Tony Blair Memoirs: ‘A Journey’ extracts

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    31st August 2010


    Only 15 minutes to wait, kiddies. According to the dedicated website here – – it shouldn’t be long before the press are at it hammer and tongs.

    The papers and the broadcasters have already leaked a little. One, on Gordon Brown, and two on Mr Blair’s appearance in January at the Iraq Inquiry.

    On Gordon Brown it is said by one of the leaking papers that Tony Blair has accused Mr Brown of “trying to blackmail me.”

    Even without the present soul of the Labour party leadership campaign this, if true, is explosive stuff. Begging the obvious question: blackmailing him about what exactly?

    Hammer and Tongs poised, ferals!

    On his Iraq Inquiry appearance, at which I was a witness to the witness (see here), it seems he has said that the reason he did not apologise for soldiers’ deaths was that he knew that the headlines would be:


    He’s right, of course. I referred to this reason here – “Apologising to bereaved relatives of the troops”.

    “Sixthly any apology would have been purposely misinterpreted by the press as an overall apology for the Iraq campaign due to his personal fear of repercussions if he hadn’t apologised. This inevitable accusation of the sudden discovery of a conscience would have been entirely inaccurate in EVERY way, factual and by implication.”

    This reason – press headlines mis-presented – was only ONE of seven reasons I gave for Mr Blair’s failure to apologise at the Chilcot Inquiry. There are probably even more.

    Back to today and countdown time.

    Described by The Telegraph as set to become the “biggest selling political memoir of all time” A JOURNEY has been THE most anticipated memoir for years, if not decades. What a pity the Telegraph couldn’t have updated their picture of the title cover along with their news, don’t you think? It’s now A JOURNEY not THE JOURNEY. THE Journey made it sound as though he’d finally arrived.

    Tomorrow night, on the day the book is released, Andrew Marr will interview the former prime minister, the only broadcast interview this side of the Atlantic. If you’ve already ordered your copy of the book, it should be with you on Friday.

    Andrew Marr will interview Tony Blair at 7:00pm, Wednesday 1st September 2010

    The BBC's Andrew Marr will interview Tony Blair at 7:00pm, Wednesday 1st September 2010

    You can order Tony Blair’s ‘A Journey’ here , at 40% reduction.

    News also covered at ‘The Bookseller’


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    “Getting really bored with the persistence with which people pursue their anti-Blair propaganda, steadfastly refusing to see any good in the man.” – AND – “Tony Blair was the greatest Prime Minister since Winston Churchill and the only regret I have he didn’t get my vote as I live in Canada.”

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    5 Responses to “Tony Blair Memoirs: ‘A Journey’ extracts”

    1. Peter Reynolds Says:

      I bet you’ve been up all night haven’t you John, fortified with a never- ending supply of Big Macs (with extra cheese), studying our Tone’s words with reverence and ever-increasing hero worship?

      I confess, tonight I have a “The Tony Blair Interview” party and Big Mac binge planned myself. There’ll be, oooh, several of us including the dogs gathered round the gogglebox ready to pay homage. To start off, we’ve got popcorn, tortilla chips with extra hot salsa, Sedgefield sausage rolls, Catholic communion wafers and good, strong G&Ts. There’ll be cans of beer, mainly so we can throw the empties at Andrew Marr if he gets too impertinent, then whisky and maybe half a bottle of wine each. We want to ensure our livers and brains are pickled to exactly the same degree as Tone’s.

      I must confess, I can hardly contain my excitement. After the show is over and we’ve each had our six Big Macs (the usual five plus one for a special occasion), we’re all going to settle down to a good long read, swopping excerpts, reading aloud, laughing, joking and communing in honour, worship and adoration of the great man.

      Oh John, if only Gordon could be here! He went off to do the decent thing with a bottle of scotch and revolver. The cowardly old drunk!

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        No, no, no, no. I went to bed fairly early – for me. Trying to get to sleep with the picture in my head of He Who Shoud Have Been Obeyed flat on his back, empty London’s Gin bottles strewn around. And Cherie yelling, “Oh FGS, Tony. You think YOU’RE feeling sick!?”

        I’m supposed to be out for dinner tonight, so might not see THE MAN live.

        Anyway, busy today, but hopefully can catch up on the press’s take. The Mail? – “Tony Blair – Our Drunken Prime Minister”



        P.S. Thank God he didn’t say too much about sex and politics! Not that there was much to say. Or so Pauline tells me.

      • Peter Reynolds Says:

        Brewer’s droop you see. It gets ’em all in the end.

    2. stuart green Says:

      send your son to war why NOT, please contact me stuart 07812 11 77 02

      • keeptonyblairforpm Says:

        @ stuart green –

        Would you like me to remove your phone number from here? Not wise to let the world see it.

        How do you know my son is NOT at war. Or one of them? Or one of my daughters?

        Btw, I am NOT Tony Blair.

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