Videos: Tony Blair on RTE. Kate O’Sullivan on ATTEMPTING and FAILING to arrest Mr Blair at Dublin booksigning

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    5th September 2010

    Click to Buy Tony Blair’s ‘A Journey’

    More recent news item first: Kate O’Sullivan’s moment of fame/infamy (you choose):

    Interview With Kate O’Sullivan after making Citizen’s Arrest on Tony Blair (Ireland)

    [NOTE: Correction: “after attempting to make citiz… etc”. Apologies that these people are so removed from the facts. They invariably are.]

    IrelandPSC | 04 September 2010

    IPSC TV interviews activist Kate O’Sullivan who today – Saturday 4th September – made a citizen’s arrest on former British Prime Minister Tony Blair at a book signing in Eason’s in Dublin, Ireland. Unfortunately the Gardaí (Irish Police) refused to act on the arrest, preferring instead to detain Ms. O’Sullivan for half an hour in a stairwell.

    Lying Kate’s lying friends repeat the lie that she “arrested” Tony Blair. She tried. She failed.  If she had succeeded HE would have been the one escorted off the premises, not her. As the Americans say – “go figure”.

    But her lies did fool those in the queue as she chatted to other FAR more honest people awaiting to have their books signed. In the queue of around 600 no-one suspected her of being up to her juvenile tricks.  She tells here how she joined in criticism of those out to “arrest” the former British Prime Minister, in her determination to fool them.

    Amazing how dishonest some people can be in a “good” cause, hmmm?

    Fellow Blair supporter Tom Carew sent me this on Mr Blair’s RTE appearance:

    “Last night on RTE 1 TV in Dublin, the Late Late Show, Ryan Tubridy  – having spent the interview badgering rather than interviewing  the former British PM – never once mentioned WHEN Tony Blair would be signing his book – I cannot remember such an omission with any other author on the Late Late – with any presenter [ Gay Byrne, Pat Kenny or Ryan Tubridy ].”

    I’ve just watched the half hour plus video interview, Tom, and he DOES say where and when, right in the last few seconds. Btw, if you think THIS interview is a touch “badgering”, you’ve never see many he used to do for British journos. I sensed Mr Tubridy warming to Mr Blair’s position as the interview progressed.  People usually do, the more they open their minds.

    Julie also exposes these individuals, referring to Tom’s information here

    Watch “The Late Late Show: Ryan Tubridy interviews Tony Blair” here:

    rte | 04 September 2010

    Watch the full show: In the first show of the new season, former British Prime Minister Tony Blair gives his first live interview following the publication of his autobiography. Ryan asks him about his role in Iraq, Afghanistan and the Northern Ireland peace process. They also talk about his relationship with Bertie Ahern, George Bush, Gerry Adams and Ian Paisley.

    From around 20 mins when Iraq is discussed, the interviewer, like many others, fails to take on board  Blair’s arguments.  Mr Tubridy continues to fall back on -“but the WMD weren’t there”. He is clearly unable or unwilling to grasp the bigger picture on Saddam’s continual breaking of UN resolutions and the even wider arguments about his having used WMD on his own people AND on his having retained the expertise required to renew WMD manufacturing.

    Tom Carew also says this:

    On the RTE 6 and 9 O’Clock TV Saturday news, a large number of Palestinian flags were seen at Blair’s book signing on O’Connell Street and an ultra-left Trotskyite local Councillor, Richard Boyd-Barrett referred to the “… the Palestinian people who continue to suffer” in relation to Blair.

    Like so many other protests they persist in involving Israel in just about anything. Tony has had relatively little input in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict or given significant support to Israel other than expressing some support for the state.

    Articles have also mentioned an attempt to arrest Blair, e.g. an extract from yahoo: Activist Kate O’Sullivan managed to get through tight security to confront Mr Blair as he held a book signing in Dublin. The 24-year-old from Cork claims to have queued for 90 minutes.  She says the former Prime Minister was blasé about her accusations: “He didn’t say anything, He just signed the book, he looked down and then looked at security.” Ms O’Sullivan, a member of the Irish Palestine Solidarity Movement, was detained for almost half an hour before she was cautioned by Gardai.

    Kate O’Sullivan (24) from Cork attempted to make a citizens arrest on Mr Blair after buying the book. She said she approached Mr Blair saying “I’m here to make a citizen’s arrest for war crimes that you’ve committed. Ms O’Sullivan said Mr Blair did not respond to her but just “looked annoyed”. Another protester, Niall Farrell, from a Galway anti-war group queued and succeeded in getting past the initial security check. However, he was then recognised and was ejected from the premises.
    “They obviously recognised that I’m a peace activist, and peace activists have to be observed. That’s the world that we live in, peace activists are a danger, mass murderers can be driven around with armed guards,”
    he said.

    Apparently Kate O’Sullivan is the chairwoman of the Cork branch of the IPSC – see her interviewed after the event occurred with Palestine Solidarity activist, Freda Hughes. I seriously doubt any citizen in Ireland has the right to make an arrest for alleged “war crimes” without a warrant. Only in the UK can an arrest be requested through a magistrate without presenting any evidence.

    UPDATE below from Tom Carew on Facebook

    Tom Carew via Blair Supporter: Tony Blair – Friday Sept 3 interview re his new Autobiography – on RTE 1= Irish state-owned TV. His first book-signing was on Saturday Sept 4 in Dublin where 700 waited, from as early as 3.30 AM until Eason’s city center store opened at 10.30 AM. The usual agitators numbered 200 and were the same gang whose revolutionary political GPS directs them regularly NEVER to the Iranian Embassy but only to the Israeli one. Stoning women SLOWLY to death and Holocaust denial are both OK.


    Dublin Opinion links through to this “Hundreds protest war-criminal Tony Blair in Dublin” at the  Workers Solidarity Movement site. Scroll down. After the videos you’ll come to an interesting Brothers in Arms link with the magazine picture. Is the “Workers” just Anarchism pretending to be Socialism.

    As if.

    Ahhh, sweet Kate of the Irish Palestine Solidarity Movement



    Sweet, sweet Kate

    I am sure you can pick your own suitable quotes from Shakespeare’s The Taming of The Shrew! Quote 15 doesn’t quite hack it for her, given that SHE lost her little efforts in the arrest the war criminal joust. But Q 26 will give the shrew followers heart, no doubt.

    I rather liked these:

    • Quote 16: “By this reck’ning, he is more shrew than she.” Act 4, Scene 1, line 81
    • Quote 17: “You heedless joltheads and unmannered slaves! Act 4, Scene 1, line 160
    • Quote 18: “He kills her in her own humor.” Act 4, Scene 1, line 174

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