Video (WARNING): Two beautiful young brothers, 15 & 17, killed by lynch mob in Pakistan

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    23rd August 2010

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    UPDATE: This video has been removed from YouTube ‘due to terms of use violation’. It can still be seen at Live Leak here.




    This video is utterly horrifying and frankly very difficult to watch. There are so many questions it raises. Watch it first, if you can bear it, right to the words written on the screen at the end. Then we’ll talk.

    Two Brothers Killed by Lynch Mob in Pakistan (9:44)

    (Uploaded by RogerNetherlands)

    MY THOUGHTS ON THIS (Please add yours in the Comment Box at the end.)

    • Apart from stomach-turning horror at the terrifying treatment of these boys after an alleged crime on Daska Road, Doburji Malhiyaa, Pakistan and overwhelming revulsion at the thought of the pain and terror they must have gone through as their faces and bodies were beaten to pulp for “stealing” and purportedly killing, I was shocked by several other aspects of the whole bloody business.
    • Firstly these are young boys. Youngsters. Schoolboys. Those we should love, care for, and teach tolerance and respect. No matter what they MAY have done.
    • Secondly, I only saw one man attempting to stop the main attacker with the stick, and even he gave up.
    • Snap it for the family album. Many of these men were taking pictures and movies of this suffering and of the dead bodies. Filming to their evil hearts’ content on mobiles and cameras. This is clearly NOT a simple, medieval-type back of the woods village, I conclude.
    • The boys’ pitiful bodies, their heads hanging lifeless off the back of an open lorry tell us even more than we already know about the approach of fundamentalist Islamists to humankind. They were treated like dead animals on the way to market.
    • The “…allegedly killed two and injured four during a robbery” at the start is breathtaking. Killed by a mob for “allegedly”? Is that how sharia works? Is that the law of Allah? The message at the end is also disgraceful –  blaming decadence. Presumably western decadence?


    No shame, regret, calls for the law to punish the killers or even horror at the evidence of this despicable killing of children. Only asking someone – “you”? –  to save their children from what they describe as “bad society.”


    Unfortunately we cannot save ALL of their children from THEIR bad society.

    Copied exactly as it was written in the video (excluding my bracketed ‘Men?’ addition):

    At the end we say “the bad thing have always bad result.” The both men (MEN?! MEN?????) are brothers and they were belong a very respective, educated and good family But due to alot of freedom from Parents and bad society mess these brother. Both brother were student. One in 11th and second in 9th class. At the end we say you:- Plz save our children from bad society.

    And in how many western countries, “bad society” would this happen to our children? NONE. NONE NONE.

    These people are worse than animals.  Animals kill ONLY to eat or to defend themselves. These base creatures in the video killed kids for Allah, or Sharia Law or their society.


    One other important thing struck me. MAN’S inhumanity to CHILDREN. I mean THESE particular men. NO WOMEN.

    Clearly and highly significant to me is that no female had ANY say in this. Women have no input into any of this kind of behaviour or into any of the laws or mores that support them.   I failed to spot one woman in the video. No woman beating these young brothers to death. No woman loading their bodies onto a truck. No woman dumping them off. No woman dragging them through the streets. No woman hoisting their bodies high, feet first.

    It is easy and natural for us in the west to imagine that the mother of these boys is in deep despair over the cruel ending of their young lives by such barbaric behaviour.  But it may be the case that she feels shame at their “alleged” behaviour. Something akin to the sentiments expressed at the end. Something describing and supporting the mindset of fundamental Islam/Sharia Law (they are one and the same.)

    Here in the civilised world even if these boys were guilty as charged of theft or even murder (unknown, unproven) THIS would never have happened.

    The first I saw of this horrific video at Liveleak. I initially intended to just link to it rather than show it at this blog.

    It’s with some reluctance that I decided to use it.  I’m not reluctant because I am being held hostage by a purist anti-censorship mentality. I don’t subscribe to such a position, though I DO subscribe to freedom of speech.  Nor am I showing it because it’s freely available to all at YouTube.

    I’m showing it because we ALL need to know what we are ALL up against.

    Whether that is the right approach is arguable, and I understand that some may disagree.

    This is what we in the west, the vast majority of us, think of our precious children.



    Some comments at the YouTube channel:

    This video even at 9 minutes does not show the real brutality that these boys suffered. I have watched the entire video at another website. I have never seen anything this heinous, brutal or vicious in my entire life. No one bothered to look inside the bags that these boys had. They would have found soccer balls and equipment. No one cared. These people are beyond barbaric…they are mentally ill….I will never donate to a place like this….not ever.


    Were they thieves or innocent?

    Who knows!

    Here is what Islamists do. It is a far from our Bill of Rights as Heaven is from Hell.

    And living in these Islamist countries would be hell!


    i feel bad for the country of Pakistan…its falling apart because of this never-ending flood killing the poor and now these horrible ppl are just making it worse because of these heinous ppl those 2 boys died a death not meant for them…nd because of these fuckin heinous assholes now ppl think all muslims are like this nd wont donate to help the poor who are suffering and dying by the millions…. i hope those who were involved in this burn in hell !


    This is disturbing, and the way the people behaved, as if it was completely normal to throw bodies off of the back of the truck like that. Like animals. The real animals are the people who killed these 2 boys, the people on the streets who did nothing but watch, and the police who are corrupt. Just an hour ago I was about to make a large donation towards the flood relief, now I see why God has flooded them and I wont donate to them any more. No money from me. I’ll donate it to a different place


    Addendum:  Coincidentally I just caught a few minutes of a BBC Radio 4 programme – ‘British Muslims, Father & Son’.  It was presented by Steve Evans, who was in the Twin Towers when they were attacked. He is speaking to once Guantanamo detainee Moazzam Begg.

    Sadly I missed most of  this as I was called away. And according to the BBC’s website that there is no listen again facility available on it. Hopefully the programme will be repeated. The part I caught was very interesting.

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    15 Responses to “Video (WARNING): Two beautiful young brothers, 15 & 17, killed by lynch mob in Pakistan”

    1. ym Says:

      First, I am proud to be a Muslim for the last 66 years and living in US for the last 48. Yes, I have attended Christian church for 4 years and attended Bible classes in Los Angeles. I know what both religions tell us how to live our life.

      I wanted to see this video but I never thought I would see what it showed. I cried and prayed. I was breathless for a while. I could never imagine this happening in a Muslim or any other civilized country. People involved in this killing are not Muslims, they are worse than animals. I donot know what to say, what to think, I am stunned. Oh God Forgive all of us (readers of this comment and me) and put us on the right track.

      I am wondering what is wrong with these so called Muslims. They have no idea what Quran teaches. What happened to the Love and Mercy that we are supposed to show to others? Quran doesn’t allow us to take law in our hands and do whatever we want. How could they do that? They have no idea what are the commandments of God! I don’t know if I can sleep after watching this. I wish I had not clicked on the video!

      ESTEGHFERALALH… (God Forgive all of us)

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Dear ym,

        I am sorry about this. I am sorry it upset you, as it did me. Unfortunately this is not the only recent case. I could actually fill this blog with such videos.

        Your comment here is very moving:

        Oh God Forgive all of us (readers of this comment and me) and put us on the right track.

        I am wondering what is wrong with these so called Muslims. They have no idea what Quran teaches. What happened to the Love and Mercy that we are supposed to show to others? Quran doesn’t allow us to take law in our hands and do whatever we want. How could they do that? They have no idea what are the commandments of God! I don’t know if I can sleep after watching this. I wish I had not clicked on the video!

        ESTEGHFERALALH… (God Forgive all of us)

        I think that once good Muslims like yourself stand up IN NUMBERS to be counted, things will change. They won’t change until that happens.

        May your God, if one exists, bless you.

    2. Anonymous Says:

      “The “…allegedly killed two and injured four during a robbery” at the start is breathtaking. Killed by a mob for “allegedly”? Is that how sharia works? Is that the law of Allah? The message at the end is also disgraceful – blaming decadence. Presumably western decadence?”

      Hello, i share ur thoughts, accept for this one.. i being a muslim, i believe i can speak to defend… NOTHING in the book of islam, says ANYTHING about killing ANYONE… EVER… these men acted out of stupidity and extreme cruelty to those boys… i was in a state of shock when i saw the news… un believable, the very word islam, means peace… no where in the word of our god ever states, tht we may raise a hand against our fellow brothers and sisters, under any circumstances… im sick and tired of muslim extremist and barbaric incidents like this, smearing the image of muslims… spreading islamaphobia everywhere…

    3. Osman Says:

      I do not understand why people will always through a certain incident, immediately attack Islam. There was NOTHING Islamic about the incident. Islam does NOT condone this type of behavior. Come on and wake up. I study the Qu’ran (the Holy book of Islam) every day, and have read through it uncountable times and I can assure you, the Qu’ran tells no human being to do such thing. If you want to see the fundamentals of Islam, look to the Qu’ran, not these idiotic “Imams” who are distorting a beautiful religion. I can tell you without a doubt that all those who participated in this horrific incident did not have the slightest thought of Allah in their evil, contorted minds. I am no preacher, but I will quote to you from Surah An-Nisa’, verse 93:
      “And whoever kills a believer intentionally, his recompense is Hell to abide therein, and the Wrath and the Curse of Allah are upon him, and a great punishment is prepared for him.”
      For a religion that warns of such a punishment, as one can tell is due to people who show such brutality, I do not see why any normal Muslim would go on do commit such a heinous crime.
      Let’s get this straight, there is in fact no Islam or law in Pakistan, and THAT is the problem. The fact is, incidents like this happen ALL the time in Pakistan. This was a rare case where the world had the opportunity to witness the injustices in Pakistan and I can guarantee you that anyone who commits or takes part in such actions is an ANIMAL and has no right to be called a Muslim.
      I pray dearly for the family of these two precious lads and all those who have suffered such atrocities.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:


        I have no doubt that quoted in context the Qu’ran does not permit Muslims to kill others, especially with such barbarity – unbelievers, infidels, apostates, even criminals. This site backs up your point. But that is not how it is understood by ALL Muslims. If it were understood as only killing in self-defence why would Sharia Law (seemingly) support the execution of underage people, those who commit adultery, homosexuals etc? It happens regularly, and is state-practiced, such as in Saudi Arabia and Iran.

        What do you mean that there is “no Islam or law in Pakistan.”

        I am sorry, it is late, and I am tired. But a very quick search found this – English & Sharia law in Pakistan

        And that is without mentioning the Taliban who say they practice sharia law.

        What is your point that “incidents like this happen ALL the time in Pakistan. This was a rare case where the world had the opportunity to witness the injustices in Pakistan and I can guarantee you that anyone who commits or takes part in such actions is an ANIMAL and has no right to be called a Muslim.”

        Is that supposed to bemoan it, suggest we ignore it or excuse it?

        Sorry, I fail to see your point, I think.

    4. alemcodon Says:

      to the blog owner

      this is tragedy and an act worse than that of animals. but for you to blame islam and/or sharia law is riduculous.

      i am a british paki and i can tell you that 90% of paki’s dnt give 2 fucks about islam, if they did things like this wouldnt happen. you are blaiming islam only because you hate islam, you have no idea about sharia law, taliban doesnt know about sharia law, and even quraan states that 99% of ‘muslims’ will burn in hell.

      it is when people forget about god, they forget about morals and lower themselves to worse than dogs.

      crimes take place all over the world and not only in muslims countries, an american rape his own daughter, had 12 kids with her and locked her in the cellar, does that mean the bill of rights is corrupt, or democracy is a flawed system? or does it mean the bible allows child rape?

      sharia law was the first law which had elected leaders, the first system where the state was obliged to provide health and education to its citizens, and still the only system that doesnt punish homeless people for theft.

      sharia is also suppsoed to flexible, regimes like taliban/iran say they implement ‘sharia’ law but far from it.

      back to the pakistan issue, they have completely lost all respect for religion, only a minority practice islam the way its supposed to be, the majority are athiests at heart, and are muslims only on the surface since it is a pride thing in local politics and good for image to be seen in a mosque and have a beard.

      you got no idea how deep paki village/family politics run, you got idea the extremes people go through just to portray an image, i doubt you’ve ever been involved with a proper paki family, and i dnt mean wife n kids, im tlaking the family – extended family.

      ive mixed with all sorts of people, and paki politics is on another scale to the rest of mankind.

      ps theres no point in posting some crappy link to something about sharia law in pakistan, the only law in pakistan is money, if you can pay the police, the law doesnt apply and you are free to do wot you want.

      in this sito, the police officers involved would have been too scared to say anything to the killers, since they would be from a more powerful family, if police officers from a lower cast he is no position to say anything to a criminal – thats how it works there.

      and the cast system is not an islamic system, its a hindu syste. in islam all men are equal, white black, paki, millionaire or homeless – in pakistan this concept doesnt exist.

      pakistan is a muslim country only by name, about 5-10% actually practice the reliion with any heart and thats the reason why god has flooded it – same as sodom and other boiblical stories, people are too corrupt, god dnt like it, he gona wipe em out.

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        @ Alemcodon,

        You might be right regarding the caste system, the police and political corruption being behind or exacerbating all of this. But can that explain the behaviour of ALL of this mob?

        I have researched Islam to some extent, and it leaves me with many questions. Many questions. But I DO accept that most Muslims are very good people. I have known and worked with Pakistani families here in Britain and I haven’t found any issues apart from my unhappiness about how some of them seem to keep the females in their place, often insisting they do not learn English. I don’t approve of that. That approach seems to be fairly widespread in some Muslim groups.

        All I report here is the evidence of my own eyes, or someone’s camera.

        You can hardly argue that this is unique. According to another commenter here it happens all the time. It’s easy for people to blame “corrupt” government, and I do realise that many consider Pakistan’s politicians invariably corrupt. But I really cannot imagine dozens, even hundreds of people, individuals in a non-Muslim modern-day state doing this kind of thing to young people. Referring to the odd American who behaves like an animal with his own family (there have been Germans and Brits too, probably more) does not alter my disgust at this behaviour. The westerners you refer to AND the barbarism in this video are all symptoms of atrocious unforgivable behaviour. The causes are different. But the abuser of his own family is SO unusual, and it is not commonplace. That’s an improtant difference. That’s why it is so newsworthy. That is ONE individual. One person at a time who has behaved dreadfully to those he should be loving as a father.

        The idea that these men who attacked and killed the boys have paid the police. Well, come on. Is that how they own their mobiles and cameras and lorries? No, I don’t think so. I think these people are completley corrupted by something which tells them that they are judge and jury and then executioner, and which tells them that they can do as they like. Is it only their society’s mores, and nothing to do with religious fervour?

        Just looking at this video again. At around 3:52 there is a little boy – he may have been the one standing by his bike at the start while the man with the blue shirt was doing his worse – although the one with the stick only looks about nine or ten years old. This young boy is seen hitting one of the bodies with a stick. Mercifully it looks like both boys were already dead by then. No-one seemed to think there was anything wrong with this CHILD doing this. WHY NOT!? FGS?

        At round 7:04, when this convoy of motorbikes has come to its destination, we are treated, thanks to the cameraman, to the picture of these lads at the back of the lorry, heads lolling like dead cattle off the back of the lorry. I cannot tell you how repulsive I think this treatment of anyone is, let alone what I still consider children. And here the family album snappers are at it on their mobiles and cameras. From 7:49 their bodies are tipped off the lorry. At 8:02 united in death the arm of the older boy falls across his brother.

        Then they are turned over by the feet of their killers, and we see their faces. Absolutely horrifying messes.

        If you are saying that none of the killers of these lads is a true believing Muslim, well, you know more about them than I do, clearly. I do not understand the language. I do not know what they are saying. Perhaps you can translate for us. I can’t hear Allahu Akbar, as we have heard so often chanted by those who seem to wish death on others.

        But as for your religious invocations, you can keep ’em. I am perfectly content with how western democracy has developed. Western secular democracy. God and state apart.

        Humanity, religious or not, and love for our children and fellow man is what we need. God/Allah or not.

    5. adam Says:

      y was every1 standing and watching as if nothing was happening then if islam does not condone this if i was ther i wud have helped and killed tha shitbags who doen this im only 18 years old and those lads wer only 15 and 17 1 fuking word for those animals with no fukin morels…. NUKE!!!

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        @ adam,

        The standing around watching was one of the most shocking aspects of this murder of two young lads. Telling, of course, as for what rules in some parts, perhaps even all of Pakistan. Words escape me.

    6. Hurted Heart Says:

      This is the worst and most cruel incident could have happened on this earth. Look at those young boys..Do they look like robbers to any of you…. There are big theives there stealing poor peoples money…and if you have guts in your BALL’S go show this action to them and not to this innoccent kids….the guys who hit him like animal, spolied those kids dream, studies, ambition guys are an animal…you know what even an animal is sometime kind but NOT YOU CRUEL SON OF BASTARDS…..Allah will not forgive you guys at any cost…keep in mind……..Now I pray to god is justice should be served….and these guys who killed those kids should be NOT BE sent to jail rather —” THEY SHOULD BE THORWN ON STREET WITHOUT FOOD AND WATER AND SHOULD BE KILLED THE SAME WAY WHAT THEY DID TO THOSE YOUNG KIDS AND YOU ARROGENT GUYS ARE NOT FIT TO LIVE IN THIS PLANET”

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Unfortunately the “people” who did this are not listening to you. Not that they CAN’T understand that most of the world is repelled and disgusted by this – you can see they have mobile phones, filming the incident, so they will also have internet access.

        These are not backward peasants, who don’t know any better. THAT’S the worry.

    7. Me Says:

      These inhumane bastards don’t know Islam and anyone who says this is what Islam teaches knows it even less. You may say that people in the West would never do any such thing and I agree with you. I just can’t see it happening. But you have to understand that Islam can not be blamed for this horrendous crime. Anyone who has ever visited Pakistan will know just how Islamic the majority of people there are. The shit that goes on in Pakistan is a result of years of corruption and government neglect. Perhaps there are many other factors, but Islam is NOT one of them. It can’t be seeing that most Pakistanis don’t deserve to be called Muslims. Visit Pakistan and you’ll see ewhat I’m talking about. Drivers hitting pedestrians/other cars and riding off. Violent fights over simple conflicts. People murdered for not handing over their cellphones to theives. Sharia law? Bullshit. There, if you have money, or a stick or gun in your hand, you are tthe law.

    8. pam Says:

      To see a whole community do this to two young boys is shameful. To call yourself a packistani muslim right about now would be disgusting!!! And further more to see the government not do anything to punish the people held for this public human disgrace…IS THIS WHAT THE KORAN TEACHES YOU!?
      muslims world wide need to petition and march outside evry international paki government office demanding them to act upon this! put pressure on them!

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Exactly, pam. We hear enough about our political ‘wrongdoers’. When did our leaders last turn a blind eye to murder on the streets?

        Where are Britain’s Pakistanis on this? Why is it NOT all over the Daily Mail and the Guardian? Do those so-called “truth-seeking outlets” have bigger fish to fry than simple murderous corruption and ineptitude in Pakistani politics and amongst some of its people? Even when some of this sort of mindset is exported back here?

    9. Economic Crash Says:

      conspiracy news database…

      Video (WARNING): Two beautiful young brothers, 15 & 17, killed by lynch mob in Pakistan « Tony Blair…

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