might well ask why I am using it right now.

    It came to mind because of my recent experience at a blog called Liberal Conspiracy. Yesterday I sent in a few comments to this dreadful post by Paul Sagar – “At least Tony Blair’s book title makes sense

    Although he published two of my comments, 36 and 44, he then thought better. I seem to have been blocked. The post there presently has 74 comments and is still taking them. Apart from mine. The TRUTH. At the top it says “75 comments.”  Presumably mine is the missing one, after which they blackballed the subsequent one.

    Mr Sagar’s post is beneath contempt. I shouldn’t leave you without a taste of his shallow, self-absorbed, anti-religious, anti-Blair claptrap. Despite never having read the book, like all of us, he opines forth, just on its title  –

    “Yet there’s also an entirely appropriate shallowness. Although “a journey” carries vaguely religious overtones, it also screams of superficiality, of a longing for profundity which is conspicuously absent. Typically, those who opine about the importance of “undertaking a journey” are fairly uninteresting individuals more preoccupied with proving they live lives of spiritual depth than actually doing so.

    The sort of people who are drawn to new age spiritualist nonsense, and “believe” in Chinese medicine. Or who, for example, partake in a Mayan “rebirthing” ceremonies, covered in mud, and praying to giant lizards.

    Furthermore, “a journey” succeeds in capturing perhaps the most outstanding of what we might call Blair’s “deep” political failings.

    But his wondrous post happily takes muddling of the facts from Sally, distortions from Mr S. Pill, (who praises at another place a most disgraceful mock-up of Blair with his feet on a coffin) and a psychological binning of Blair from the psychologically flawed Galen10

    But even my last comment with the simple question – “why are you not publishing my comment” –  has gone unpublished.


    This kind of censorship is all very reminiscent of CIF articles. In response to that we now have Cif Watch which shows the Guardian CIF pages up for what they are – illiberal, anti-Israel and anti-Jew. They are also anti-Blair and anti-America, but hey – life’s short! The Liberal Conspiracy site seems to be anti-Catholic and clearly anti-Blair. But that’s par for the course.  It is a British blog after all. They are BOUND to be pro-Palestinian, pro-Islam  etc…


    I did not think of saving the comment that probably irked them. Since they’d published the first two I assumed this WAS a liberal site, at which ALL views were welcome. I was not abusive , although I think I may have said something about the writer’s “disgraceful” post.

    But the real reason my comment did not appear is simple. It led to the video now re-posted here. The video proving that Tony Blair did NOT lie.

    My goodness! Think about it, ALL YE HIGH-HORSED LIBERAL CONSPIRATORS. If he hadn’t lied then, perhaps he also hadn’t lied about WMD. The thought is too, too painful. Too-oo-oo painful.

    The truth always hurts, and conspirators don’t like to spread the WRONG conspiracy to their followers. Gets confusing.

    The gist of the sorry saga is this:

    I sent them the PROOF that Blair did not lie over Milburn in response to this comment from Bob B. They did not use it. Bob B’s comment is still there, although it is CLEARLY wrong –

    47. Bob B

    Any mention in Blair’s memoires of his 22-page letter to Michael Foot in 1982:

    And his interview with Des O’Connor in 1996?

    “The first sound of bats flapping in his belfry was heard even before the election, in December 1996, when he told Des O’Connor that as a 14-year-old he had run away to Newcastle airport and boarded a plane for the Bahamas: ‘I snuck onto the plane, and we were literally about to take off when the stewardess came up to me…’ Quite how he managed this without a boarding card or passport was not explained. It certainly came as a surprise to his father (‘The Bahamas? Who said that? Tony? Never’), and an even greater surprise to staff at the airport, who pointed out that there has never been a flight from Newcastle to the Bahamas.

    “A couple of years later, he told an interviewer that his ‘teenage hero’ was the footballer Jackie Milburn, whom he would watch from the seats behind the goal at St James’s Park. In fact, Milburn played his last game for Newcastle United when Blair was just four years old, and there were no seats behind the goal at the time.”,,230340,00.html

    My comment pointed to my earlier post with the video – “Confession: On Milburn – ‘it was The Sun wot done it’. Blair: “It was YOU b…….”

    It is the Northern Sunday Sun journalist admitting to Blair that THEY had lied over the supposed Blair quote on watching Jackie Milburn.  So, of course, it wasn’t published.

    There are one or two commenters there with a brain and a true sense of liberalism. (Believe you me, I know what that’s supposed to mean; been there, worn the t-shirt.)  John Meredith, for instance, responded to halfwit Sally, with this:

    13. John Meredith

    “Apparently you are either ignorant of Bliars lies or maybe a bit dim.”

    Yes, because there just cannot be any other position; anybody who does not see things your way must be stupid, ill-informed, or dishonest. Your policy of never reading books that contradict your world view must be a great comfort to you.


    Its symptoms include repeating the lies of others, and ignoring the facts, aka medicine, when it is handed to you.  Hunt the true malady, in other words, even when it’s all imaginary. Ignore distracting symptoms of the real sickness. Even especially when it’s real and particularly destructive to your hypochondria.

    Those at Liberal Conspiracy are clearly NOT interested in the TRUTH about Tony Blair. Not if it doesn’t confirm THEIR versions of the truth.

    Point of interest: Click through to the video at YouTube and note just how much interest there is in ANY video showing Tony Blair’s innocence. That’s right 511 since November 2008. Not quite the thousands, even millions of views at videos on Blair’s so-called war crimes.

    Just in case they ever google their names, here are some of the stars of the shallow show – Sally, Bob B, Galen10, ukliberty, Mr S. Pill.

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    Sign the Ban Blair-Baiting petition here

    A recent comment from an Albanian, Mr Leonard Dedej from Tirana – “It takes big leaders to make the hardest turns in peoples life…mr Blair is a big leader and a great man for millions of people in Balkans!!!for stopping a savage war!about Iraq I believe that the press wherever it is has not the right to judge on this issue because it simply is to small to judge!!history will judge mr Blair!as long as it is an ongoing war no one can blame mr Blair,after all he started something for a big reason..the press its often wrong because it fights for audience!!!”

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    2 Responses to “The “Liberal Conspiracy” blog is NOT liberal. But it IS a conspiracy”

    1. Richard Says:

      “It is a British blog after all. They are BOUND to be pro-Palestinian, pro-Islam etc…”

      Bit of a sweeping statement here. I doubt Tony Blair would be pleased by it either. So you like the former British Prime Minister but not the British?

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Well, Richard, I AM British. So I kind of like my fellow-countrymen and -women. Usually.

        It is a bit of a sweeping statement, I admit, but the ongoing zeitgeist is – Israel-bad, Palestinian-good. I’ve spent the last three years investigating British blogs, and that’s my clear impression of the position of the majority, the HUGE majority.

        Tony Blair KNOWS this to be the case. The anti-Israel/pro-Palestinian press and their sprogs the blogs were largely behind his losing office, viz Israel/Lebanon 2006. Them and his useless party.

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