19 Responses to “Dateline London: I laughed out loud at the ‘loon-acy’ of Abdel Bari Atwan”

  1. Mike 21 Says:

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  2. Marcel Pfister Says:

    Inviting this man, Abd al-Bari Atwan, to Dateline London is an insult to the viewers and to their intelligence. That man has absolutely no intelligent contribution to make to this panel. His diatribes against Israel, Jews, and the West are so predictable. Why does the BBC continue to invite this unspeakable individual?

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      @ Mr Pfister,

      Because it’s the BPC, sorry BBC. I find this man highly objectionable. And I noticed he was on Dateline London the other day, again.

      I am currently writing on the problems we have in this country with the BBC’s denial over some of the major issues the world is facing: Islamist fundamentalism/terrorism, Muslim victimhood and Muslim hatred of Israel, the USA, Britain and the western way of life. Meanwhile many within Islam use and abuse the freedoms the west permits them. And, true to our habit, we permit them – again to abuse and accuse our political (in)correctness so that we can be abused on TV a little more.

      We wallow in a sort of self-sacrificial masochism that would be thrown out as unworthy by suicide bombers. After all, after our suicide we don’t get a present or 70.

  3. Hairy Kiore Says:

    I cant believe a pack of arseholes like this page apparantly represents..exists …I thought the nazis killed you all.

  4. keeptonyblairforpm Says:

    Pardon, Hairy Kiore,

    What is your comment about? I am not Jewish, if that is one of the things you are saying. If another thing you are saying is that a page with “arseholes” represents the people the Nazis killed – Jews, I think we can see where you are coming from.

    Your racist bias doesn’t go down well here.

    If I’m misinterpreting you and you are capable of explaining yourself better do please come back and do so. Please enlighten us wth your sardonic wit or superior intellect – whichever comes first.

  5. Patrick Moran Says:

    Communism and capitalism suffer from various diseases but communism had the terminal disease of bureaucracyand capitalism has the terminal disease of debts. 60 years ago I said these were the real fundamentals. When are you going to start asking some questions about them?
    Patrick Moran.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      Ahh, if only it were that simple.

      Into any vacuum slips – who knows? I expect if we were to have the only alternative I can think of – sharia finance (as well as sharia law) – we’d understand why capitalism, like democracy in its field, is the best of an iffy lot.

  6. Michael Schneider Says:

    The BBC is an extremely balanced organisation as is clearly demonstrated by its programme, “Dateline London”.
    Whenever it deals with the Arab-Israel situation it brings in a truly ‘balanced’ group of journalists. The certifiably unbalanced, (as in lunatic), liar and Israel (Jew) hater, Mr. Abdul Bari Atwan is a regular and the somewhat half- witted Yasmin Alibi-Brown of the pro-Palestinian “The Guardian” newspaper, often gives her anti-Israel views and so on and on. But the balance is there! Israeli journalists are are also invited! Extreme left wing Israeli pro Palestinian journalists from newspapers such as ‘Ha’Aretz’ add to the weight of these balanced panels.
    The host of the programme, Mr. Gavin Ester, is friendly and affable and I do not give credence to the gossip that he may be influenced by his Palestinian wife as to the make-up and direction of the balance of the debate. There is always a British journalist on the panel but these too are invariably left-wing, strong critics of the Israeli stance to the territories and the Palestinians.
    The overall atmosphere of the programme when Israel is being discussed is that It is a given that Israel is, iIn short, the aggressor and the Palestinians are Israel’s victimsl. it is very seldom that a ‘right-wing thinker’ is represented on the panel when Israel is to be discussed

    Balance? Oh yes, there is a balance! On the left-wing side the scales are almost full, touching the floor and on the other side they are empty, floating in space but that is also a balance! At least, the BBC will have you believe that.

    The BBC, generally referred to as the PBC (Palestinian Broadcasting Company) by many of its Jewish viewers, does have a clear view of the State of Israel which may have developed from its anti Jewish stance ever since its inception and endorsed by some of the British monarchy notably before during and after WWII.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      Thank you for this thoughtful comment, Mr Schneider.

      Thre really isn’t much I can add to this. So I’ll just repeat a little of the above re Dateline London:

      The overall atmosphere of the programme when Israel is being discussed is that It is a given that Israel is, In short, the aggressor and the Palestinians are Israel’s victims. it is very seldom that a ‘right-wing thinker’ is represented on the panel when Israel is to be discussed

  7. Michael Schneider Says:

    Thanks to ‘keeptonyblairforpm’ for your comment. It’s definately a change from some of the gutter-snipe comments one often reads on these forums such as the earlier disgusting Hairy Kiore rubbish. I presume somebody reads for him and then writes his filth for him for he surely is not advaced enough to do those things for himself

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      Thank you, too, Mr Schneider.

      It’s accepted that the internet is the forum for the bigoted and those with a gripe. Normal, balanced people, on the whole, prefer to avoid it, and probably rightly so. On the other hand that’s one of the reasons I try to put the normal, balanced viewpoint forward – because it is seldom heard. Without it, aided by the collusion of a very biased liberal press, the zeitgeist has become – Israel bad/Palestinians good.

      Hairy Kiore’s Nazi-supporting comment needs to be seen for what it is – hateful, ignorant, racial bias (here)

      Btw, I thought Netanyahu spoke very well at the UN yesterday. Only heard some of it, as I was going out for the evening. I’ll be listening to the rest later and hope to write on it. (video here)

  8. Michael Schneider Says:

    Yes, I watched the whole thing yesterday and also thought that Bibi did a good job. I was happy that he didn’t hide his feelings toward that ‘august’ institution.
    The biggest shock of all was Obama’s pro-Israel speech. It caught us Israelis very much by surprise. I hope it wasn’t just aimed at the Jewish vote in the coming American elections.
    I must say that I had to smile at your comment that, “Normal, balanced people, on the whole prefer to avoid it and rightly so.” I took the “it” to be an internet forum and wondered whether we two, being on an internet forum, might be ab or sub normal unbalanced people.
    Now I think about it I realise that’s fine with me too. You, me and Hairy!!

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      Just about to search for a transcript of Bib’s speech to use in a post showing his speech. I too smiled when he criticised the ‘august’ body. I wish more had the wherewithall and the memory!

      I have to tell you that Obama’s speech was the FIRST time I have been impressed by him. The FIRST! I’d better include mention of that in some post or other! It marks his political maturity at last.

      I sort of hesitated when I suggested only abnormal, ubalanced people use the internet. Instead I thought I’d tell you that was why I insist on using this tool for the views of (more) normal, balanced people.

      Perhaps the difference between us and Hairy, is that we can laugh at ourselves.

  9. Stan Says:

    Thanks KTBFPM for the link to Netanyahu’s great UN speech which presented the perfect answer to all the hoo-ha about Palestinian statehood and extended an offer for immediate negotiations.

    Of course we only got glimpses of the speech in the British media which is a major scandal bearing in mind that it got to the root of Israel’s fears about a Palestinian state in the absence of a formal peace settlement. No one should be pontificating on this matter unless they address the points made in this speech.

    Glad to see that it got so much applause in the General Assembly which exposes the lie that Israel has little support in the United Nations.

    Hope you can do that post about it.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      I’ve been delayed, Stan, by wallies at Twitter. We really do need your concise wit on there. So many idiots need to have the facts explained.

      It was an excellent speech, thus as you say, hardly covered by our biased media. If you see a transcript of Netanyahu’s speech please let me know. Meanwhile I’ll try to get back to blogging on it while tweeting at same time.

      Btw, do you know that Julie & I have been named on Twitter as a “two-headed attack machine” (in support of Blair)?

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        Stan FYI, here’s an example of one of the twts I’ve been dealing with:

        timsgreenhalgh Tim Greenhalgh
        Smegmaster @blairsupporter likes the tones and taste of death its master Tony Blair delivered. Can you smell the stench?

  10. Beltina Gjeloshi Says:

    With all due respect, I quite like Abdel Bari Atwan.
    He is undeniably impartial. In Dateline London, Abdel Bari Atwan delivers speeches of a specific set of beliefs which clearly oppose those of many other. That is the essence of an interesting Dateline London. If they all agreed, or all had the same opinion, that would be far more concerning than Abdel Bari Atwan’s biased opinions.
    After all, no matter how much the “West” disagrees on his (or other like him) opinions, merely bringing the man at the table is a great act. Above all, BBC World News is one of the best news providers in the world – that is also because they are able to provide points of views different from the other, more common ones.
    Lastly, the program is not there to bring peace to the world or pass peaceful resolutions. It merely tries to bring at the table the millions of opinions out there (e.g. to spread awareness). Dateline London broadcasts engaging, provoking opinions and topics, which encourages discussions.
    Thank you for taking the time to read my own opinion, as important as that of every one else.

    • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

      @ Beltina Gjeloshi

      Thank you for your considered comment.

      But the idea that Abdal Bari Arwan “is undeniably impartial” is, imho, laughable. When it comes to certain international matters – Tony Blair, the Iraq war, Israel’s right to defend itself/exist – for instance, he is about as impartial as the biased BBC.

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