David Kelly death a ‘textbook suicide’ says pathologist. ‘Yeah, right’ say the conspiracy theorists

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    22nd August 2010


    Nicholas Hunt, the pathologist who performed the autopsy on David Kelly’s body told The Sunday Times: “I felt very, very sorry for David Kelly and the way he had been treated by the Government… I had every reason to look for something untoward and would dearly love to have found something.”

    The post before last I said I’d be publishing a Pat Condell video, and I will. Eventually. Things keep getting in the way. Little everyday things like a so-called journalist expecting a former prime minister to donate a limb rather than cash to the Royal British Legion. I mean –  what are they going to do with that? Preserve it in formaldehyde and auction it? Would that raise four and a half million?

    Various early 20th Century embalming fluids. Cheers, whisky drinkers!

    On second thoughts, and rather horrifyingly, it probably would. But it would be a snip for the Daily Maul. They could display it in their head office as a reminder of what good journalism is all about or as here, pour decourager les autres (picture below.)

    Even if it cost them an arm and a leg, it’d be worth it.

    Today the headline news is of a very different type. But don’t expect such as Parsons, Routledge, Kampfner or the Daily Maul to change their off-key tunes on Blair or Iraq. Belting it out on both, not quite sotto voce is now their raison d’être. They might change the key or to mix metaphors swap the bullets. But they won’t throw away the music sheet or the guns.

    You hum it, I’ll play it

    It’ll now be versions of –

    • “We TOLD you Blair & cronies drove Kelly to suicide”
    • Or “Nicholas Hunt calls for Inquest into Kelly’s death”
    • Or “Doctors and Lawyers still INSIST on Inquest”
    • Or, without a touch of irony “HUNT the Pathologist. Discredited!” (oh, they’ve tried that one already. Sorry. I’d forgotten.)
    • Or “Pathologist Nicholas Hunt was HORRIFIED over Blair’s government’s treatment of Kelly!” (Oh, sorry they’ve done that one already too.)
    • Or “Dominic Grieve pressed to overturn  70 years ban on Kelly papers.”
    • Or “Doughty Norman Baker asks – ‘Has Hunt been leant on?'”
    • Or “Hunt is related to Blair crony” says second cousin twice removed of the man I met down the pub the other day.”

    It WON’T be – “Personal reasons compounded by guilt at lying drove Kelly to suicide.”

    But the big story today is this, and there’s no getting away from it:

    The pathologist who performed the autopsy on David Kelly says it was a text-book case of suicide.

    No doubts: Pathologist Nicholas Hunt said there was a lot of blood at the location where Dr Kelly's body was found and there was no sign it had been moved


    Tom Mangold looks at this in-depth here as does Nick Cohen in a series on Kelly’s death.

    Cohen also suggests here that the PRESS is guarding its own culpable back in its blaming of Blair and others.

    Simon Hoggart: useful read at The Guardian

    Independent blogs  – Kelly Conspiracy Daily. They’ve got a series too! Well, blow me down with the breath of a feral beast.

    There’s this at the BBC, an organisation which had and still has a particular interest since its journalist Andrew Gilligan broke the Kelly is the source story. The repercussions for the BBC were Gilligan’s sacking and two high-level resignations.

    Recalibrating neatly, but not too ostentatiously is this BBC excerpt (and angle? My bolding.)

    “Dr Kelly’s body was found in woods close to his Oxfordshire home in 2003, shortly after it was revealed that he provided the information for a story casting doubt on the government’s claim that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction capable of being fired within 45 minutes.

    Instead of a coroner’s inquest, then Prime Minister Tony Blair asked Lord Hutton to conduct an investigation, which found Dr Kelly died from blood loss after slashing his wrist with a knife. (This last sentence is the BBC’s bolding not mine, and leads through to The Hutton Report.

    Earlier, from the BBC – ‘The death of weapons expert Dr David Kelly is “not a game of Cluedo” and individuals should not go on a crusade over it, a forensic pathologist says.  Andrew Davison wrote to the Times after a group of experts wrote to the paper on Friday urging a full inquest.’

    This article by Robert Mendick at The Telegraph is choc-full of useful information and some conjecture on the and the donation of the memoir cash. It is worth a read. If its sources are accurate it is as near the truth as we are likely to get, not being the flies on walls we like to think we are.

    Personally, I feel that Mr Blair was always likely to wish to donate something to a forces charity, since he has often said the deaths will stay with him for the rest of his life.  Whether the rush at the last minute before the book’s release was a desperate rush for sales or long-planned but kept secret in order not to leak, well, you pays your money (or not), and takes your choice.

    Btw, I know I shouldn’t have smiled at this but I did. And I’m still smiling: Labour’s broke, but Blair owns a new bank



    1. Express:  David Kelly & the riddle of the photo in Moscow. Was the mystery man Gilligan? Putin? Kruschev? Litvinenko? Stalin? A guy he asked how to get to the station? Whoever it was it’s really, really intriguing. Isn’t it? Well, isn’t it?

    2. Stephen Pollard at The Telegraph has some priceless gems here:

    ‘There is also, it has to be said, a third group within the Lib Dems, which is genuinely equidistant from the other parties, in the sense that it is removed from all reality: the plain bonkers. Norman Baker, the Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for the Department of Transport, is the archetype of this group.

    Mr Baker, whose presence as a minister is a standing rebuttal to anyone who thinks the Coalition is entirely rational, is a conspiracist of the front rank. He thinks Robin Cook’s death was suspicious (“Robin Cook was on Ministry of Defence land, I believe, when he died and certainly I have doubts over what happened”).

    And he has written an entire book, The Strange Death of David Kelly, which alleges that Tony Blair, his staff, the police, the security services and the coroner were all complicit in Dr Kelly’s murder. And, for good measure, he implies that Dr Kelly’s widow and Lord Hutton were part of the cover-up. He does, however, make no such allegations against the Queen and Donald Duck; there are some people, it seems, we can trust.

    So it is something more than just unfortunate for Mr Baker that, yesterday, the pathologist spoke for the first time about Dr Kelly’s death, describing it as “an absolute classic case of self-inflicted injury. You could illustrate a textbook with it.” Presumably he is in on the cover-up, too.

    The bookies are offering odds against the first Lib Dem to resign. Forget that. Mr Baker should be sacked for the offence of being in government in the first place.’

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    3 Responses to “David Kelly death a ‘textbook suicide’ says pathologist. ‘Yeah, right’ say the conspiracy theorists”

    1. Robin Drinkall Says:

      Was David Kelly murdered? Who had something to gain by his untimely death? Or was his death a result of “powers at work” wanting to stir up trouble for the British government during the missing weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
      There is a new novel called Lancashire Hotpot for sale on lulu that attempts to provide examples of a certain type of psychology closely linked to untimely deaths of key persons.


    2. charlesletterman Says:

      Tony Blair dies.

      Tony: Hi God, good to meet you at last, put a face to the voice and all that.

      God: Ah yes, Mr Blair.

      Tony: Now look, I must say from the beginning that I’ve been looking forward to meeting you for a while now. As you no doubt are aware, I’m a fully committed Christian, and have widely publicised the fact, notably on ITV’s less than popular chat show, Parkinson.

      God: Indeed. But to call yourself Christian does not necessary mean that you’ve lived by Christian values. Is there anything you want to get off your chest, any er, confession of any sort.

      Tony: I don’t think so.

      God: Are you sure? Take your time.

      Tony: Nope. Nothing springs to mind.

      God: OK Tone, I’ll put it on the table. You instigated an illegal war against Iraq, resulting in thousands of deaths. And while many of those killed were not of the Christian faith, it’s still not something I can ignore when admitting someone to the kingdom of heaven.

      Tony: Ah yes Iraq. You must realise that my motives were pure, ask anyone.

      God: Well actually I have been discussing the issue with someone here. Had coffee with David Kelly yesterday and found his comments extremely interesting.

      Tony: Impossible! David Kelly can’t be here. Suicide is a sin, and you’d never let anyone in here who had killed themselves.

      God: Precisely Tony, Precisely……………


      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        There you go, Mr Letterman. Let you air your little We All Know Conspirators United work.

        Fun, isn’t it, being God’s Inside Man?

        In case of misunderstanding, the ‘GIM’ I refer to is YOU and other know-alls.’

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