TB/GBs2? Shut up, Blairites! What do YOU know about WINNING?

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    31st August 2010

    UPDATE: A propos of nothing to do with the Labour leadership fun and games, you need to watch this. PRICELESS. It’ll make you laugh or at least smile. Guaranteed. OK, here it is –


    After Peter Mandelson‘s warning (video) about the leadership of Labour (aka  New Labour) and the sadly inevitable response to the Dark Lord’s words, Iain Martin puts it succinctly here. [The links in the next two paragraphs are not Mr Martin’s, but have been added automatically by WordPress’s wise new tool.]

    “At last, the Labour leadership race has come alive. The Dark Lord (Mandelson) has clearly got sick of it being a mealy-mouthed affair and has criticized Ed Miliband — saying he wants to hark back to an age before New Labour rather than reaching out into floating voter land. It was a perfectly fairly worded critique, the normal stuff of healthy, robust political exchange in a democracy.

    But his comments have been treated as a declaration of war. Lord Kinnock, cited by the Dark Lord as a Miliband E supporter, says Mandelson should shut up (although he typically takes 150 words to say it rather than two). Mandelson should now retire with dignity. Lord Hattersley (Kinnock’s deputy from the days when Labour didn’t win elections) joins in, accusing Mandelson of factionalism. Note the term “factionalism”; haven’t heard that charge in a while, another echo of Labour’s struggles with itself in the 1980s. Polly Toynbee in the Guardian today gets very excited, and tells the Blairite veterans to bow out and make way for a new generation (an order I presume she doesn’t envisage being extended to veteran newspaper columnists).”


    PART 2 – NK/PM – [Kinnock/Mandelson.] Notable aside and of course just a happy/unhappy coincidence that those initials  – NK PM – were NEVER actually seen side-by-side.

    1.) Blair Memoirs? “You’re a loser, Gordon”

    Well, maybe he’ll say this. Only one day to find out.

    You can order Tony Blair’s ‘A Journey’ here , at 40% reduction. Due for release on 2nd September.

    If he does criticise Brown (and how could he not in at least some areas?) it is said …

    2.) At The Mirror that Brown will hit back. WHAT? The clunking fist? Again? Oooooh!

    3.) Guardian:  Polly Toynbee (aka “Labour’s vain venal has been [who needs] to bow out and shut up. Read the comments. You might then understand WHY New Labour’s job is only half-complete.

    4.) Guido Fawkes chuckled at Alan Johnson, who IS/WAS (you choose) allowed to comment on Labour’s future leadership.


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